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Review #1, by GinnysMuggleFan I can't describe this feeling.

21st April 2010:
That was really sweet! I really liked it. but, I was really angry about something. RON DOES TOO DESERVE TO BE IN GRYFINDOR! HE IS TOO BRAVE! OR ELSE HE WOULDN'T HAVE GONE WITH HARRY IN THE SEVENTH BOOK! Just letting you know, that made me really angry. But all is forgiven.


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Review #2, by alexourHERO I can't describe this feeling.

22nd May 2008:
ok first of all, what? is there any point to this story? seriously! Second of all, out of all the wonderful songs this world has to offer u pick hannah montana. LAME!! There is no direction at all, and they are just sitting there. sheesh.

Author's Response: Some people like Hannah Montana, and I liked the lyrics.
This story was never supposed to be amazing, it was done purely because I was bored on my day off school.
Please stick to constructive criticism.

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Review #3, by weluvjamesandcharlie I can't describe this feeling.

22nd May 2008:
This story does nothing. oh snap! The song is horrible but i thought that before reading this but now i think it even more. I was thinking that this story would have a point besides describing a relationship in a bland way. I'm sorry but it needs a lot of work, like better sentence structure for one.

Author's Response: Constructive critism would be appreciated more.
I'm sorry that you didn't like it,
But I wrote that story when I was ill, because I was bored, it was never meant to be a master piece.

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Review #4, by dramaqueen6 I can't describe this feeling.

9th May 2008:
Very pretty. I've never heard the song, but it was very pretty. It could have used some more descriptive writing, but other than that it was great!


Author's Response: Aww thankyou(:
I'll be editing it soon.
I've decided to edit all my stories, make sure they're all as good as they can be, for now anyway(:
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by weasley_gang I can't describe this feeling.

13th December 2007:
i love the song...

i was surprised cuz not a lot of ppl like hannah montana...

they think she's childish, buh i LOVE her!! she is a really good singer, n i love the way u put this story

Author's Response: I love Hannah Montana too!


And she SO isn't childish.
She's so funny and cool ^^

And i'm glad that you liked my story =]


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Review #6, by Voldys Fury I can't describe this feeling.

20th October 2007:
This is really a good one. It almost the kind of thing that makes you feel weightless, you know what I mean? Heartwarming... very heartwarming

Author's Response: Awhh..Thanks ^^


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Review #7, by hp I can't describe this feeling.

17th October 2007:
this is good nice use of hannah montana song

Author's Response: Thanks ^^


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Review #8, by Timechild I can't describe this feeling.

17th October 2007:

Nicely written

Author's Response: Thankyou =]


Thanks for reviewing =]

Have a cyber pig =]

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Review #9, by ginnyXharry I can't describe this feeling.

17th October 2007:
oh I liked it very very much!!!

Author's Response: I'm really glad ^^

Thanks for reviewing =]


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Review #10, by HarryGinnyFan18 I can't describe this feeling.

17th October 2007:
Hello Georgie. I love it. I was supperis what the sex. I'm going to pit it on my favorites. Please make more storys of Harry Ginny. I am having one soon it's called Mary's Song (Oh My My My) it's about Teddy/Victoire... 100-100! ~Jackie~ hugs kiss.

Author's Response: Cool, I shall certainly check it out =]


Thanks for reviewing =]

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Review #11, by Emma I can't describe this feeling.

17th October 2007:
brill! it's totallly great! keep writing! please!

Author's Response: Haha, I shall =]

I'm in the middle of writing the first chapter for a long story at the moment.

In the mean time, hopefully i'll post some one-shots and short stories =]

Thanks for reviewing =]

Have a cyber Parrot =]


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Review #12, by HarryndGinny I can't describe this feeling.

17th October 2007:
"Sob"! You made my cry just then! That! "Sob"!

Author's Response: Aha!

Thanks =]

Thankyou for reviewing =]


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