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Review #1, by chocolatefrog123 I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

6th January 2009:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ohmygosh that's REALLY good!!! i wasn't too impressed at the beginning, i'll admit. i was like "i REALLY didn't picture lily being that much of a b* or a slut--walkin around in her undies" but yeah that twist at the end...that was REALLY good :D nice job :D hahaha!

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Review #2, by Jessica (penname- MissJessx3) I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

23rd February 2008:
omg that was soo original!! i figured it was going to be like another lily/james lovefest.. but the whole how he ends up dreaming.. LOVED IT!! absolutely loved it!!

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Review #3, by harry101 I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

23rd February 2008:
that was brilliantlythought out. toatally random but toataly brilliant!
thats gorgeous! love it love it love it!

Author's Response: awh thanks.
I love the random =]

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Review #4, by xokatie14xo I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

13th February 2008:
Really good and it fit well with the lyrics. And i like the twist at the end

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Review #5, by stag_flower08 I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

25th January 2008:
LOL! This was cute!!

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Review #6, by BonnieWritter I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

20th January 2008:
cool idea. that ending with it all being a dream actually works. normally it dosn't work for a story to end in a dream...but here it does.

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Review #7, by Smiling Ghost I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

19th January 2008:
oh my god...awkward much?!!
That was awesome!!

Keep writing -you're brilliant!
10/10 for the awkwardly cute factor

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Review #8, by kewlgurl I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

17th January 2008:
ahhaahhhaaa...omg! that was so so funny!! obviously hilarious imagination...hats off 2 u ...that was brilliant!!!

P.S.- i rully lyk the song girlfriend :)

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Review #9, by Smith_Babe_1 I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

17th January 2008:
Lol it was rather funny lol I dont think Trisha and him would last long after that lol

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Review #10, by jenkent I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

20th September 2007:
That was HILARIOUS!!! I loved it! Awesome job!

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Review #11, by hp4eva786 I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

8th August 2007:
i though he was hallucinating. great chapter. too bad its a one shot

Author's Response: hahah thanks for reviewing =]

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Review #12, by fredfanlol I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

18th July 2007:

good job, haha, really

Author's Response: lol...thanks :D

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Review #13, by nazozink I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

12th July 2007:
hm...hmmm HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's hilarious. Truly is. Poor James... poor Stupid james...although he deserved it after imagining about a girl in her undergarments that wasn't his girlfriend. I guess however we cant control what we dream of. His big mistake was complaining that it wasn't real. 10/10

Author's Response: lmao. >.< thanks for reviewing ;]

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Review #14, by StepUpx_Gryffindor I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

26th June 2007:
hahahah. i love when james is like, she's so.. WHAT EVER! ahahah i love that part so much xD

Author's Response: lmao; i'm glad you LOVE it =]

thanks x] for reviewing

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Review #15, by lveiswierd123 I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

1st June 2007:
lol that was so funny! I liked how it endded. I was reading it and im like 'this is Lily WAY OOC!' lol. i liked it .

la la la lalaaa la la 8)

*randomness and hyperness sorry!*


Author's Response: haha

*gives you cookiees for randomness*


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Review #16, by innocent lily I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

29th April 2007:
Ha ha! I liked it!

Author's Response: i'm glad you did =]

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Review #17, by Lily0987 I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

28th April 2007:
Good! Really good! 10'10

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #18, by haha I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

23rd April 2007:
hahaha... xD

Author's Response: :D lol.

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Review #19, by EViLEiSMAPURPLEPIXIES32 I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

19th April 2007:

Author's Response: lol, thanks for reviewing.

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Review #20, by stunning silver stars I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

18th April 2007:
hi there! cool song fic! i got a right laugh at the end! it is truly amusing and yet cute in a way! keep on rocking on! i love avril's songs too =)

Author's Response: Thank you! :D Haha, I'm listening to Avril right now...

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Review #21, by Dragonette I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

17th April 2007:
Snerk snort snerk snort, that was AMAZING! I heard that song for the first time three days ago, and so the title/summary/banner caught my eye...and I love this! The dream idea was hysterical - i have to say, I was falling for it...I guess it was wishful thinking - i'm one of those people who's a sucker for lily/james stuff.and the fact that it was Sirius was absolutely hysterical.


Author's Response: haha. Yes; i'm gonna have to say i'm a lily/ james sucker too. :D but i have to also say i like it when James gets rejected too. thanks for reviewing!

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Review #22, by xotightwitprongsxo I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

17th April 2007:
ahahah! love the ending! love the story! ;)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing :D

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Review #23, by hprulestheworld I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

17th April 2007:
hahahahhahah! that was amazing! def. a 10/10! great story! :)

Author's Response: thank you, thank you, thank you! :]

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Review #24, by A differnt type of flower I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

17th April 2007:
AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Absolutly loved it! lmfao! ! 10/10 with out a doubt!

Author's Response: :D THANKS!

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Review #25, by muggleotter I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

17th April 2007:
LOL loved the ending!

Author's Response: hehe...thanks =]

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