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Review #1, by lveiswierd123 Remembrance

5th June 2007:
omg i loved it! Favorites!8)

Author's Response: Thanks alot. You're my first reviewer in months, so you made my day. I'm glad enjoyed my work.

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Review #2, by sayitagain Remembrance

17th April 2007:
oh no.. not hermoine!!! aarrgghh.. that was really sad

Author's Response: That was really sad and:
A. I hated it because it was too sad
B. I thought it was good
C. It was just depressing
Which one? I need to know! Your opinion counts!

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Review #3, by GriffinClaw Remembrance

7th April 2007:
That was so good! You write really well! Incredibly sad, as soon as I saw the kids' names I knew what happened. I loved how Hermione snapped at Harry. Very Very good story! You accomplished what few can by making a one-shot that can stand by itself. You created a plot and it worked. Most one-shots are missing something that makes it flow. So good! One of my favs

Author's Response: Now, you said you like my work because it was all there and it flowed, so allow me to say that I REALLY like your review because you told me why you liked it and not just that you liked it. So, I greatly appreciate the thought you put into your review, you are now my favorite reviewer so far. Thanks again!

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Review #4, by BlackRoses911 Remembrance

5th April 2007:
This is a new addition to my favorites! An excellent story, although you may want to go over it from an outsider's perspective; some parts were a little confusing. Overall, though, fantastic! 9/10!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I'll try to detach a little bit and take another look at the story, hopefully I'll see what you see. In the meantime, could you tell me what you found confusing? Thanks again for the positive feedback.

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