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Review #1, by jm ravenclaw Attention, All Personel...

7th February 2010:
I can't wait for the next chapter. 10/10

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Review #2, by firefly_chick Attention, All Personel...

18th October 2007:
i loved it!

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Review #3, by Marina Cartwright Attention, All Personel...

29th September 2007:
Please continue. You are very bold to attempt this crossover. i admire you greatly 100/10

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Review #4, by bythequill_moe Attention, All Personel...

8th September 2007:
OMG even though you haven't wrote in this story for a long time, PLEASE write more of it. I LOVE MASH.

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Review #5, by Timechild Attention, All Personel...

14th May 2007:
Do you realize you have just crossed over to a show that went off the air years before the characters in HP were even born?!?!?!

This is totally nuts...a real "you gotta be kidding me?!?!" moment.

Where did this lunacy come from?

I feel this is gonna be good, but holy moses, whatever possessed you to write something like this?

Author's Response: Thank You, I will take that as a complement, and all will be explained later. *Cough* Evil Plot by Voldemort *Cough*

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Review #6, by bait Attention, All Personel...

12th May 2007:
Oh this is great. Strange... but really great. M*A*S*H and Harry Potter. Don't know HOW you thought of it. But I'm glad you did.

Author's Response: Thank you. Ch. 2 in Limbo. i.e. my mind.

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Review #7, by SilverEyedGryffindor Attention, All Personel...

12th May 2007:
This sounds hilarious. I can't wait until you update. I've never seen a M*A*S*H*/HP crossover before, and M*A*S*H* is one of my favorite shows (and movies) ever!

Author's Response: Mine too, can you just see the Weasley twins getting in a prank war with B.J. and Hawkeye. Percy going toe to toe with Radar. Ahh, insanity.

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