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Review #1, by Dark Star Always and Forever

25th April 2008:
Loved your idea to mix harry potter with meg cabots book and I like how there are some dialogue parts as well. Dont stop writing and I look forward to your next chapter!! :P :)

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Review #2, by ChocolateCandy Always and Forever

7th May 2007:
Wow, I really like this, I meant to read the bok, you know the Meg Cabot one? Besides the point sorry lol but yeah it's really good I like the characters...yes.just general wonderfulness...I have a feeling this is too long...sorry

Author's Response: thanks :) reviews are NEVER too long :P

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Review #3, by Silver Whisper Always and Forever

7th May 2007:
O M G ! This is AMAZING! And so, you MUST NOT stop writing it!!! PLEASE!!! If you pay any attention at all to these stupid review things! PLEASE!

Author's Response: haha yes i do pay attention to these thing lol, i certainly will keep going very soon! except the validation queque is quite long atm, so it might be a week or so lol. glad you liked!

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Review #4, by kitty kat Always and Forever

7th May 2007:
hey, It's a good story and all, but at the start you
refer to Lily as "Lily Potter" and she isn't even married to him, but yeah, it's good.

Author's Response: OMG! i do to! whoops, my bad i guess i should change that soon...thanks for pointing it out :)

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Review #5, by hpfan_091 Always and Forever

7th May 2007:
ahhh! OMG OMG OMG! i am SOO happy you wrote this!! AHH i freaking LOVE meg cabot! and 'every boys got one' is my FAVORITE! ive read it sooo much i could totally point out each line that was in the book. even tho i totally know whats gonna happen.. I AM STILL READING THIS! so basically, if u dont continue.. i WILL be mad:-O

hahaha.. kayyy TEN/TEN



Author's Response: woot *sings* another good review, turn around and look at me it's really really you... (sorry rhcp 'on mecury') yay! thanks 4 making my day!

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Review #6, by OllyCoop Always and Forever

6th May 2007:

I really like this idea. I can't wait to read more:)

JP's a right little snob isn't he. Blase`. Haha.

Excellent job, the take on Lily is so fresh, andandand I love it. She's normal, not perfect, and she's a cartoonist. Excellent I tells you!

Author's Response: thank you so much! you made me giggle aloud :P tehehe next chap is written, so hopefully validated soon. thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #7, by BeBe_Marauder Always and Forever

6th May 2007:
I love the idea of taking suh a great book and putting our favorite marauders as that charecters...perfect!!! i do have to say though, that i would have switched the couplse, with James and Lily getting married, becuase Sirius reminds me alot of Cal...still, love it!!! and i love that you put Rita in it, she almost reminds me of dolly in a way.

Author's Response: ah well, glad you like it anyway! lol :) thanks so much!

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Review #8, by wicKeDwitch1316 Always and Forever

6th May 2007:
Ooh, I LOVE it! This is a really original idea and I can't wait to see where you take it!

Author's Response: yay! first review :) fanks so much tehe, i promise to update soon!

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