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Review #1, by grangerrox How to Save a Life

11th June 2009:
I loved it!!!

this story is so very sad and i teared up.

i feel so bad for sirius i would die if that happened to me.

i also love the song you used and am planning on watching the music video as soon as i have time.

anywho i love this story!!!

p.s. i think this is proly the one shot you have written.

Author's Response: :D
the video just hit me, i loved it as well as the song and it totally inspired me
and i love sirius! i know it hurt him but i think that makes him more humane.
thank you for the wonderful review!

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Review #2, by SithHappens1292 How to Save a Life

28th November 2008:
Heyy I think it's a pretty good story. It's simple and easy to follow, and of course, I love that song. =]

Author's Response: Aw thanks, that's really good news to any author! And yes, it is an awesome song.

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Review #3, by ginny_weasley_54 How to Save a Life

26th January 2008:
wow. i love this story. it is absolutly amazing.

Author's Response: thank you so much. means a lot that you think its amazing. thanks too for the awesome review! made me smile! :}

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Review #4, by SBSL How to Save a Life

22nd August 2007:
love it and i love sirius!

Author's Response: Thanks so much and Sirius is THE best! I quite conquer! Thanks again!

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Review #5, by CrescentFairy How to Save a Life

24th July 2007:
You thought wrong I have read it!! It's cute and ill watch the music vids asap!!Laters.Gabs

Author's Response: Weeeell, ya know...? And, hello, have you listened to any of our conversations during the year (school)? I'm usually the wrong one. Here, say it with me: "Gabby/I always make sooo much sense, that I don't make sense." Yes. I remember. I'm usually wrong, you're usually right. Happy? And thanks. I'll get to your fic too. Thanks for reviewing! And ask your mom about Sunday, dude(tt)!

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Review #6, by LadyCatherine How to Save a Life

8th May 2007:
I love stories like this, the ones that make you cry. It's clear which are memories, which are present time, and which are the lyrics to the songs. I really like the way it's written, and the way you've seperated it all up.



P.S. Try emailing for a banner. That's my friend Soph... she'd be more than happy to help.xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yes, you just gotta love those tear jerkers. Thank you so much for you review and comments, I really really do appreicate it and that I did an at least ok job with my story. Thanks again.
And I'll try to later, it's just that with the state testings and with our school scheduales all messed up, it's kinda hard to do things, especially homework, and what with the heat, doing anything for that matter is a drag. So, when I get the time and the aderaline, I'll look into it! Thanks again for your "completely fabulous" review! And don't forget to check out my other stories, please! /D

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Review #7, by Mei How to Save a Life

28th April 2007:
I L-O-V-E LOVE! this song and this story, its just so sad but beautiful!

Author's Response: Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for this wonderful review! I'm so happy that you like it, thank you so much for reviewing! Rock on!

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Review #8, by lilypotter16 How to Save a Life

15th April 2007:
wow.just wow, reallly good. i like the way it is written and the plot build up, to her dying, it was really good!
plus the song matched it perfectly!
great job 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you! I appreciate it. Yes, I tried really hard to get it right, ok, that's a lie. I just wrote as it came. Thanks again!

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Review #9, by quidditchlover83 How to Save a Life

13th April 2007:
This was such a beautiful story! I cried, it was so sad. You should write the story before all of this happened, but you don't have to. I think it was great and I hope you write more stories!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! Yes, the song is quite sad and as I mentioned, I cried while watching the music videos (on youtube). And, about the other story, I'll be thinking about it. It actually would be interesting to write, I think. Thanks for the suggestion. Thank you again for your wonderful review, and I'll try!

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Review #10, by irish_dorcas How to Save a Life

12th April 2007:
omg that was sooo sad.i was nearly in tears.i love that ong sooo much. not much to say except for tearjerker in a great way!10/10

Author's Response: OH! YES! Thank you sooo much for the review! Yes, I've been told I'm good at romantic stories and sadness... I'm not sure if that's supposed to be a good thing? LOL! /D Yes, good song. And I know how those kinds of stories go. Thank you so much for the review! Really got my spirits up a little higher! Thanks again! /D

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Review #11, by SnowyBella How to Save a Life

11th April 2007:
Okay, lol, I think I can cover tha banner parts. Only - remember you have to e-mail me telling me what you want for it (visit and click 'forms' on the top of the webpage to find info + what to e-mail me with).

I thinking this is a good story - you just have to go over it a couple of times.

On sentences like, ""Hey Sirius. Can you come over? I'm bored. Let's do something. Plus, we need to talk." This is what Lisa said to Sirius over the phone, Lily taught him." < - - that, I think you should expand it a little bit - like I c=got that you meant Lily had taught him to use the phone, but you might want to explain that a little more clearly. :-)

Actually, the spelling is pretty good, considering that you don't have word, lol.

Overall, it's a good story, just chedk over it a few times to refine it and all that.

:-) *Hope for first review*

I'd say 'update soon' but this is a one-shot... so instead... I think I'll say 'goodjob', lol.


Author's Response: Ok, the first part of your review (lol, I was sooo overwhelmed when I saw it!). The banner thing, SWEET! I really need banners for my stories, so awesomeness! And when I get the time, probably tonight or tomorrow I'll do as you command! Lol!

And yes, I know, there are somethings that either don't make sense or that need to be elaborated on. Yes, yes. I just really wrote this story spur of the moment and at night, and then my "bubble" popped, so I was out of the writing thing for a while. And yay! I finally downloaded Word on my laptop, so I'm sooooo glad!

And yes, of course, as soon as I get the time, because my supposedly supposed to be a relaxing vaction is quite busy, I will go over my story. I promise! Scout's honor! /D

And yes, FIRST REVIEW!!!!! YAAAAAY!!! I was soooo excited when I checked, because there has been so far 20 reads, but no reviews (except until I checked and saw yours!).

And finally, now that I think about it, I think I might do a prequel for this story. Or somehow work an epilogue into this using "Over My Head" by The Fray for the prequel.

Well, anyways, thank you SO much for the review. I'm so happy now! Thanks again (for all that you [overwhelmingly!] wrote!) /D

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