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Review #1, by Stoney A Helping Hand

23rd April 2013:
Fantastic story so far:p email me the unedited please bcrisp88 at yahoo dot com thanx

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Review #2, by Dentin Rawlins A Helping Hand

11th April 2013:
Not really confused, but would like to read the unedited portion. Thanks, Denton Rawlins

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Review #3, by Potter James Potter Harryís Happy Hollow

1st April 2013:
I love the story but I hate that you changed the names
Puppies, And Hermiones Name and etc.

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Review #4, by Kennedy A Helping Hand

25th February 2013:
Could you email me the unedited portion. Please and thank you! It won't let me send you my email so I'm going to try and space it out. k g i r l t w i l i g h t f a n @ g m a i l

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Review #5, by allie A Helping Hand

19th November 2012:
i would love to read the unedited version of this chapter loving this fanfic atshaw1984@ yahoo dot com dot au
it was a bit confusing reading with the edited bits as i was reading on my phone thanks

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Review #6, by malfoy123 A Helping Hand

13th November 2012:
oops.please send it on arpitchandak97 at gmail dot com.

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Review #7, by malfoy123 A Helping Hand

13th November 2012:
can u please email me the edited portion ?? u should consider becoming an author btw! nice writing. :D

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Review #8, by robbo A Helping Hand

28th September 2012:
hey. great story so far. would like 2 see the edited bits. robbo248 at hot mail dot co dot uk

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Review #9, by josh A Helping Hand

2nd July 2012:
Very confused lol i have no idea what edited is bc you didnt bother rewriting pls send a copy over. jaldecker88 at gmail dot com

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Review #10, by KareBear Ron Weasley and the Battle of the Bare Midriffs

14th April 2012:
Good chapter, forgot at the end I wasn't reading JKR. However, not in a million years can I see hermione calling her mother mummy? It's even a stretch for Ginny to do it I think..

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Review #11, by KareBear Kiss The Bride

13th April 2012:
An excellent chapter! I just re read the title before I went to the next one and cringed though! Haha

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Review #12, by FunnyHeady91 A Helping Hand

5th February 2012:
This is a great story so far, but I'm confused because of the 18. chapter. Can you e-mail it to me please?
FunnyHeady91 at gmail dot com
Thank you! :)

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Review #13, by gamemaster101 Birth Date Surprise

21st August 2011:
awesome :) love this story line and id so date ariel if she were real :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I wish I could send right over to you!lol

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Review #14, by Palurien Birth Date Surprise

20th March 2011:
Hey there! Really liked this series and appreciate it greatly :)
I have a problem though. This site is very difficult to read when using my cellphone when away from the pc. Would it be possible to upload this story to somewhere like fanfiction . net too? I really want to read it and not be annoyed by very small text size and odd format :/

Author's Response: I've been meaning to do that for sometime. I set up an account and everything, just haven't done the transfer. Some day soon I will.
Thanks for reading it and liking it!

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Review #15, by Two Eyes, A Million Words InkleTom Riddlump

18th February 2011:
This is the third time I'm reading this story. I. Love. It! Keep writing, you're really good at it - especially your sense of humor.

Author's Response: That's awesome! Thank you very much!

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Review #16, by Drogheda Potter vs. Evans

22nd December 2010:
You must be a girl cause you keep putting Ariel in the dominate role even though she is younger and has no experience fighting. You have made Harry into a wimp! And why would Harry care if she is dating Neville, that's the one you would want your sister to date!

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Review #17, by izzyfizzy Itís Love and Hope That Takes You Home

21st July 2010:
*tear* omg i can't believe it is over i am so going to read your other stories!! I miss Malfoy WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE!! i cried at the part in here abbout him!

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Review #18, by ryan Itís Love and Hope That Takes You Home

22nd May 2010:
WOW! I can't believe its already over. THANK GOD theirs a sequel!!! Quick question though, who's that girl on your cover page that supposed to be Ariel? Is she an actress or something? I'd really like to know, she's really pretty!!! Thanks.

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Review #19, by Thainfamousdre A Helping Hand

21st February 2010:
I am really enjoying your story. I am a huge fan of Harry/Cho and I hope it stays that way. But I also enjoy my boy Harry getting some action lol, finally! Amazing!

Author's Response: Thanks! yeah, Harry deserves some lovin' from all who want to give, ESPECIALLY Cho!LOL


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Review #20, by Sam A Helping Hand

10th February 2010:
Hey man great story this is my second time reading it. I would love to read the chapter unedited though its really confusing

Author's Response: Thanks for reading it again!! That's awesome. Here's the link to my live journal that has the unedited bit:

http:// charry-lover16. livejournal .com/tag/hpff. com

Remember to put the link together with no spaces.
Thanks again!

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Review #21, by simi potter Itís Love and Hope That Takes You Home

31st January 2010:
Great Story
I am goin to start reading the sequel now.

Author's Response: Enjoy, I hope! Glad you liked the first one!

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Review #22, by Brian Daniel Itís Love and Hope That Takes You Home

3rd January 2010:
amazing simply amazing i loved ever chapter in your book and loved the way you played with harry's trio of girls. i can honestly say that this was almost maybe even as good as the last book in the actual harry potter series. congrats

Author's Response: Thanks! That's an awesome compliment!


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Review #23, by bbb9878 A Helping Hand

25th September 2009:
Yea I read this chapter and it got confusing with the Edited parts but read through the entire thing and it is great with few grammatical errors and spelling error I noticed it would help clear confusion if I could read the unedited parts if you can can you email it. Keep writing your quite a interesting writer

Author's Response: Thanks for the compliment! Actually, I had this beta'd, but I haven't posted all the beta'd chapters yet because I haven't received them all back. I'd email you unedited part if you give me your email. OR you could go to my livejournal and read the bit that's edited.

http: // charry-lover16. livejournal. com/7817. html

Just put the link all together.
Thanks for reading!

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Review #24, by dirtydean55 A Helping Hand

21st September 2009:
Hey can I get the unedited version please? thanks

Author's Response: Yes. Just give me your email address or go to this link (you'll have to put it together) and go to my livejournal where I have it stored.

http: // charry-lover16. livejournal. com/7817. html


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Review #25, by CnConrad Itís Love and Hope That Takes You Home

8th September 2009:
Good book, I like what was done with Draco.

I like the concept of the story and how Harry was portrayed.
Ariel was a little over powered for my tastes but was ok.

My only criticism is that your action writing needs a little work, the battles were not all that exciting and the death eaters were a little to stupid/boring to be villains.

Author's Response: I find the Death Eaters to be stupid and boring followers. I don't find them to be clever, so I had no other way to write them.

I love Draco personally, so I wanted to show he had his own mind (unlike other Death Eaters) and that he could make the right choices if given a solid reason too. Ariel I made in the image of Lily; strong, pretty, smart and talented. She's her mother's child and mischevious like her father. And she was stuffed full of girl powerly goodness just because I can't write a weak female. Flawed but not weak.
Thanks for reading and the compliments. I really appreciate it. Hope you were able to see the unedited part on my livejournal.

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