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Review #1, by HermyJane Independence Day

21st June 2007:
I really don't like Malfoy, but for Pansy's sake, I'm sad he died. She seems to hate and love him at the same time, and is passionate about both feelings. This was a remarkable and wonderful story and I'm definitely adding it to my favorites. I'm glad to see Draco shipped with someone other than Hermione (ugh!)!

Author's Response: Ah, someone else who doesn't favor D/Hr! :D Thank you for favoriting my story! I'm glad you were able to connect with the characters and plot! :D

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Review #2, by HermyJane Bad Luck

21st June 2007:
Oh, how sad. She loves him but they kind of have a non-romantic marriage. I think that's a great idea that they're in love but there's something missing. I love this story and think you have fantastic ideas. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks! Being an evil and corrupted death eater can ruin life at home, can't it? I was hoping people would see how empty that relationship was.

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Review #3, by HermyJane The Imprisoned Girl

21st June 2007:
Wow this is very good. My friend is a huge Pansy fan and I can't wait to show this to her. This is amazing and shows a different side of both Pansy and Draco. Can't wait to read on!

Author's Response: Thank you! I was unsure of this story, I felt something was missing, but people seem to be meeting it well!

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Review #4, by hellothere Independence Day

18th May 2007:
I thought I already reviewed this, oops, sorry! Well, I was hoping for a happy ending- I have a weak spot for this pairing. Well, the end was sad... Lol, but wasn't really depressing, she has her freedom now, at least. And it looks like she's becoming more mature now. I loved the fact that she didn't cry and get too depressed and junk. Woohoo! Now she can be with Theodore Nott! Yes! (Poor Draco, though, we know he loved her...)
You should write more stories, you're a good evil pairing's writer, maybe a Pansy/Theodore? Good, bad- ending, surprise me. *insert evil laugh here.* Lol, but it's ok if you don't write one with them.
Back to this story: The ending was original, haven't read a story yet with an ending like this, so for that I'll give your story 10/10. =D
Hope to see more from you soon, but seriously no Draco/Gryffindor pairings, lol.
Ok, I'm done. Bye!

Author's Response: Hmmm... I don't know a lot about Theo. I might get a few plotbunnies with him. And Draco/Gryffindor pairings are yuck, I agree. Thanks for reviewing, I'm so glad you liked it! :D

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Review #5, by irish_dorcas Independence Day

25th April 2007:
great story.really weell written!i'm so sad that its over!i really did enjoy it!10/10 for the whole story

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! 10/10? Wonderful! (feels giddy-ish)

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Review #6, by Kender_Elf Independence Day

24th April 2007:
Ooh! Nicely done! My bad, didn't know that it was completed, but awesome anyways. I'm glad that it is, so that I don't have to wait for the next chapter. Nicely done!

Author's Response: Thank you, I was sure that this chapter was disapointing, but I'm glad some people liked it.

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Review #7, by Kender_Elf Bad Luck

24th April 2007:
Wow, really touching, this chapter. Could really feel it, you know. I especially like the ending part, a bit bitter sweet. Nice story, really interesting. All right, next chapter! Although, you should update soon! Would really be great!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #8, by Boots Bad Luck

10th April 2007:
So sad. But yeah, you pulled this off rather well. Good job! More chapters, please!

Author's Response: It'll be a little delay for the third and final chapter, but it'll get here! I promise!

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Review #9, by moonysgirl Bad Luck

4th April 2007:
Poor Pansy. This really isn't the dream wedding, is it?

Author's Response: No, I suppose her wedding's pretty much crashed, isn't it? Thanks for the review!

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Review #10, by moonysgirl The Imprisoned Girl

4th April 2007:
My gosh, think of Rita's gossip headlines...

Author's Response: Ha! Yes, she must be ecstatic!

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Review #11, by hellothere Bad Luck

1st April 2007:
Hope you continue this soon!

It was a bit short, but great!

10/10, just one thing though... When did she get her wand?... nevermind that, just bing us chapter 3!

Author's Response: Hmm, I don't think she used a wand... did I mention a wand? O.o Gah, I do things like that sometimes... To the Edit Mobile! Thanks for pointing that out!

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Review #12, by gumdropbutton Bad Luck

31st March 2007:
so sad! Pansy seems to be more mature and noble, but you can sorta tell she was a little bitchy in school, and she understood it. i really like how you made her selfishness and mean-ness understandable.

Author's Response: It was tempting to make a story about her as a little girl, simply because it'd be so fun to write. Thanks for the review, I'm glad you're understanding the character!

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Review #13, by Proud Hufflepuff The Imprisoned Girl

22nd March 2007:
Wow. That was amazing! I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Amazing? Thanks! My email service seems bent on making sure my files aren't sent to the beta, but it won't be long. Thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by mosa_hufflepuff The Imprisoned Girl

20th March 2007:
Intersting plot. I like it!

Author's Response: Thank you! I was worried it was a little boring.

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Review #15, by Boots The Imprisoned Girl

20th March 2007:
Fascinating. I've never read a better depiction of Pansy Parkinson. I look forward to the next chapter. The sooner the better!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm having my beta look over it now, and I'll probably skim through it myself, but it won't be long.

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