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Review #1, by lesti Epilogue: The Last Piece of the Puzzle

11th February 2016:
love it so much, great story :)

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Review #2, by lesti Summer's End

9th February 2016:
love this story already!!! can't wait to read more.

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Review #3, by Julia Epilogue: The Last Piece of the Puzzle

30th March 2015:
I loved this story! It was thoroughly unique, and not too racy. One of my favorites to date!

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Review #4, by songbird0345 Summer's End

23rd October 2014:
So I'm confused. Was there a battle at hogwarts? Why can't they use magic if they are of age? What is the back story to how you are starting this one?

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Review #5, by LizMalfoy Epilogue: The Last Piece of the Puzzle

8th June 2014:
Superb. I absolutely loved it.

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Review #6, by Wanda Maker Epilogue: The Last Piece of the Puzzle

31st March 2014:
I enjoyed this story very much! Good job

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Review #7, by Ju Hana Epilogue: The Last Piece of the Puzzle

12th October 2013:
This is the best Dramione story I've read so far.Every bits of humor, romance, fluff, adventure are well balanced and nicely written.I love it!!! I'm not sure how would I express my feelings but I do know that I LOVE THIS STORY THE BEST!!!

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Review #8, by Ju Hana Encounters

10th October 2013:
This is super funny!! I literaturely read out loud the lines of hermione's and draco's speech and it gets funnier when I mimicked their stlye.Can't wait to read whats next. I presume it would gets better..LOL

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Review #9, by Z Epilogue: The Last Piece of the Puzzle

17th July 2013:
wow this was so good i cried! great job this is how all dramione fanfic should feel: complete.

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Review #10, by Draco Amor Epilogue: The Last Piece of the Puzzle

6th July 2013:
Great Story! You should write a one shot of their wedding:)

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Review #11, by Luna Summer's End

9th May 2013:
Well done!I love it.Amazing!

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Review #12, by Ivana Summer's End

22nd January 2013:
This is great.I think you are brilliant.Keep on doing.Well done. :)

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Review #13, by Heather Encounters

14th November 2012:
My biggest issue with this story is that as its written well, you didn't follow what happened in the books or movies. You put in this is after voldemort died however snaps and dumbledor are? It just doesn't make sense to me

Author's Response: Its not supposed to follow the books, thats why its an original story. I made up my own rules, which is why the summary states that it deviates from the books. Sorry if it confused you!

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Review #14, by Kayla Epilogue: The Last Piece of the Puzzle

26th October 2012:
Just one thing to say after reading funny romantic heart warming story:

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Review #15, by noori Epilogue: The Last Piece of the Puzzle

7th October 2012:
simply eleven out of ten rating possible?

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Review #16, by dramione_luv84 Epilogue: The Last Piece of the Puzzle

8th August 2012:
awww! such a great story, i loved the book idea, and the greece part lol! ;] kind of almost reminded me a lil bit of a story called 'the unseemly proposal' where they had the love knot, and a mood ring that talked. but i love the greece part, one of my many fav places to go in the future! hehe great job!

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Review #17, by Siriusly Love Sirius Epilogue: The Last Piece of the Puzzle

3rd August 2012:
Aw I love this story :D I'm so glad you finished it, I was starting to think you would never update again! Truly a beautiful story, 10/10 :)

Author's Response: aww well thank you! I'm sorry it took me so long, but I'm glad I was finally able to finish it! :)

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Review #18, by Steph Epilogue: The Last Piece of the Puzzle

20th July 2012:
It's good but I think it could have gone on
longer sorry :(

Author's Response: Sorry, but I started it when I was in high school and just graduated from needed to get wrapped up!

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Review #19, by MoonlightFaerae Epilogue: The Last Piece of the Puzzle

19th July 2012:
One of my favourite dramoines, and I've read a lot, so that's a high bar. Well done! Xx

Author's Response: What a compliment! You are too sweet!

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Review #20, by MiSTY_VoLPe Epilogue: The Last Piece of the Puzzle

18th July 2012:
oh. my. gosh.
its finished. im soo happy but sad at the same time... I LOVED THIS STORY!
thankyou for not giving up on it!
cant wait to check out other stories by you in the future!!
thankyou again for such a great story- it was amazing to read

Author's Response: No, thank YOU for not giving up on me! I know its been a long journey haha. I am so thankful for readers like you who have spurred me on to completing this work. Its been so much fun. Thanks again!

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Review #21, by JaymeeXD Making the Choice

10th July 2012:
Such an adorable ending. I loved the story x :)

Author's Response: its not over yet! Epilogue is on its way :)

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Review #22, by MiSTY_VoLPe Making the Choice

9th June 2012:
THANKYOU FOR UPDATING! love the story and great chapter! So much happened and I'm glad the Malfoys don't hate muggles now!
Sad that the story is basically finished but please update soon!

Author's Response: thank you!! I am working on the last part and it should be up within the month!

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Review #23, by Scorpius1678 Making the Choice

8th June 2012:

And WOW! It definitely did not disappoint me after all this time! I can't believe how much when on then! I never thought all that would have happened.

Such a brilliantly written chapter as always and so happy that you are posting the next chapter up soon.
But I am also really depressed that it is the last chapter. This is one of the best Dramione stories I have read. Thank you!

Can't wait for the next chapter! xxx

Author's Response: thank you SO much for your continued support and love! It means a lot and keeps me going :)

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Review #24, by nat Finally Free...?

14th May 2012:
Aaah you cannot stop there carry on please

Author's Response: I am currently writing the next chapter! Should be up soon!

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Review #25, by thiagleera99 Finally Free...?

14th March 2012:
It'd be really great to have the next chapter this. I really hope you do. With most Draco/Hermione stories, I read the first few chapters then I immediately get bored. But yours I just keep coming back to. Plus, what a cliff hanger that is! D: still love the story though (:

Author's Response: SO sorry its taking so long, I've been so busy with school lately! Hopefully I will get some time soon to work on the next chapter.

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