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Review #1, by minne Beautiful Mess

6th April 2012:
Such an adorable story love the ending and the note passing, i personally thought you could of turned down fighting between Ron and Harry because i thought that was just a bit over the top with protectiveness but the story was still totally awsome :-)

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Review #2, by jellybean2109 Beautiful Mess

16th January 2012:
i love this story and i love the idea of the note passing it reminds me of my two friends in biology last year

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Review #3, by RowenaSlytherin Beautiful Mess

8th October 2007:
It was good. I liked the fluff and the sweetness, cuteness, all that. I just didn't like how Ron hit Harry because for me it was too overprotective and unrealistic of Ron. He was pretty cool with Harry/Ginny and he does trust Harry with his sister. Other than I did like it very much. the notes were very sweet and funny. I wrote a Harry/Ginny story called A Beautiful Mess as well (Ironic Much?) and I'd love for you to read and review it!

Author's Response: Well, it just worked with the story, and Ron can be a bit of a pratt every now and then. He also tends to have I guess you say mood swings.

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Review #4, by ginnyweasley_potter Beautiful Mess

16th July 2007:
hahahahaha i laughed my head off! that is so funy, i can totally c that happening, especially the ron hitting harry part, it was freaking hilarious

Author's Response: Thanks I'm glad you liked it! That was the first Fic I've ever written on on the Comp that turned out good... :) HAVE YOU READ 7?

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Review #5, by lovehp Beautiful Mess

12th April 2007:
very cute! it was pretty adorable :)

Author's Response: thanks very much!!!

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Review #6, by Izzieluv Beautiful Mess

2nd April 2007:
For some odd reason, this is a tradition... for me to review all my own stories... but I have to say... It is one of my best ones... :) xD

Author's Response: I'm such a dork

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Review #7, by Tigerlilly Beautiful Mess

31st March 2007:
CUTENESS! I love it! Without a doubt this is one of your better stories. OMG I love the ending! It is SO funny! 10/10!


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