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Review #1, by Sunflower Liquid Sunshine

16th March 2008:
It wasn't that confusing I'd say:] I loved it, absolutely loved it. Especially this part:

'When I was three years old, I was asked what my favourite feeling was. I doodled a small picture of a sunny sun being blocked by a cloud and scribbled clumsily underneath it, Rain. I remember crying when my teacher told me not so gently that 'rain' was not a feeling.
It rained the day my mother spilt the wine. '

Wonderful.. I really loved it, maybe some don't like it or get it, but I think it's beautifully written:)

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Review #2, by xxMugglePrincess Liquid Sunshine

8th May 2007:
Aww, it was confusing, but yet at the same time I understood it..tht made no sense at all. Another amazing ficcy.

Author's Response: Ha, neither did the story. Thank you :)

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Review #3, by ♥Bubbles101♥ Liquid Sunshine

5th May 2007:
Hey "PreTeenWriter",
I really liked this one but, I think u could do better.
I know u well enough to say that this isn't ur best and some of ur best is on the other site, but this is amazing..

Author's Response: Hey "Bubbles101",

Don't worry, I thank you for your criticism (though it could be a bit more constructive). I wrote it quickly on a whim.

Thanks Ness :)

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Review #4, by Zazuli Liquid Sunshine

3rd April 2007:
NOO! WHy did you kill your sister?! WHYY DRACO WHYY! YOU ARE SMELLY! AND I DO NOT LIKE YOU ONE BIT! -Cries- Darn it. Sorry to hear about your grounding D: Come back soon!

Author's Response: He's - I mean I'm - baccckkkkk!!!!

Anyways, yes, Draco is a stupid little ferret and is not even as close to as sexy as his daddy. Well, in this story, they both suck. Lol. Kleenex is there for you! :P

Grounding=officially over. It was torture without you guys!

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Review #5, by HauntedLyra22 Liquid Sunshine

22nd March 2007:
OMG, i dont know how old u r but this is very very very brilliant writing right here and i love it to death...i put it on favs...ha ha ha yeah i just logged in so im going through and i have a crap load of stories on favs...brilliant though and the descriptions are sooo amazing i know people in college that cant write that well!!
rOcK oN!!

Author's Response: Hey! I'm 13, turning 14 in September (yay! working age soon wot!) So glad that you put it on your favourites :). Oh, wow, thanks for you compliments!
Rock on, dude!

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