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Review #1, by theblacksisters It Ends Tonight

27th September 2013:
By favorite brand of story. Very good.

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Review #2, by Ale It Ends Tonight

11th June 2009:
I don't know what to say. It's a good story, but sad!!!

Author's Response: cheers! thanks for reviewing!
Zoe x

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Review #3, by Taylor It Ends Tonight

25th May 2009:
OMG. That was so sad. I cried so hard. I loved it, although I think it was a little offending to us HE-UGE Harry Potter fans. I mean, if you like Harry Potter (which I'm just assuming), then why would you write a story about Ron, Hermione, and Harry dying!?!? I'm just confused.

Author's Response: Thankyou, im glad you liked it!
hmm offending perhaps... but don't get me wrong i am a huge harry potter fan. I just thought i'd do something different because i have never read a story where they all died and i wanted to be unique . well i hope that answered your confusion =] take care and thankyou for reviewing!
Zoe x

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Review #4, by Luna Loves Good Pudding It Ends Tonight

9th February 2009:
No offense; but I hated that story. if you are gonna write a story about harry potter, at least make it one where they don't all die!

Author's Response: oh im sorry you feel that way. this is the story i just decided to write, it just kind of worked out that i ended up killing them off.

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Review #5, by Snapebabe It Ends Tonight

5th December 2008:
OMG! that was so sad! who ever you are you must have a very evil heart to write that! it was so sad!

Author's Response: ha ha yeah are you sensing a pattern that i lack the ability to write a happy ending..? if so your are correct...maybe i should try it some time =]
thanks for reviewing ! x

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Review #6, by TAYLOR SCREEN NAME RONLOVER99 It Ends Tonight

4th December 2008:

Author's Response: oh im sorry for the crying..but that means i wrote it well hopefully?
thankyou for reviewing (Y)

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Review #7, by BatSEnecal It Ends Tonight

14th August 2007:
It was a cool little fic. At first, the bizarre changes in point of view were confusing, but I got over that. But I think you listed ships, right? If you did, I didn't see 'em. But I might be confusing your summary for the one above yours. 10/10

Author's Response: im glad you liked it...maybe i should put whos point of view it is from?
cheers x

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Review #8, by magicguy93 It Ends Tonight

20th July 2007:
That was so sad, but oh so good.


Author's Response: oh thankyou so much =]
much appreciated x

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Review #9, by xAllAmericanPotter It Ends Tonight

10th July 2007:
Dude, that was really good! Sad though, but the song fit it well =) I don't want Harry to die...

Author's Response: thanks so much =]
and yes harry shouldnt die...but oh well =]

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Review #10, by Happy It Ends Tonight

28th June 2007:
OMG thats so sad seriously i dont want that to happen it would just be such a shock but its really good

Author's Response: i am glad you were touched and liked it so much!
thankyou for reveiwing

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Review #11, by Dracana It Ends Tonight

12th May 2007:
Zoe, darling!!

The description etched here is absolutely stunning. I especially liked this: "Blood sure doesn’t look any different at all when it is splashed across the fiery ground." Its such a gorgeous image that you have portrayed, and I could see everything inside my mind, which makes a perfect writer. :-)

I LOVE this song - All American Rejects are quite wonderful, and this song stands out above the rest. You have used it in a way that compliements your story, and thus the other way around. Everything fitted it such a pleasent way.

And the plot!! It was so sweet. The death of the golden trio indeed. I have never seen someone kill them all off at once. You've done a unique job and made it beautiful.

As for dedicating this to me - well, I am truly honoured. Your kindess is astounding - first, you make me the best banners I could ever wish for, and then you dedicate this story to me. Not only that, but you've been a great friend and reviewer ever since I arrived here at HPFF. Without your support I probably wouldn't have continued to write here. You were the one who volunteered to make my first banner when I was inexperienced here, and you taught me how to actually host it etc. In other words, you're great.

Thank you so much for writing this, and its going into my favourites.


Author's Response: Helen!!!

wow thankyou so much!! gah im shocked to think that you think anything that you just wrote down in this reveiw! relaly its absolutely breathtaking coming from such a brilliant writer like you!!!

ah yes! i love All American Rejects! what an excellent band they are!!! and the second i heard this song i thought i must right a story about everyone dying! i no not many ppl do it so i thought i'd give it a stab.

of course i would dedicate this story to you!! are you kidding me, you are one of hardly any who actually appreciate my work and ask for a banner and not demand! I don't think i would make banners if it wern't for people like you , who do not take them for granted.

To hear that you wouldn't of continued to write here if it wasnt for me is truelly amazing, because you would have deprived so many people of your brilliant work and so that i am grateful that you stayed. Even though when i volunteered to amke you that banner i was really bad and it was crappy, you stuill liked it and asked for more! and for that i am truelly grateful!!

it feels like i have made such a gorgous friend , on the other side of the world!!

fav wow!! im honoured!!!

Zoe xx

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Review #12, by Believe The Impossible It Ends Tonight

12th April 2007:
oh my dear lord. you have NO IDEA HOW PROUD I AM OF YOU! that was amazing, that was incredible. that was AWESOME! okay, your best work ever. there were just a few little things, you said "u" when you meant "you" but i think that was it. BUT IT WAS SO GOOD! wonderful, wonderful job! =]

Author's Response: hahahaha lol thanks sammy! i am glad you liked this piece! it is definatly my fav!! lol

STUPID msn ruining my nearly perfect story!!!! silly u! meaning you gah!!!!!!!!

thanks heaps hun!
Zoe xx

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Review #13, by Miss Royale It Ends Tonight

5th April 2007:
How...absolutely depressing. The song didn't fit the story, for one thing. Second, you didn't state clearly how Harry died. Third, Snape would 'run happily' anywhere. was excellent.

Author's Response: hmmmmm alright then................. i am getting a few mixed messages here.. you thought it was depressing, that the song was bad for the story, that my discriptions of characters actions were wrong, and you were annoyed by the fact that i didnt clearly state how harry died??? hmm maybe you should read back and pay a bit more attention to what i wrote becaus i thought it was pretty clear. you just have to thing a tiny bit.

but then at the end you said it was excellent???

so i will thankyou for reveiwing! it si greatly appreciated but maybe next time elaborate a bit more =)

Zoe xx

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Review #14, by HermionePotter101 It Ends Tonight

3rd April 2007:
So good, but so sad. It Ends Tonight is my fave song, and it upset me that everyone died (that we, HP fans like, anyway). I ALWAYS cry when Harry dies! But it was really, REALLY good.

Author's Response: i love it ends tonight aswell! it is such a greta song and i love the all american rejects!!! i am sorry everyone diedd, but i guess it fit the song yer?? thanks so much for the positive reveiw!!

Zoe xx

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Review #15, by NoBody It Ends Tonight

3rd April 2007:
i dont think that you captured the song well or for that matter the characters. and its very confusing when you switch prespectives.

Author's Response: hmmmmm ok that kool, thats your opinion!!! with the whole switching perspectives i kinda did that with each verse i changed character, but i can unnderstand that it may have been confusing, since i am the writer i guess it flowed in my mind... i thought it was alright, but i can't please everyone can i?
Zoe xox

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Review #16, by CittyKat12 It Ends Tonight

2nd April 2007:
How'd Harry die?

Author's Response: well if you look back on thee story i said soimething about the death eaters which should inform you how he died!!! but lots of people have been wondering so he got killed after he killed voldemort because is you think about it, if someone killed someone who ruled you and you would do anything for, you would be upset and most likely want to kill the person he killed your master "voldemort" as if they were just gonna stand there and say oh well, he is dead now, harry potter can walk away !

hope that cleared things up a lil!
Zoe xx

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Review #17, by >>jhelly<< It Ends Tonight

2nd April 2007:

Author's Response: thnx! xx

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Review #18, by Valarie7505 It Ends Tonight

1st April 2007:
i luved it! 10-10

Author's Response: thanks! i am glad you did =) xx!

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