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Review #1, by lunaWerewolf Returning Home

9th August 2011:
Its very good need next part!

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Review #2, by JulezTeal Returning Home

12th June 2008:
Uhh, where's my next chapter? I'm desperate for it, so be nice and write me one =]] It's really quite a good story

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Review #3, by werewolf_lover69 Prologue

7th June 2008:
I really think you should update this story, It's always constantly popping up in the back of my mind and It just drives me nuts; wondering what will happen when he talks to Lily. You have a great plot and I hope you plan on continuing it.

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Review #4, by luvinpadfoot Returning Home

29th December 2007:
Can't wait for LIly/James confrontation. Hurry with this story! I love it! 19/10

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Review #5, by midnightwolf2192 Returning Home

22nd October 2007:
please update soon i love this story


Author's Response: :)

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Review #6, by Onyx Scorpio Returning Home

28th September 2007:
Wow... I thought that his friends and family would be happy to see him! I didn't think they would be that angry about it rather, more happy to see him actually alive!
But, you have done well. I still don't really get the timeline though... :P

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Review #7, by Onyx Scorpio Prologue

28th September 2007:
Interesting start. I love how Sirius is the one to cry and not Lily..
And where's Peter? Is this before they have Harry?
I don't really get the timeline but I like how you've done it so far.
I look foreward to the next chapter! :)

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Review #8, by werewolf_lover69 Returning Home

14th September 2007:
this is the best lily and james
story i have read if a LONG time.
it's not stereotypical and very
creative. I LOVE IT!

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Review #9, by XGiirlWhoLiiv3dx Returning Home

5th July 2007:
i think this is a good story and you should continue it.

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Review #10, by maurader fan Returning Home

7th June 2007:
I love your idea, it really seperates your story from all of the othe James Lily romance stories.

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Review #11, by wicked26 Returning Home

18th May 2007:
pls pls pls update i'm dying to know wat surprise lily has?? she SHOULD NOT b with someone else!!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. :) Thankx for the review.


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Review #12, by dianap00 Returning Home

7th May 2007:
OhMiGherkin, seriously you have to update! please! this story's too cute...and love the October Roadness of it...seriously...soo good...why dont they understand that he was off saving the entire wizarding world from Voldemort? omg...Lily has to be pissed... wow...this was a really good idea! i cant help but notice that you have a bunch of other stories in the works...but please! Update?

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Review #13, by Kyrra Returning Home

6th May 2007:
Cool story, looking forward to the next chapter!

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Review #14, by Japaneze gurl Returning Home

5th May 2007:
Aw come on! I wanna another chappy! NOW! pretty please!

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Review #15, by The_Lily_And_Her_Stag Returning Home

4th May 2007:
I like it!

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Review #16, by ME_93 Returning Home

4th May 2007:
cool, awsome, fantastic, great, excellent...cant think of any more words but i think u get d drift. cant wait 4 u 2 update

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Review #17, by Bobbeh Returning Home

4th May 2007:
I love the idea of the story! :D

Can't wait to see what Lily will say.

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Review #18, by redranger Returning Home

3rd May 2007:
this is pretty good!
I cant wait to see how Lily takes his return!
good job :]

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Review #19, by Maysie Prologue

1st May 2007:
CONTNUE! I ttly ♥ ur story! U go girl...erm, u r a girl right?


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Review #20, by Kyrra Prologue

25th April 2007:
Haha please continue! You gotta love Sirius!!

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Review #21, by lizzieJ02 Prologue

11th April 2007:
Awww! That was really cute and really sad. Update Soon!!

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Review #22, by Rosalie Cullen Prologue

3rd April 2007:
I love this. It is very interesting. But what happened to cause James to stay ten years instead of two weeks? Was he captured my Death Eaters, or did the mission just take a LOT longer than expected? You are an amazing author. I have read at least one chapter of almost all of your stories and liked them all. I hope that Sirius and Remus don't stay mad at him for too long. And I hope that Lily and him get together right away (highly unlikely, knowing you). Keep writing stories about the Marauders. You are very good at writing them. 9/10

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Review #23, by lily4evrmore Prologue

2nd April 2007:
i dont understand. he said 6 weekss... now 10 years? but nevertheless. GREAT STORY! UPDATE SOON! lols seriously, update xD

Author's Response: Thank you and you have to read and find out !:)

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Review #24, by harrylilyjames Prologue

24th March 2007:
I like this story, just add a bit more description...

i just have one question... they didnt live in Godrics Hollow... so why does it say at the end of the chapter 'He would miss Gordric Hollow and Potter Manor'?


Author's Response: Okay first thankx for the review and second in my story Gordric Hollow is a town and Potter Manor is where he live I'm sorry if that wasn't clear. Thankx for the review!

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Review #25, by The_Forgotten_Marauder07 Prologue

23rd March 2007:
I like! 10-10!

Author's Response: Thankx!

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