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Review #1, by MargaretLane Crux Sancti

11th April 2013:
Hmm, this is quite intriguing. I wonder what a holy man means in the wizarding world. Although there are plenty of indications of wizarding religion, there are none of specifically wizarding priests or vicars or whatever. Plus, I feel a holy man who has control of powerful magical objects is probably somebody more important than an ordinary curate or even parish priest.

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Review #2, by Quality Police Christmas Mourning

13th June 2011:
The whole school plot is just stupid. It takes them a "month" to get them all out and "nobody" notices that? Or that they use their brooms to return to London from Godric's Hollow. Do you actually think about what you write?

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Review #3, by sinwillys822 R.A.B. Revealed

4th March 2010:
i am liking the story so far cant wait to read more.

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it so far, I hope you like the rest as well. Thanks for reviewing

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Review #4, by Karkaroff Epilogue

20th October 2009:
Brilliant and thanks for writing as I enjoyed reading the plot.

Author's Response: Thank-you for reading and reviewing, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #5, by Alopex Epilogue

11th June 2009:
I'm proud of you too for finishing this! I remember seeing when you posted the last chapter; I was working my way through your other stories at the time. I really do admire all the authors on here who manage to finish long stories. I've gone back to see when I left my first review for this: April 4. It's taken me just over two months to read it. Although I feel like it took me ages, that really isn't such a huge stretch. It comes out to something like a chapter every other day. It's not a blistering pace, but it is steady. It's rather bittersweet for me to finish this story as well; I'm now caught up on everything you've posted. I'll check your page regularly, but feel free to contact me on the forums if you put something new up.

Now for comments regarding this chapter! First off, I like that you set the epilogue one year later. I also like that you told what happened to various characters in that year, or what they plan to do in the coming year. Although that part of the chapter reads like a glorified list, I really wanted to hear all that information! I so like that Neville is going to Auror school with the Trio! And Harry proposed to Ginny at the end! Wow, this epilogue really gave me warm fuzzies.

By the way, after the toast, "here, here" should be "hear, hear." My dictionary defines "hear! hear!" as well said!: an expression of approval or agreement.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It really felt like such an accomplishment to finally finish this after so long. At the time of finishing it it was the longest completed piece of writing I had ever done. I've loved having you read and review this story, you always leave such in depth reviews. I have a collection of short stories in the works at the moment, and I'll be sure to PM you when I finally post them.

I thought it would be nice showing what everyone is doing one year after the defeat of Voldemort and how they are getting on with their lives. Harry's proposal to Ginny was another scene that I had planned early on, one reason why I couldn't have either of them die!

I think another reviewer pointed out about the 'hear, hear' as well, one day I should really go back and fix it.

Thanks for reading and reviewing this story all the way through and I definitely look forward to hearing from you on my future stories.

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Review #6, by Alopex The Greatest Power of All

11th June 2009:
Well. That was . . . almost anti-climactic. I was expecting some more action. But I liked it at the same time. It was like being able to finally draw a huge breath of relief. I was amused that Ginny has a lightning scar too now. And, naturally, I was SO relieved that Hermione is ok! Too bad that Percy is dead, right after reconciling with his family. His death doesn't have the same impact Fred's did, but I have a soft spot for Percy.

Ok, one typo: tope instead of top when Ron is describing leaving the Chamber. And that explanatory paragraph of Molly's is gigantic, at least for fanfiction. I probably would have broken it up, but I suppose it's fine as is.

By the way, it's kinda weird that this chapter has half as many or less reviews than all the others! Before I add mine, that is. You'd think people would want to comment on this.

Author's Response: I'm sorry there wasn't more action, I'm glad you liked it anyway. I considered giving Ginny some other shaped scar, but in the end I thought it would be fitting that she had lightning shaped scar too. At one point I had considered killing off one of the trio or Ginny, but I guess like JKR I just couldn't do it. I did think that in the end one of the Weasleys would die.

Thanks for picking up on that typo, I can't believe I missed it! I didn't intend for Molly's explanation to be quite so long, it just ended up that way. I guess it reflects some of the explanations in the series though, like when Hagrid explains his trip to visit the giants.

I think the main reason this chapter has less reviews is because I posted this chapter and the epilogue at the same time, so most reviewers left just one review at the end of both, rather than separate reviews for this chapter and the next.

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #7, by Alopex The Best Laid Plans

7th June 2009:
Again. A shocking ending. However, I suppose this will turn out to be rather like Harry's sacrifice, with Ginny not truly dying because she has sacrificed herself, allowing Voldemort's piece of soul to die while she will be able to come back. What an ending.

In fact, this entire chaper was high with emotion, tension-filled, exciting. I could feel Voldemort's rage building and building. As in the scene with Snape, you've written the interaction between Harry and Voldemort extremely well, in my opinion. You've shown time and again how good you are at getting into characters' minds. You really know them.

Warning: nitpicking ahead. The tension and well-written nature of the interaction largely distracted me from a couple of odd things. First off, that Harry, Ron, and Ginny "sprinted" into the chamber (there was a chute) but still needed a broomstick to get out. How did all of Voldemort's cronies get out? Borrowing a broomstick? (This isn't information Harry sees, so the reader doesn't really need to know it. I just wondered.) I also thought it a bit weird that Voldemort and his helpers allowed Hermione and Ron to escape. Obviously his target was Harry, but he seems to me the sort who'd possibly want to make Harry suffer by seeing his friends die. Anyway, nitpicky, subjective stuff. I really did like this chapter a lot! :)

Author's Response: I'm glad I could shock with the ending to this chapter. I'm also glad you were able to feel Voldemort's rage building as the chapter progressed. I could just see Voldemort's irritation and rising panic as I wrote this chapter, knowing that his clever plan was coming unraveled.

I don't mind your nitpicking lol. Voldemort's cronies being highly skilled wizards most likely had other means of exiting the chamber without needing broomsticks (perhaps, like in the movies, they had some sort of spell that caused them to fly). As for allowing Harry's friends to escape, I guess this was slightly out of character for Voldemort, but I just had him so focused on Harry that the others leaving went by unnoticed... Now that you mention it it is a bit of an oversight on my part. I'm glad you liked the chapter anyway :)

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #8, by Alopex The Battle Begins

6th June 2009:
I'm so glad that so many people showed up to support Harry! I really like how he's getting a lot of support here, given the independent and go-it-alone-so-nobody-gets-hurt attitude he often operates under. He is capable of realizing that he needs help, though, and you brought this out nicely. The only thing I found weird was about everyone gathering at the Shrieking Shack. If hundreds of people showed up, they obviously were packed into a rather large space, probably larger than the house and yard would be. Therefore, the Concealing Charm would have to extend into the surrounding area as well, or else the house would have to be magically expanded, as Slughorn's office was. Crowds take up space, after all. Sorry, this has no real point or bearing on the story, of course. It's just something that sprung to mind as I read it.

I mentioned before that I like how Harry is going on the offensive. It gave my heart such a rise to read "TO HOGWARTS!" I mean, wow! I am experiencing a lot of satisfaction from the idea of a lot of people standing up and taking on Voldemort. Also, I enjoyed the reconciliation scene at the beginning (Percy is one of my favorite characters) as well as the scene witht the centaurs near the end. Grawp was amusing as well.

Author's Response: I wanted to show how much support Harry had when it came down to this moment, especially when in the past he has felt so alone, I think it was important for him to have a lot of support at this critical point. In regards to the Shrieking Shack, I guess I just pictured it as being larger than it is, or perhaps you could assume that it was magically expanded to accomodate everyone.

I'm glad I could give your heart a rise with Harry's words, I really wanted him to be an inspiring leader as he led everyone into battle. And of course Percy had to come back into the fold, it seemed only right that the Weasleys should all be reconciled before the final battle.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #9, by Alopex The Order Unite

5th June 2009:
The tension keeps building and building. Wow. The ending of this story seems like it's stronger and better-written than the beginning, although of course we couldn't have reached this point without the beginning. :) But everything is really coming together now, a resolution is in the air (and also a lot of sacrifices . . . ).

What I found most interesting about this chapter is that it's Voldemort who is holed up in Hogwarts, while Harry & Co. are going to invade! JKR obviously purposely kept Harry from blatantly going on the offensive and from outright killing Voldemort, but I find I rather like the idea of the Order going on the offensive.

I wasn't so sure about the argument about Voldemort not knowing about the Whomping Willow passageway. I was thinking that this would turn out to be another one of the Trio's half-baked plans. However, Remus Lupin has completely and utterly convinced me. How clever (and glaringly obvious in hindsight) to think of Wormtail wanting a hole to escape down!

Author's Response: I'm glad you think the story has improved as it has gone along, it was the first fanfic I posted and took me a long time to write, so I guess it shows how my writing has progressed since I started here. You are right that everything is now heading towards a resolution.

I, too, liked the idea of Harry going on the offensive rather than simply always trying to run from Voldemort, and I thought that in the end Harry would be the one going after Voldemort.

I'm glad Remus was able to convince you of Voldemort not knowing about the Whomping Willow passageway, I figured that Wormtail being the rat he is would surely want an easy escape route should he need it.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #10, by Alopex Severus Snape

5th June 2009:
Another tense, brilliant chapter! Wow! Is Snape dead too now? I never expected him make it out of DH alive, but if he did die here, somehow I find it more poignant than I found it in DH.

I very much enjoyed the interaction between Snape and Harry. It was something I could picture so clearly as a scene from a movie. In the movie, it would be all dark and gloomy but with some wierd moonlight and fog. There would be this bluish mist swirling between Snape and Harry as each "possesses" the thoughts of the other. Oh, I can picture the facial expressions and everything. Great scene.

Oh, I also liked the beginning. Harry was totally in character, and he really needs a hug!

Author's Response: I've fallen behind on my responses again, sorry, although I had actually responded to this review and a few of your others before the site crash, but it has still taken me a while to come back and respond again.

I'm so glad you liked the scene with Snape, it was one of the first scenes I wrote for this story and I knew clearly how I wanted it to happen from the start.

And I agree, Harry does need a hug!

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #11, by Alopex The Secret Horcrux

5th June 2009:
Oh my god. I don't even know what else to say. What a shocking twist.

Author's Response: This is the idea that motivated me to write this novel in the first place. Since rereading CoS before DH was released I imagined that this was JKR's intention. I guess I was wrong, but I still wanted to keep to my plan. I'm glad the twist shocked you. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #12, by Alopex A Mark of Friendship

24th May 2009:
*gapes* They had to leave Hermione! No! That's awful! I hope she'll be all right. I know she's very clever and competent and all, but even she doesn't stand a chance against a whole house full of Death Eaters. And I am very sad about Hagrid. Oh, this was a shocking, sad chapter.

What I can't get over is that the Malfoys have a private cemetary practically in their back yard. Is that creepy or what? And it's outside the ballroom, no less! What a strange juxtaposition. I'm still having visions of dancing skeletons.

Well, I'm glad they destroyed the Horcruxes they had, but it seems they may have missed one, else Voldemort would be properly dead. Something funny is going on. One thing that did surprise me was that Ron knew and remembered so much about Malfoy Manor. For one, I'm highly surprised Arthur would have taken him along there, even if Ron did come to work sometimes before he started school. And that Ron would remember details like the cemetary and ballroom and how to find the dungeons seems very lucky. He might end up recalling some of it (especially the dungeons from being locked in), but that quickly and confidently? In short, it was too coincidental for my taste. You do have a tendency to use dei ex machinis. Still, it moved the plot along nicely, and this was the most exciting chapter yet. Overall I did like it.

Author's Response: Yes, they had to leave Hermione and you shall find out more in the following chapters so I won't say any more here. And it is of course sad about Hagrid. It was one of my predictions that something of this nature would happen as Hagrid was the last remaining father-figure Harry had left. I must say I was extremely glad to get this prediction wrong.

I didn't think it was that weird for them to have a cemetery on their grounds. I thought it was actually fairly common for old manor houses to have a family cemetery. Or maybe that's just in the movies. Haha, I didn't think about the strangeness of having it outside the ballroom though.

Aha, you picked up on the fact that Voldemort should have died but didn't. All will be revealed.

Perhaps it was a bit convenient that Ron was able to remember Malfoy Manor so clearly. I guess I could have made it a bit harder for him to recall. I guess I do have a tendency to allow my characters an easy way out sometimes, even if it isn't entirely plausible. I'm glad you liked it though. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #13, by Alopex Enter, Stranger, But Take Heed

22nd May 2009:
Guess what? I deciphered the riddle all on my own! I'm normally lousy at riddles. This wasn't a very hard one, though, so I suppose I shouldn't get too big-headed over it. I like that you've made the Trio use their brains in this story. They've had to be rather clever at times to get their hands on the Horcruxes.

It did seem a little too handy that Bill was able to break through most of the enchantments for them. I felt like he did more work than the Trio! Then again, he is an older, more experienced wizard who works and Gringotts, so it's not entirely implausible. This story was on the exciting side. There wasn't any heart-thumping action, quite, but it was exciting nonetheless. I enjoyed all the descriptions of the planning stages, and it seems the plan went very well until the end.

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so glad you were able to decipher the riddle. I wasn't sure exactly how hard I had made it. I always figured that Voldemort was smart, so the trio would have to be equally as smart to find the Horcruxes.

Before DH I always had an inkling that Bill would play an important role breaking into Gringotts because of his expertise and it seemed as if he had been placed to play that role. I'm glad you thought this chapter was exciting. Thanks for the review.

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Review #14, by Alopex A Difficult Decision

22nd May 2009:
Haha, you sort of echoed Hermione asking if the Gringotts dragon would be all right in DH! I just love Ron's reply to that, how it's a dragon and can fend for itself. It's one of my favorite phrases in the book. Harry's response here wasn't as funny, but it was in keeping with the situation. Norbert is an entirely different sort of dragon than that Gringotts dragon.

Hagrid has been taken? NO! What an outrage! That's absolutely terrible! I'm far more upset about it than I was about Ginny being help prisoner. I think part of the reason it impacted me more is because Voldemort was at the school and so was Ginny, so it wasn't that unexpected. But Hagrid is such a lovely, good friend, and the situation is very sad.

Before I read the bit about Malfoy Manor (good guess, btw), I thought you were running the risk of being repetitive. However, by the end of the chapter, I could see that Hagrid's capture is an important way of moving the plot along. I should know by now that you always have a reason and a plan!

Author's Response: I always got excited when I read something in DH that coincided with my own version of events.

Yes, Hagrid has been taken. Hagrid has always been an important part of Harry's life, and Voldemort knows that. I think it was fitting that Voldemort would try to get to Harry through Hagrid.

Yes, I always have a plan. I had this whole story mapped out before I began. Thanks for the review.

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Review #15, by Jesse I am Lord Voldemort

14th May 2009:
I am ice cream man, running over little kids in my van...if i miss the first, I'l shift the van in reverse.lol, The chap title "I am Lord Voldemort" combined with how violent he is made me think of that, my user name is Alternative_Rock, I'm too lazy to log in :)

Author's Response: I must say I have never heard that song before. But thanks for the interesting review.

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Review #16, by Alopex Dueling with Dragons

11th May 2009:
Wow! This was a very exciting chapter! I loved all the descriptions of the dragon reserve and the training! It was really neat! It seemed like Charlie and his colleagues had an excellent training regimen in place. Although I am a little wary of dragons myself (or I would be if they were real), I liked how you had Norbert be relatively docile. It's almost like a vindication of Hagrid, in a way, even if I have difficulty putting the words "friendly" and "dragon" together in the same sentence. And the Trio escaped by dragonback!

I thought the pacing of this chapter was good. I didn't feel that the training was rushed at all, nor did I feel that you lingered overlong. Of course, if dragon training was the focus of this story, that would be different, but as a step along the way to hunting Horcruxes, this was sufficiently detailed yet not overly lengthy. It was a very enjoyable chapter to read, possibly my favorite so far.

Author's Response: I had this chapter in mind for a long time. I love dragons so I enjoyed writing this chapter. I thought Norbert would probably be a bit more docile now that he is a bit more grown up and he has been living on the reserve. I had the idea of the trio escaping by dragon back when I saw the proposed cover art for DH as there was a picture of the trio riding a dragon (of course it turns out they were riding the dragon from Gringotts in DH).

I'm glad the pacing worked out. I knew the trio could not spend too much time training, but at the same time I didn't want to rush it. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this chapter so much. Thanks so much for reviewing.

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Review #17, by Alopex The Portal

11th May 2009:
Haha, I loved it how Charlie was all like, oh by the way, you might feel sick! So considerate of him to warn them so far in advance. If Fred and George had been along, I'm sure a sarcastic remark would have been forthcoming.

One thing I really enjoy about your stories is the way you come up with so many creative magical things. You fill your stories with magical creatures, artifacts, and so forth. It makes your stories distinctive, as I haven't yet come across any other writer who so consistently invents new things or uses old things in unique ways (and I've read quite a bit of HP fanfiction). The portal way of travelling is just the latest example of that. And how like Harry to insist on paying for everything!

I liked the laid back feel of this chapter. It didn't feel quite as rushed as some of the previous ones have.

Author's Response: One thing I really love when writing about the HP world is being able to create all the magical things/creatures. I think there is so much room for the author to use his/her imagination in this world that JKR created. As you can probably imagine, much of my original fiction writing revolves around fantasy and magic.

I didn't want every chapter to be fast-paced, and I felt that this chapter presented the perfect opportunity to slow things down a bit for the reader before the next bit of action begins.

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #18, by Alopex I am Lord Voldemort

11th May 2009:
Well, again my comments are going to be brief. Mainly, your plot is moving along very briskly. It almost seems a little fast, but I think I'd rather have it fast than lingering over unnecessary things. I had to laugh about the sugar-free biscuits! I was impressed by the protections you came up with for Voldemort to have put on that Horcrux. I was not expecting the dragon-training bit, though. Surely that would be pretty time-consuming? I guess Harry won't be getting the full training, but still. If I wasn't familiar with this briskness of the plot in this story so far, I'd be a little worried that you'd be haring off on a lengthy digression.

Author's Response: I think part of the reason the plot is moving so fast is because I was so eager to get all my ideas onto paper, although at the time it didn't really seem all that fast because it would take me a month to update.

I'm glad you like my protections so far. One of my predictions for book seven was that Charlie would help the trio with the dragon at Gringotts. At the time it seemed obvious that a dragon was supposed to be guarding Gringotts and that as Charlie worked with dragons he would help them. I was very surprised when this did not happen in DH actually.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #19, by Alopex Christmas Mourning

11th May 2009:
I never felt all that attached to Mad-Eye Moody as a character, but it was sad again that he died, even though I knew he would based on the last chapter. I'm glad Ginny's ok though, and presumably everyone else they managed to evacuate. I don't have much else to say, but I'm glad you put in something about Harry contemplating his mortality. This story is moving right along, and I bet something exciting is going to happen very soon!

Author's Response: There were always going to be casualties in books seven, sadly. A lot of things will start happening now as the trio continue on their quest of the Horcruxes. As always, thank-you for reviewing.

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Review #20, by Alopex Snakes, Swords and Sacrifices

4th May 2009:
Ah, well, that answered my question about the Slytherins, didn't it? I still think a month is a rather long time to be evacuating people, though. I am very puzzled that the Death Eaters didn't notice that students were disappearing. Surely some of them would have been sharp enough to notice that fewer and fewer people were needing to be escorted to the bathroom?

However, I think there are some very interesting elements in this chapter, parallels with DH, mainly. There's a double of Harry, and Moody may very well be dead. Voldemort killed a servant whose services he valued. He was also expecting Harry to come to him.

I do think it a little odd that no one noticed Ginny vanishing from sight, and that the doorway was completely unblocked. Of course, if there was a furious battle raging in the tower, it is entirely likely that no one noticed anything, but your description didn't really convey the impression of a furious battle. A big fight would have made it more difficult to navigate the room as well. Anyway, that was pulled off maybe a little too handily.

I'm glad to see that the Trio are making progress on finding their magical object (and they have another Horcrux!). I'm assuming there's a Gringott's break-in in the offing. That ought to be exciting.

Author's Response: I've finally caught up again lol.

I think a month probably was too long for them to evacuate everyone, I don't think it was necessary for them to stretch it out that long. From a writing perspective I was trying to push the time along so the overall timeline of the story would work out, but it really doesn't make sense for it to have taken a whole month. I think I explained the bathroom problem in my last response.

I just had a feeling that polyjuice potion would come into play somehow in the final book. I was quite excited reading DH and finding the similarities to my predictions. Of course I was very wrong about some things too.

I do think the battle was distracting enough that Ginny was able to be rescued, but I guess I didn't write that very convincingly.

Bit by bit the trio are making progress and of course finding another Horcrux takes them one step further on their quest.

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #21, by Alopex Return to Hogwarts

27th April 2009:
I'm so sorry to prick holes again, but I keep spotting problems in these wonderful plans the Trio is concocting! Number one, doesn't it seem odd that Voldemort hasn't sealed off the entrance to Honeydukes? I'd be very surprised if he didn't know about it, since he explored the school so thoroughly as a teen. He may be leaving secret entrances unblocked on purpose, to make it easier for Harry to come to the school, but then it would seem likely that Harry's presence (and the others') would have been detected once they set foot in the school. Then Harry would have been snatched, Invisibility Cloak or no. Or is Voldemort waiting for Harry to confront him in the Headmaster's office?

Next, the bit about evacuating all the students is very noble but extremely unwieldy. What a logistics nightmare. Good thing Hermione and McGonagall can help coordinate. The thing is, though, that if the Death Eaters are suitably alert, they should notice the vanishing prisoners soon. More protections may be placed around Ginny. And what about the Slytherins? If some of their parents are Death Eaters, would they be likely to give Harry away? Personally, I think they should plan a bit more, evacuate everyone in one fell swoop, and storm the Astronomy Tower, rather than hope that no one will notice the gradual trickling away of students.

That brings me to the final thing. The Side-Along-Apparition. Doesn't it seem rather excessive to take along 10 people? Apart from the Trio Apparating together, I know the only clear example we have to go by in the book is when Yaxley grabs on to Hermione's sleeve in DH, and there were extraordinary circumstances there. They were all incredibly stressed and fearful, and Yaxley was trying to hold them back, but Harry seems to have had a difficult time of it, Apparating three people besides himself. And remember that they all seem to have momentarily passed out after Hermione Apparated them out of there after that. I think that taking 10 people would be rather risky and difficult, especially for someone who is still pretty new at Apparition. I'd probably say no more than three should be taken safely, generally speaking. It just means more Apparition trips would have to be made between Honeydukes and the Burrow to get everyone away. Just my two cents there.

Sorry about all that ranting. THe story is moving along nicely, and the characters are behaving as expected.

Author's Response: I really admire JKR for the way she was able to weave all her plot ideas together so skillfully and without any holes. I aspire to be able to write a story like that some day. In the meantime it is all a learning process.

My assumption about the secret entrance from Honeydukes was that Voldemort was unaware of its existence. Perhaps it wasn't there when he was at Hogwarts, or perhaps he just never found it. Or maybe you are right, Voldemort did know about it, he is just waiting for Harry to come to him. I'll leave that up to your imagination.

Apart from toilet breaks, the teachers and students are constantly locked in the commonrooms, so it is entirely possible that the Death Eaters wouldn't notice there were students going missing for quite some time, especially if the ones that were still there took extra toilet breaks to seem as though everyone was still there and not arouse suspicion. The answer to the Slytherin question is answered in the next chapter. I had decided it would be better to remove the students gradually as I thought this would be less suspicious than suddenly having huge amounts of students leave all at once. Can you imagine trying to coordinate all of Gryffindor house towards the secret passage way without being noticed? The likelyhood of being heard or bumped into by a Death Eater would be much greater and ruin the whole plan. That was my reasoning for Harry to do it the way he did. Before DH we did not know about the effects of side-along Apparition when more than one other person was involved, so I just assumed it would be easy enough to Apparate a group. Although once in Honeydukes they could have been Apparated one-by-one. I think the other reason Harry had trouble Apparating all three together was because the other two did not know to where they were Apparating and one of the three Ds of Apparation is 'Destination'. I could be wrong about this of course.

Thank-you again for an honest and in-depth review.

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Review #22, by Alopex The Wormhole

27th April 2009:
Personally, I thought parts of this chapter were a bit flimsy. For one, why didn't Harry yank his head back out of the fireplace immediately? I suppose he could have been hungry for information, but leaving would have been the prudent thing to do. And why didn't Voldemort try to kill him there? Surely he wanted to taunt Harry a bit first, but still. Is it even possible to kill someone who's half-Flooed?

Next, the bit about the secret passages was entirely too predictable, though I have to admit that I can definitely see Fred and George making a passageway. But that they came out of Apparition practically on top of an entrance is ridiculously convenient.

The third thing I thought was a bit flimsy is Harry's determination to rush off to Hogwarts. If Ginny truly is being used as bait (which no doubt she is), then she shouldn't be in "mortal peril" until Harry actually shows up. Harry reacted as expected, of course, but I thought Hermione would try harder to talk him out of it. Surely she would realize that Ginny should be OK as long as Harry still needs to be lured to Hogwarts.

Ok, although this wasn't my favorite chapter (and I was probably inordinately irritated by the situations mentioned above), I can't deny it was decently written, as usual. One thing I do like about your writing is that you don't put in a load of "filler" chapters just for the heck of it. You make each chapter count, and this one certainly moved the plot along.

Author's Response: Why didn't Harry take his head out of the fireplace immediately? Curiosity maybe? Really it was so I could write an interaction between Harry and Voldemort. I think at this stage, too, Harry is becoming less afraid of Voldemort. Why didn't Voldemort try to kill him? I just assumed that you can't kill someone who is only half-flooed.

I guess it was a little convenient to have them Apparate nearly on top of the entrance. I hadn't realised it was so predictable. It is rather fun to imagine Fred and George using the passage way to sneak out without Molly knowing, though.

Harry always rushes into things without thinking when there is a risk someone he loves may get hurt. Hermione perhaps should have tried harder to talk him out of it, but I'm sure Harry would have gone anyway. Besides, it is not just Ginny in danger, Voldemort is holding the whole school hostage, and I'm sure they would all want to do something about that.

There was most certainly too many ideas in my head involving the plot of this story for me to want to add in any 'filler' chapters. I was much to keen to get all my plot ideas onto paper (or onto the computer I should say).

Hopefully you will find the other chapters more satisfactory than this one. As always, thank-you for your honest review.

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Review #23, by Alopex Morton's Mill Lane

22nd April 2009:
Haha! I loved the scenes about Ron encountering Muggles (specifically Hermione's Muggle parents) and Muggle technology! I got a real kick out of that. It added some comical relief to the story, in the midst of all the seriousness.

I am very impressed with the telescope puzzle. I thought at first that you hadn't devised very impressive protections for the Horcrux, considering what we knew about nasty and powerful enchantments guarding the other ones, but I was wrong. Even though the three were able to break through the outer layer of protection rather easily, the puzzle has gotten the best of them for the time being. I am surprised at the lack of nastiness and curses so far, but Voldemort may well be saving that for when someone actually manages to touch the Horcrux.

I liked the scene with old Abigail. It was very funny (and typical) of Harry (and Ron) to appear at her doorstep without any idea of how to proceed. And it was typical of Hermione to be the one to think up a story. Weak though it may have been, it sufficed. Boy, it's a good thing she's along, isn't it?

Author's Response: I loved writing Ron's interactions with Hermione's parents and his impression of the Muggle world. I had the idea in my head for quite some time and couldn't wait to write this chapter so I could include it.

I definitely wasn't going to make things too easy for the trio, especially considering the difficulty involved retrieving the locket in the HBP. I'm glad you liked the puzzle surrounding the telescope.

I have thought many times myself that Harry and Ron are very lucky to have Hermione as a friend, they certainly would never get very far without her.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #24, by Alopex The Department of Records

22nd April 2009:
Very interesting chapter. I had forgotten it was still summer for the Trio. For some reason, I had a blank and strangely imagined that it was sometime in October at least. Anyway, coupling a trip to the Ministry with sending Ginny off to school seemed like a good idea to me.

The Ministry idea was fairly good too, although I'm surprised you weren't more suspicious of the Ministry when planning this story. Anyway, they needed more information, and the Hall of Records is a great place to get it. I liked the descriptions of Harry's eyes going hazy from reading those lists.

The Historical Magical Artifacts hallway was another very interesting stroke. The only thing that seemed weird, though, was that if the room was set up like a museum, why are only Ministry employees allowed access? Might as well have original items stored on a shelf or something with a label affixed, rather than having proper display cases of replicas.

As often, it was little details that made this chapter come alive: the list of names and addresses, the names of the doors in the artifacts hallway, Ginny and Harry acting like they're ignoring each other.

Author's Response: I seem to have fallen behind on my responses again. My baby is starting to be more settled now, so hopefully I will get more time to respond to my reviews in future.

I'm not exactly sure what prompted me to set up the room like a museum, it's just the way I pictured it in my mind as I wrote it. I guess I had some idea that maybe school groups or something might visit there occasionally. I can't remember saying only ministry employees have access, but it's been a while since I wrote this chapter, so maybe I did. I guess Ministry employees could access it anytime they wanted to, but those outside the Ministry would have to get special permission. It's been so long since I wrote this, I really can't remember what my original thoughts were on this. I do know that the replicas on display were a way in which the trio could discover the items of the four Founders, so it really served to help the trio on their quest.

I'm glad you liked the little details.

Thank-you for reviewing.

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Review #25, by Alopex Godric's Hollow

17th April 2009:
This isn't much of a review at all, mostly because it is late and I am tired. However, I am slowly making progress on this story! I thought this chapter was pretty neat. I really liked the idea of the Unopenable Object, and it was interesting to read about them making the potion. Maybe all the detail wasn't strictly necessary, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you are continuing to read this story, I love getting your reviews (even the short ones). I had fun writing about the potion, mostly because I enjoyed making up the various potion ingredients (in much the same way that I like making up magical creatures).

Thanks for reviewing.

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