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Review #1, by Leia Frevonbird 911 Boots is GONE

24th February 2013:
The. Best. Fic. EVER.
Seriously, it was awesomeness-

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Review #2, by Fawn 1358 911 Boots is GONE

18th April 2008:
LOL! Was that supposed to be serious because that was the weirdest fanfic that i have ever read though it was funny even if all the characters acted retarded.

Author's Response: yes no worries they were supposed to come off that way. but don't say retarded that insults retarded people.

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Review #3, by private_ryan 911 Boots is GONE

9th August 2007:
LMAO! haha...this is really blunt and don't think I'm a stalker or sumthing but- ILY and this story.

the whole thing kept me smiling/ laughing especially the "speak english part" and the cingular part.

Author's Response: lol thanx I'm so glad you loved it so much! It makes me happy that you liked it! I've always loved your stories to yay!!!!!

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Review #4, by here4harry 911 Boots is GONE

5th July 2007:
that was really wierd, but funny. I liked the ending.

Author's Response: thank you so much I like the ending to.....I like weird on occasion keeps me sane....don't ask how that makes any sense

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Review #5, by AshHa 911 Boots is GONE

30th May 2007:
Ok, I just had to read this one, and boy was it funny! Harry's a bit out of character, but that makes it funnier! Good job, especially writing it when you were tired. 8/10!

Author's Response: yea I couldn't have him in charcter that would have been irrational.

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Review #6, by irlkg 911 Boots is GONE

25th April 2007:
What the? Really weird. Where the heck did Dora get such an attitude.

Author's Response: I like it wierd and if u didn't O well and she got the attitude because her persious monkey was taken away....and i wrote her and i have an attitude. Besides that I dont know

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Review #7, by 4everRavenclaw 911 Boots is GONE

13th April 2007:
this is was such a funny story... haha... i'm still laughing... awesomeness!!!
it's so hard to find any real comedy... i was so glad to read this one...

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad i found this challange seeing as if i didn't i wouldn't laugh when i read this either!!! i'm sooo happy. thanks for the review

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Review #8, by the_real_diamond 911 Boots is GONE

5th April 2007:
Da! that is so strango and cool at the same time! woohoo!

Author's Response: yay im glad you thought so :)

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Review #9, by nazozink 911 Boots is GONE

1st April 2007:
okay Im lovin this april fools day joke!! Larry totter!

Author's Response: yea great rememberance of that day:)

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Review #10, by the_spladle_of_doom 911 Boots is GONE

30th March 2007:
eheheh... dora is vertically challanged...
good for a challange in the middle of the night, as usual.
give me food.
haha jk. 10/10

Author's Response: yes of course i wrote this in the middle of the night what do you expect im a vampire oo gasp bite

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Review #11, by the_supreme_ruler_of_all<3 911 Boots is GONE

29th March 2007:
i liked it! it was randomly funny!

Author's Response: random and funny was what i was going for

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Review #12, by Lav 911 Boots is GONE

28th March 2007:
This is so crazy and ridiculous that you just have to like it!

Author's Response: thank you thank you I found the idea on a challange got bored and wrote I'm really glad you liked it!! :) happy day calls for a happy dance

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Review #13, by fanof24 911 Boots is GONE

28th March 2007:
He he he! That was really random and weird! Funny though, I think that is the most hystarical thing I've read today! Wow. At first I thought this was going to be really strange, cuz of the summary. But now that I read it, ha, I love it. Keep writing!

Author's Response: I will continue writting and yes i know i suk at summaries if any one could write a better one it would be shnazzy thank you for the review i think u made my day

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