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Review #1, by lynnlana Alone

14th June 2007:
hey i can't seem to fin you on there so you might want to add me. i put my info on my response to your review. how have you been. I lost my yahoo messanger so you will have to write on my school account again. it is i have to get going vacation bible school and it would be bad if the teacher showed up late. then i get to spend the weekend with David talk to you later have a good week and weekend. miss you

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Review #2, by lynnlana Everything Back But You

6th May 2007:
hey how are you? Well prom was last night and it was awsome! I feel really bad right now cause i feel like i almost cheated on David. I was slow dancing with kyle and i almost kissed him. Why won't the whole kyle thing just go away. I really thought i was getting over him. But the worst part was i told him and he didn't say anything back but he got off with out saying good bye or talk to you later or anything. I really think he is pissed at me. I really like David though and he is go good to me so much better then kyle ever was. I love this story. it is so good but i have to run to my grandmas talk to you later bye

Author's Response: oh shame.. talk soon... sorrry verryyy busy. bye bye

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Review #3, by lynnlana Alone

1st May 2007:
yeah i will. but it is getting kinda late. david got mad at me last night cause i count cals. but oh well. we got our yearbooks today and the day has gone pretty well. so how are things there?

Author's Response: ok.

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Review #4, by lynnlana When You're Gone

29th April 2007:
yeah he is going with my group of friends because one of my guy friends thought it would be funny to piss me off. Oh well lets say he has completed his mission. Cause everyone else has dates except him and me. So wow. Well I have to make sure I have everything I need for next weekend and have my appointments set up so I will talk to you later bye miss you.

Author's Response: That is really mean of him! you really should talk to both the guys about that. Hope everything gets sorted out.

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Review #5, by lynnlana When You're Gone

26th April 2007:
Hey thanks. Yeah remember how I said Kyle is always there for me when I need him. While when my great grandma died he knew about it and didn't care that i was in tears and ready to die myself. But oh well i'm getting over him. still wish he wasn't going to be at prom with my group of friends but no someone had to go and ask him. i feel kinda lonely right now i haven't talked to david in like three days and now the doctor said not to be on the computer but i am so i don't know what i am going to do for another day with out him but we are making tons of summer plans to be with each other that is a good thing. well i have to go before i get cought. talk to you later tell everyone hi for me.

Author's Response: Hey, why is kyle going to prom with a group of your friends? hope to speak soon.

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Review #6, by lynnlana When You're Gone

25th April 2007:
hey has Tom ever kept something from you that he shouldn't have. Kyle has with me and he kept that he knew about my great grandmas death and just kept pushing me away. I hate it very much so. well i have to get off the computer talk to you later bye

Author's Response: hey, well not that i know of. We're really honest with each other. Thats not good of kyle at all hey. Well good luck with all that hey. xxx

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Review #7, by hellogoodbye When You're Gone

22nd April 2007:
Stupid Draco, going and cheating.
I really like it!
Post more soon =]

Author's Response: Thanks hey! I will be posting more as soon as i can! Keep reading!

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Review #8, by lynnlana When You're Gone

21st April 2007:
wow. this is so good too. things here have pretty much gone to hell except when i spend time everynight talking to david. i don't get it. it is like we share this bond and my friends hate me for it so much. I don't know what to do. knowing that it was so wonderful to met this guy but my friends hate me for it bugs me and my whole week went to hell. he has talked me out of so many melt downs and times when i want to go and just be alone. he is so wonderful to me and only my freshman friend can see that.
wow a book uh. that will be awsome. I can't wait to see it. I know it will be good. You have such talent and i really don't. but there are so many other ones i do have. but i will talk to you later cause i have to get going. hope to hear from you soon. bye another 10

Author's Response: hey, well if they're like that then they are not good friends, they should be happy for you and him that you have that special bond. they do not sound like friends. Dont let them get you down! otherwise i'll have to come and sort them out! You do have talent! You really do, dont say you dont! Bye bye! XXX

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Review #9, by Love_4_Draco_always When You're Gone

18th April 2007:
aww this is soo cute!! :) i love the way you have shown draco in his vunerable state, is there more to this story or was it just a one-shot hope to read more from you soon xxx

Author's Response: Hey, thanks so much! There are two sides to every guy and i think people needed to see that there's more to the guy than evil and coldness. This is not a one shot, i'm busy writing the second chapter. thanks!

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