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Review #1, by lynnlana Chapter 2

15th April 2007:
Hey guess what i found the perfect dress for prom it is ivory and has a scarf that goes around my neck it is beautiful. I just wish that i had a date for it oh well. I can't wait to hear form you it seems like for ever. How is everyone i hope well. I think i sent you a pic of david. Isn't he cute. He just got back yesturday from a FBLA state conferance. Very cool. Well I have to get ready for my FFA benquet today so I will talk to you later cause I really need some help so please write on e-mail. bye

Author's Response: OMG thats so cool, i'll check my email as soon as i can. Been very busy, my dad might pay money for me to publish a book for my 21st!

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Review #2, by lynnlana Chapter 2

8th April 2007:
What a good chapter! I'm so glad that you are writting again in case I haven't told you that. E-mail soon. bye

Author's Response: aw thanks! i'm gonna review your story as soon as i can!

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Review #3, by fanof24 Chapter 2

8th April 2007:
Yay you updated! You did an excellent job with this chappie! I noticed that you took my advice and put more detail into the story... that really made it better! You are also still doing a lurvly job with character emotion, and I would say that is definately your strong point. I can't wait to see what happens! Update ASAP!

fanof24 =)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm trying to use a lot more description in the next chapters. I'm working on number three. Cause how i'm doing it is i write, not even thinking about description and if it comes it comes, then i read it again and put description in, it actually seems to be working! thanks for the awsome review!

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Review #4, by lynnlana Chapter 1

4th April 2007:
You did go. How was it I wanted to but never had the time. I saw pics of the play it looked amazing. You are going to have to tell me all about it. I don't think I could do that ever. Well talk to you soon. miss ya

Author's Response: lol! how cool would it have been if we had met up there? Dan was really brave doing that and he did it so well. i think he definately has become a excellent actor. the play really gave his career the boost it needed.

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Review #5, by lynnlana Chapter 1

3rd April 2007:
damn that would suck. who would play her? any way. things are awsome over here. just kinda been hangin on the computer talking to david and we talked tonight and i we get along so well. I asked him if he sees this going any where and he said it is to soon to tell. but yeah i met him in june and we are so excited about it. i can't wait well talk to you soon girl. tell everyone hi. miss you

Author's Response: i have no idea who would play her, they would probably hold casting again for her character. But it would be so strange having a new hermione. anyway, thats great about things with u and david. i still cant believe dan was in that play, he was so confident about being completly naked on stage! wow, we went and saw it and he was really good actually. bye bye

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Review #6, by lynnlana Chapter 1

1st April 2007:
Hey i wrote you and i hope you got it. e-mail back soon. don't forget to tell everyone hi. tell dan to get a facebook but to put a different pic on there and they will never know hopefully. i sent the site for facebook in the e-mail you should get one too. talk to you later bye

Author's Response: i'll write back as soon as i can. I dont think dan will get a face book. he's not going to risk that after what happened with emma. She's recently had a stalker, it was really scary, her school had to put loads of security and all.... and she says she might choose not to do the other movies becaue of the stalker. shame man...

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Review #7, by lynnlana Chapter 1

31st March 2007:
Hey! did you get your e-mail address? I hope so! We really need to talk soon. I have so much to tell you and you haven't written in like ever but i will forgive you this time(hehehe) So how is everything? Things here are crazy but I might be dating someone that is a year younger than me but I think we both really like each other. I know I'm head over heals in love with the guy. I have been showing more signs of liking this guy more than Kyle and that is scary. Please write soon. Miss ya girl. talk to you soon. the story is so good.

Author's Response: hey, yeah i have got my email address, i am so forgetful these days. are u still dating kyle? or not? who is the new guy? send me an email about him pls. thanks for the review. miss ya 2!

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Review #8, by fanof24 Chapter 1

27th March 2007:
That was pretty interesting. The POV really did sound like a 14 year old girl. A lot of authors aren't very good at giving their character's a believeable voice, but as I can see, that is not a problem for you. I think you could work on adding more detail about the surroundings. I get that people don't really describe their surroundings to themselves, but I think it would help the story. Other than that, I loved it! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I will definately take your advice. I have put a lot more description of the surrounding in chapter two. pls tell me how its going.

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