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Review #1, by demi Piper Alone

18th November 2012:
i actually really love this story and im gutted you havent carried on with it:(

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Review #2, by KieraBlack Piper Alone

2nd June 2010:
please update update update! i like this story, but get a litte confused from Sirius, most of the time he act like he fancy Pip but then he suddenly acts like they're just buddies.. anyway, cant wait to se what is going to happen.

but probably your not going to update since its already been 3 years... but still, think its such a shame that some stories that aren't so good get updated all the time and then the really good stories, like yours, just stops in the middle =/

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Review #3, by fire witch Piper Alone

12th March 2010:
love it:P update soon !!!

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Review #4, by MrsLeiaSiriusBlack Piper Alone

31st December 2009:
This is such a good story please please please keep writing!

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Review #5, by paddlemore Piper Alone

28th July 2009:
After reading educating neely I became interested searching specifically for your work now after reading I am waiting to read more.

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Review #6, by paddlemore What a pervert.

28th July 2009:
all your works are good read

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Review #7, by Fireball Nymph Piper Alone

23rd May 2009:
I started reading this story today, and I love it. Piper's my favorite character, and I'm glad that you didn't make James and Lily hate each other, so we don't have to go through all of that drama. Now we can concentrate on Piper and Sirius. Brent ca die for all I care. I just want Sirius and Pip to get together. Brent should be exposed as the bad guy. Well, I can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #8, by belle326 Piper Alone

17th May 2009:
kinda bad...
a lot of thoughts not enough action. Sirius and Piper need to make out or something NOW

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Review #9, by spicychic4991 Piper Alone

9th May 2009:
this is a really good story about sirius- one of my favorite characters and i want you to update SUPER soon! its really good and this story its second favorite written by you- the first would be educating neely. btw. i know you might be busy with a thinhg called life but if you ever get a break i think that you should write a sequel for it. anyhoo just wanted to say that its a story has a good plot and is written well. i also wanted to ask you to update soon

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Review #10, by HarryPotterGeek014 Piper Alone

18th March 2009:
Are you still writing this story?? You should.

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Review #11, by x unhearted x Piper Alone

28th February 2009:
Can't wait for the next chapter! I love this fic!

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Review #12, by babycakes93 Piper Alone

14th January 2009:
wow i reallly love this story! UPDATE SOON!

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Review #13, by babycakes93 I'm Going Where With Who?!

14th January 2009:
this is really good! i cant wait to see where you take it

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Review #14, by rubyred_wishing Piper Alone

2nd January 2009:
i wishes you would update. it has been such a super long time! i had forgottens about this story and had to re-read it just now to remember what was happening.

and now i am as hooksied as a fish again! and i am wishing you would update so i can be hooksied even more and find out what happens next. and stuffs.

please dont give up on us! i will actually cry. and throw stuff. the computer, for instance.

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Review #15, by nice Bikinis Mean Death

22nd December 2008:
I like it!
But your chapters are to short :[

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Review #16, by Fuzz Piper Alone

8th December 2008:
Pretty cool story when I first read it I was confused cos I thought Pip was Lily but my brain gets it now. Update soon.

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Review #17, by Jen Piper Alone

8th October 2008:
So far, it is amazing.

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Review #18, by holpotter Piper Alone

11th June 2008:
aw update soon please!! Xx love this as much as neely!!

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Review #19, by kelf11 Piper Alone

4th June 2008:
ok i know its been a while, but please update, this story is getting so interesting! Great job!

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Review #20, by Pixelen Piper Alone

30th May 2008:

it may well be my second favourite of yours, after Educating Neely of course. =]


k, pumpkin? =D

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Review #21, by torturedsoul Let The Games Begin

17th May 2008:
I have a question: is Pip and Pippy pronounced Pipe? Or just Pip? Another ten/ten though.

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Review #22, by torturedsoul Gods and Tragedies

17th May 2008:
*sigh* That would be just like my mother to come when I had said something wrong, and send me inside. What I can't believe is that she didn't stick up for herself. Also, maybe it's just my wanting Sirius and Pip to get together, but I don't trust that Brent character. I don't know...

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Review #23, by haileythefan Piper Alone

11th May 2008:
I am now going to be one of those really annoying reviewers who annoy you to update sooner, by repeatedly saying update...update update update update update...merlin this is boring...I hope you get my message...great story by the way!

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Review #24, by misskay Gods and Tragedies

4th May 2008:
haha. this is very good. you are a great writer.

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Review #25, by Tiny Dancer Piper Alone

19th April 2008:
oh dear...
this is an absolutely brilliant story and it hasn't been updated in AGESSS..
please please please update ??

don't let such an awesome plot go to waste.

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