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Review #1, by alicia and anne Reality Returns

19th May 2015:
Oh no, she told him and now he wants the wedding brought forward, this isn't good at all!
Poor Rachel, Ethan's mum is so demanded and I don't like how involved she is.
I wonder what they'll do when they realise that she's broken her ring?

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Review #2, by alicia and anne Some Sirius Conversations

19th May 2015:
Poor Rachel!! I just want to hug her!

It's clear that she lives Sirius still, even if she claims that she doesn't. She doesn't love Ethan, and I'm worried that it's going to end so badly for her.

Poor Sirius as well being in the cell, but I'm happy that Remus and Rachel went to see him

On to the next chapter!

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Review #3, by alicia and anne Remus' Story

19th May 2015:
Another great chapter!

I love how Remus figured it all out and I can't believe that peter came to Remus for help! That swine!! And I wish that Dumbledore could do more to help, and I don't think it's going too well for her when Ethan finds out!

I think he might go against it when he finds out about her and Sirius!

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Review #4, by alicia and anne Rachel Dreams

19th May 2015:
Such a fantastic first chapter! I'm so intrigued by her dreams that she keeps having. And the fact that Ethan and her don't seem too happy with each other, Ethan doesn't seem to be interested in her as much as Sirius was, and he seems a little controlling.

I love that Remus contacted her and I can't wait to read more of this story!

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Review #5, by A A Day With the Wizengamot

18th December 2012:
YES! I WAS SO AFRAID U WERE GOINGTO GO BY THE BOOK AND HAVE HIM RECONVICTED! so excited right now I'm obsessed with this story but minor detail: being an unregistered Animagus is enough to send u to askaban for a lifetime. Good thing the council conveniently forgot aboutthat

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Review #6, by Hplover1008 Rachel Dreams

15th May 2012:
I really don't like Ethan. He seems like he doesn't really love Rachel. I do love the small preview of the relationship of Sirius and Rachel. It has a strong connection. And it seems that the now engaged couple (Rachel and Ethan) will soon break up. That's what I think (and want) at least. Excited to read more!

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Review #7, by enchantedx Wishing and Wondering

17th July 2011:
Not sure if I like how Rach is acting in this chapter. She says a thing to her fiance, and then another to Remus...

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Review #8, by enchantedx Reality Returns

17th July 2011:
I really don't like the name of Mrs Ethan Wallace. It sounds really boring to me. they rush things too fast...

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Review #9, by enchantedx Some Sirius Conversations

17th July 2011:
I feel sorry for Rachel.Azkaban is horrible.

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Review #10, by enchantedx Remus' Story

17th July 2011:
I tried to review on this chapter yesterday when sadly HPFF just didn't work. But now that it does, i'm writing you a review. I really don't understand why this story don't have so many comments because it really does seem good:)

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Review #11, by enchantedx Rachel Dreams

16th July 2011:
This story seems to be really good. I like it already. You're really good at writing. Ethan's seems like a great person but...he looks like a boring person to me. I already prefer Rach with Sirius. Can't wait til he's in the story more in person. Going to continue reading now.

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Review #12, by Mrs Padfoot Everyone Changes

28th April 2009:
Wow she really can't take a joke, and also why is everything sirius' fault, is he just supposed to forget that all of his friends and his fiance cut him out of their lives and none of them believed him at all.

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Review #13, by Mrs Padfoot Remus' Story

27th April 2009:
This is good so far, how long has sirus been in jail at this point? 7 years?

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Review #14, by x When The Days All Feel The Same

26th April 2009:
This is Greaat (:
Your very Good at this

Its tragic tho
*Sniff Sniff*

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Review #15, by x The Difference

23rd April 2009:
I vote Sirius' arms (;
Really Good so far
I'm enjoying it =D



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Review #16, by JSB 073 When The Days All Feel The Same

24th May 2008:
It was wonderful, and I loved it.

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Review #17, by JSB 073 Rachel Dreams

24th May 2008:
It was a pretty great start.

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Review #18, by u no poo When The Days All Feel The Same

29th January 2008:
OH WOW that was do amazing... I'm going to the sequal now... good job

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Review #19, by rdheyes Rachel Dreams

8th October 2007:
do you know the song 'shine on' by jet? i doesnt usually listen to jet, they dont really do much for me. but that one song means quite a lot to me and i was wondering if you knew it and thats kinda where you got the idea for this story from. its called 'shine on' like this is, and towards the end has the lyrics 'when the days all feel the same'. which is your last chapter. just a thought that i was wondering if you could clear up for me.
ive been checking your profile regularly to make sure i can read your new one as soon as you post it!!

Author's Response: lol! yes actually, the story name was taken from jet's song. i really do love it... i started off planning to really have the lyrics really mean something in the story but that idea kinda went away... unfortunately, because the lyrics really are beautiful. :)
my new story is already written.. a little bit of it, at least, i'm just waiting on my banner to come. hope to hear from you when it does though :)
thanks for your review!

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Review #20, by rdheyes When The Days All Feel The Same

28th September 2007:
I love your stories. I have read all three but this one is my favourite. You writing has a maturity to it that not many others I have read have. Most of the fan fiction I read sounds kind of childish and immature, even those involving adults like yours. I know that even my writing is like that, and I can only hope to ever be able to write as well as you. I'm not sure how old you are, but if you are anywhere close to my own age (16), then you are able to write with experience way beyond your years.
Once I have started reading one of your stories, I have to stay up all night and finish it. I can't leave it.
One last thing that I think is good about your writing is that you could easily change the names and take out the magic and the story would still hold together well. In other words, it isn't really dependant on the world that JK created. It is original and, as corny as this is going to sound, a breath of fresh air.
Sorry that this review is kind of long and I hope I haven’t bored you too much. This all makes sense to me, and I hope that reading it, you are able to understand what I mean too. Sorry if it’s a bit confusing.
Keep up the good work; I am waiting eagerly for the next instalment.
-dani xo

Author's Response: whoa! lol, that review was no where near boring! it was amazing!! thankyou so so much!!! all those compliments are kinda overwhelming but thankyou!
i am 16 also, by the way lol... i just loved writing so much from early on and really, mine was SO childish when i first began, but i just kept on writing and i'm really glad that you think it's mature :)
thanks soooo much again!!
i hope to hear from you next time i post, because you've really inspired me to write ALOT more very quickly!!!

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Review #21, by tanisha When The Days All Feel The Same

27th September 2007:
i liked it.ur sequel was so nice to. i cried when rachael left serius .forever

Author's Response: i'm gald you enjoyed this one too :)
thanks for your review,

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Review #22, by hjplover When The Days All Feel The Same

29th August 2007:
oh no! im glad that the sequel is finished as i wouldnt have been able to bare it stopping there!!! great story! you're amazingly good at hooking the reader in!

Author's Response: lol! thanks so much for those three reviews, they were so energetic! i loved it :)
well i'm glad that you enjoyed it... hope the sequel proved to be just what you expected too...
thanks for your reviews,

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Review #23, by hjplover No Time to Explain

29th August 2007:
oh no poor rachel!!! it would have been interesting though to read some of Sirius's account of the bad people.

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Review #24, by hjplover Unwanted Attention

29th August 2007:
yikes this is an amazing story!! sorry i haven't reviewed any previous chapters. i got the printable version. man is it lonnngg! it was about 160 something pages!!! but now im reading the rest!

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Review #25, by DelilahBlueEyes When The Days All Feel The Same

31st July 2007:
Why put the hot guy in a coma?! Love the story and I'm gonna start in on the sequel right now! Got a 10 from me!

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