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Review #1, by AbraxanUnicorn Déjà Vu, Saskia Lin!

14th October 2016:
I loved this. It is so refreshing to read a good fanfic with a protagonist from a different background :)

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Review #2, by Guest Saskia Lin's Last First Day of School!

6th October 2013:
This is really weird because I really know a girl named Saskia Lin but she`s Dutch

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Review #3, by nnn A Festivus for the Rest of Us, Saskia Lin! Part 2

24th May 2013:
LOVEEED! IT! simply wonderful!

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Review #4, by E Midgley Bad Advice, Saskia Lin!

14th May 2012:
This is totally random, but...Haydn MIDGELY? I'm a Midgley! XD
Sorry, that's just really exciting, 'cause it's one of those odd names you never see anywhere.

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Review #5, by Ace Déjà Vu, Saskia Lin!

31st October 2011:
Love it. Great sense of humor. Please keep writing.

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Review #6, by Lily Introducing Saskia Lin, the Chinese-American-English-Belgian Witch with Chutzpah!

20th October 2010:
I just found this story and just read the first chapter. I absolutely love it.

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Review #7, by mary Keep It Secret, Saskia Lin! Part 2

7th August 2010:
ima sucker for statistics. i like your über casual department of mysteries and my god sassy is flirty. its like, seeping. yayayayayayayay. new chapter!!

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Review #8, by mary Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, Saskia Lin!

7th August 2010:
my musical theater friend says w00t.

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Review #9, by applecrumble Déjà Vu, Saskia Lin!

23rd April 2010:

It's great to see what happened to everyone all these years later and that Saskia is still recognisable in all her crazy glory. This is just the perfect ending to a really cool story!

I must say I didn't want to read this story at first, because I tend to avoid stories where the main characters are American/brought up in America. Not because I have anything against Americans, but they normally end up being a little...ranty about England. Especially the rain. There are references I don't get in this because I'm English, but I enjoy them all the same. I'm really glad I read this story and I'll continue re-reading it because Saskia is pure awesomeness! And I love Liver!

I'm just sorry I didn't review the first time I read this...but anyway. You're brilliant and I love this story :)

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Review #10, by applecrumble Saskia Lin is a Graduate!

23rd April 2010:
I love this chapter SO much. Once again - everyone is happy! Except Saskia's mum but she's was hilarious so I don't mind XD

I love how you finished this, it was unique and I've never seen someone describe something like a film. It was interesting and it made me feel more like it was over than anything else would have.

One question about the beginning though, it says: All of the seventh years formed an alphabetical queue (as those Britons say)

...and I really don't understand. What would an American say?

OK favourite bit is when Penelope is being escorted away and shouts:

Oxymoron much? That was hilarious!

Loved this chapter but now I'm miserable because this story doesn't last forever :(

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Review #11, by applecrumble Bon Anniversaire, Saskia Lin!

23rd April 2010:
I have never watched the Gilmore Girls but I know enough about it from one of my friends to find the references hysterical!

Anyway, this chapter is fantastic. Everyone is happy except Nathan! YES!
I like it when people are happy :)

My favourite bit is when Alison gives Jotie the perfect book for him XD
That was genius, just like this whole story!

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Review #12, by applecrumble Life is Good, Saskia Lin!

23rd April 2010:
Not my favourite chapter because of the shortness, but I still enjoyed it of course. Are you going to write a sequel to this? I think it'd be really cool to read about Saskia as an adult. Or an almost adult!

Finally Jotie asked Kylie out! Yay! It was hilarious that she ran away to talk to Saskia.

My favourite bit was the rules that Jotie came up with for Saskia and Liver. Especially when he said this: 'Stop disrespecting the rules!' because I heard my dad's voice saying it. Which was scary but slightly ludicrous.

Anyways, bit of a filler chapter but they're needed for a story to flow properly :)

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Review #13, by applecrumble Follow Your Heart, Saskia Lin!

23rd April 2010:
I love this chapter so much.

I like how awkward Saskia and Liver are. They avoid each other, then they're not sure that they love each other and kissing Liver isn't the best moment of Saskia's life. It made it so much less sappy, which I really do appreciate!

Jotie, Jotie, Jotie. He'll always be a daft moron. Mind I can understand that he wouldn't be too pleased to find Saskia without her top on. God...that was awkward and had me in stitches it was so funny.

Favourite bit: I'm not going to say that snogging Oliver Wood two minutes before the Quidditch final was scheduled to begin was the greatest moment of my life. Playing my cello, Toby, for the first time wins hands down. But the Oliver thing is easily in the top five.

That was pure genius and like I said, not too sappy! Yay!

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Review #14, by applecrumble Of Ticklers and Ticklees, Saskia Lin!

23rd April 2010:
Finally Jotie realises he's an idiot. Hurrah.

Saskia can be a bit thick though, can't she? I mean how can she actually think that Liver thinks of her as a sister when he just kissed her! Gah. But at least they kissed, it did take rather a long time!

My favourite bit was when Saskia thinks 'Maybe he saw our kiss as incest!' because it's such an idiotic thing for her to think. She's frustrating me but she's always funny :)

I'm loving the Jabberwocky and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory references by the way :)

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Review #15, by applecrumble Didn't See That Coming, Saskia Lin!

23rd April 2010:
Thank you, thank you, thank you for having a character who is gay without making a huge colossal deal out of it.

People seem to think that for a character to be gay they have to fit some sort of stereotype, that it's actually down to the personality of the character rather than just who they're attracted to. My mum is gay so it's just nice to read about a character who is gay without the whole story revolving around it.

Jotie's reaction was hilarious. That was my favourite bit I think!

And more reasons to hate Nathan? Wonderful :) I'm so glad Liver punched him.

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Review #16, by applecrumble Saskia Lin Tries to Mend a Love Triangle!

23rd April 2010:
I love Kylie. I mean she's got a tiger patronus! How can she not be cool? Besides, nerds rule. I really like the pratonuses for each of them, they definitely suit their personalities. I like Kylie as a tiger because I've always imagined her as strong but quiet. She is in Gryffindor after all. Jotie is definitely a monkey. It suits him perfectly. And Saskia's patronus is a dragon? Brilliant. Anything that can be mistaken for a freakish snake with legs thing is perfect for her XD

May I ask why exactly Saskia was inspecting Liver's blisters? It made an interesting opening to the chapter I must say!

My favourite bit is when Jotie says: 'But you're like...quiet, and stuff.'

For someone who is related to Saskia he really isn't very articulate!

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Review #17, by applecrumble Identity Theft Is Not a Joke, Penelope Lin!

23rd April 2010:
That was too funny. I'm dying here! My favourite bit has to be right at the end when Penelope says 'I'm Saskia Lin!' again. For a Ravenclaw she really is an idiot.

I can't remember what Nathan is up to! I don't trust him.

This did make a nice change from all the seriousness in this story, and I'm glad Kylie is appearing more. I like the Department of Mystery parts, as I've said, but it's good to have Saskia back at Hogwarts and acting crazy again.

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Review #18, by applecrumble Keep It Secret, Saskia Lin! Part 2

23rd April 2010:
Once again I've got to say that I love how you write the Department of Mysteries. You describe it but still leave us to guess what goes on in there, which is so much more intriguing :)

My favourite bit has to be the way Saskia replies to Oliver's letter with, My darling Liver. It sounds like she's sending a letter to herself and it made me laugh really hard!

Supery-duper-cool chapter!

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Review #19, by applecrumble Keep It Secret, Saskia Lin! Part 1

23rd April 2010:
Kix sounds weird. Sorry XD

It's OK that there's no sign of Liver in this chapter because the Department of Mysteries is totally awesome! I think it's quite brave to write about the Department of Mysteries when we don't know much about it. You do a very good job of explaining what it could be like for a new recruit :)

My favourite bit is when Jotie says: 'There are tons of opportunities for Saskia! She has, like, the highest grades in our year!'

Aww. He argues with Saskia so much it's really good to see him say something like that :)

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Review #20, by applecrumble A Festivus for the Rest of Us, Saskia Lin! Part 2

23rd April 2010:

Moving on..

It's horrible the way Saskia and Jotie fight, but they apologised so all is OK I suppose. It could have been much worse when you think about it.

I really enjoy hearing Saskia's thought about all things Liver related. That sounded weird...
Anyway, I like how she acts like a girl with a crush rather than one completely besotted and totally in love. It is much more entertaining and realistic :)

Favourite bit:
'Kenilworthy Wisp, the premier Quidditch author in all Britain, knows of my existence?'

Oliver Wood being a Quidditch maniac is always hilarious!

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Review #21, by applecrumble A Festivus for the Rest of Us, Saskia Lin! Part 1

23rd April 2010:
Not the best ending, but still a cool chapter. I feel really sorry for Alison :( Jotie is such a clueless idiot. Mind, she didn't need to hex him.

I'm glad we got to see Saskia and Jotie's Dad in this chapter, he's not there much but I still love him!

Reading this the first time and again, my feelings on Festivus haven't changed. It sounds cool, but it could be a catastrophe. I wouldn't be too chuffed about having people 'airing their grievances' on my Birthday personally! But I know what happens so never mind.

My favourite bit was the letter from Liver's mum. Especially this: 'Don't worry, I have no plans to 'sick any law enforcement officials' on you for being a 'weird crazy stalker chick' (your words, not mine).'

She's brilliant. I can't believe Saskia wrote that stuff in a letter to her friend's mum though!

Anyways, love the chapter but the ending is a little abrupt.

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Review #22, by applecrumble Play That Funky Music, Saskia Lin!

23rd April 2010:
After all these years of watching Seinfeld and I haven't watched that episode! Gah. Festivus sounds brilliant and it's hilarious how obsessed Saskia is with any weird holiday.

I love how Saskia reacts to the letter, I couldn't imagine her getting really anxious about something. That makes her an ideal Unspeakable! One question, when can Saskia say she's an Unspeakable? That may be answered later on I can't remember...but oh well.

Favourite bit: 'Fancy pants soloists must keep their cool at all times.'

I can't read 'fancy pants' without laughing. It's hilarious how seriously Saskia takes everything, but how her thoughts just aren't...serious. I'm rambling, so let's just say I love this chapter XD

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Review #23, by applecrumble Saskia Lin is Stuck in the Middle!

22nd April 2010:
There are so many brilliant ideas in this chapter. The dormitory code for one, there's no way a group of different people can live together in the same room and not have some sort of written agreement.

I loved this: 'Dance, Imogen!' I commanded. 'Let the music enter your soul!'

Saskia is nuts. Completely nuts.

I think the way the Department of Mysteries treats a possible new recruit is very intriguing and realistic. The owl is a fantabulous idea by the way, they seem very eager to have someone new.

It's all top secret, very fishy sounding and I love it :)

As for Alison and Jotie...Blah. No, no, no. Reading this again just makes me even more certain than I was the first time. They do not work well together! I feel sorry for Alison though, she made a bad decision but she's been sort of pressured into it, which had to have been hard for her. And Jotie...stupid yet loveable Jotie. He needs to gain some observational skills sharpish.

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Review #24, by applecrumble Saskia Lin is Not Cho Chang!

22nd April 2010:
Ha! I knew Jotie was older than her! I love how protective he is of her, it's annoying but rather funny at the same time.

I'm glad that she's getting Quidditch tuition from Liver, she needs it. Quidditch is brilliant and she must understand all of the rules. I love the way her friends ignore her protests when they discuss her and Liver's relationship.

My favourite bit was this part:

'I'm just one of those people who likes nicknames! I named my cello, for Christ's sake!'

I love your sense of humour! I'm always grinning when I read this story :)

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Review #25, by applecrumble Don't Let Freud Get Into Your Head, Saskia Lin!

22nd April 2010:
Saskia is insane and I love her for it!

I don't know why but I feel like Jotie is older than her. Not because he's more mature [obviously], but because he seems to treat her like she's younger. He can be quite condescending.

I like the fact that Saskia doesn't drone on about Liver's appearance. Most Oliver/OC fics I've read tend to end up being a bit fan-girly. But this isn't so yay!

My favourite bit was this:
'Stop convincing yourself that your id wants to get with him!'

That was pure genius. So, so funny!

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