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Review #1, by Ginnys_x _heart Is it My Fault?

1st September 2009:
I can sort of see why it isn't part of the series it's really good but it doesn't have the same feel as the boys letters. nice twist with ginnys asnguish about her words you can feel her pain and yeah you can see her slowly becoming wrapped up in her fear that she killed her friend and being driven to insanity. perfect song again!

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Review #2, by Lily123Evans  Is it My Fault?

7th March 2009:
this is soo sad! i love the song though...

Author's Response: i love it too

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Review #3, by siriusluvsharry Is it My Fault?

19th October 2008:
well sirry to say wasnt as captivating and well written as ur earlier ones...but still it was good

Author's Response: i know that is why i cut it lol :) thank you for reviewing sweetie!

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Review #4, by ginnypotter54 Is it My Fault?

19th January 2008:
Awesome chapter. Why didn't it make the cut? it wouldn't hurt to add it... would it? come on. Please?

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Review #5, by luvinpadfoot Is it My Fault?

29th December 2007:
Wait...What about My Immortal? I read that and it said Ginny died, right? I'm confused! 10/10 anyways though.

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Review #6, by ?HPlover_12 Is it My Fault?

23rd September 2007:
aw,sweet,all of them are sweet bsad and heart breaking

i have no more to say

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Review #7, by Bright Green Eyes Is it My Fault?

16th August 2007:
Oh that is sad! But good!

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Review #8, by LoveHJP Is it My Fault?

2nd August 2007:
It was a good story. But whay did she had to carry dracos baby and not rons?

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Review #9, by Wizardress Is it My Fault?

27th June 2007:
This letter is interesting... While the boys all knew that Draco 'made' Hermione kill herself, Ginny thought that it was because of all of the hatefull things she said/ did towards Hermione that drove the girl to kill herself. It's sad that Gin ended up in a phsyc ward though...

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Review #10, by kaitlyn2230 Is it My Fault?

25th June 2007:
wow. deep. emotional. very good, though. :)

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Review #11, by Vera_Black_Potter Is it My Fault?

18th June 2007:
!!! This should be in the series!! You could have had four letters, what's the prob? 10/10

~Vera (Old Sirius)

Author's Response: it didn't fit with the sequel

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Review #12, by Jackie Smith Is it My Fault?

15th June 2007:
This is beautiful, I played the song with it and i cried through all of them again, I liek reading these. They are beautiful

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Review #13, by lilyevansrox Is it My Fault?

14th June 2007:
Woah, Ash! When I read the last sentance I got da shivvvers. I love your Sincerely, Series. This one was amazing!

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Review #14, by ZebraPatronus Is it My Fault?

30th May 2007:
Oh, I love this fic. I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

So depressing and sad. *sniff*

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Review #15, by ihs Is it My Fault?

27th May 2007:
so sad!

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Review #16, by lolhee Is it My Fault?

4th May 2007:
Man I don't know why I keep on reading these, they are so very sad, and they are making me cry, but they are all so good.

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Review #17, by AshHa Is it My Fault?

26th March 2007:
I don't see why this one didn't make the cut; I really did cry on this one. To think, Ginny's last words were, "I hate you" to Hermione. That is really horrible. AND Hermione never knew how much she meant to everyone. If she had only thought of that. Hermione Jane Granger, not carefully thinking something out? That meant she really was broken. Harsh. 10/10

Author's Response: Because it just didn't fit with the sequel. Yeah, I was harsh to them weren't I? Sorry! Thankx for the review!

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Review #18, by Drucila Is it My Fault?

25th March 2007:
awww how sad...hermione killed herself!? thats a twist and because she was having dracos child! ive never read the 'Sincerely, series' but this was just beautiful, sad but beautiful. and ginny is in st mungo's! this was an awesum peice, well done! 10/10 for you! :)

Author's Response: Yes you should read them they make you cry. thankx for the review!

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Review #19, by Idied Is it My Fault?

13th March 2007:
It's good but I thought she died fighting against Voldemort.

Author's Response: Thankx for the review!

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Review #20, by robbiejarvisluvr1 Is it My Fault?

7th March 2007:
I really love this one. It is my second favoritest. After Ron's, of course. I am so happy you posted this one. It so deserved to be in the Sincerely, Series. It is a real tearjerker, though. But I still love it. I guess the whole series is a tearjerker. I love how realistic you made Ginny. If I were Ginny, I would be pretty pissed that Hermione got with Draco. I totally love it.


P.S. Thanks for the supportive review. You are the nicest and sweetest and perfectest person ever!

Author's Response: Awww thankx it really means alot to me and if you want you could email me at The reason why it didn't make the cut because I thought it didn't fit the plot in the sequel/ So I just cut it off. But after a hour of thinking I thought that readers would like to know how Ginny felt. thankx forthe review. I'm glad that I encouraged you! You are truly awesome! Is perfectest a word? Lol


p.s. maybe sometime we can talk!

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Review #21, by emerald_dragon925 Is it My Fault?

5th March 2007:
So this is the one that didn't make the cut! I don't know why because it still made me cry. Very sad.

It hurts to know that you are gone. To know that you will not be in the library trying to make my brother and Harry do homework. To know that you will not wake up to see another day. To know that my last words to you were “I hate you”…

*sob* That was the most saddest part I just broke down when I read it so sad 10/10 your a great writer keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll update reall soon for finding out the truth!

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Review #22, by obsessive Is it My Fault?

4th March 2007:
Poor Ginny. This is such a sad series. It's heartbreaking. You're an excellent writer. I love it. Also Evanescence rocks!

Author's Response: I know it does! I love all of there songs! you rock too because you read my story and reviewid you rock!

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Review #23, by Timechild Is it My Fault?

4th March 2007:
Wow!!! I never thought of that type of storyline.
I cried all through it...

Author's Response: Thankx!

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Review #24, by CrimsonEmeralds Is it My Fault?

4th March 2007:
Your always good with angst (Q-Q) But I still loved it! 10/10+

Author's Response: Or so I have noticed when someone reads my angst they cry I wonder thankx for the 10/10++!

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Review #25, by al3x Is it My Fault?

4th March 2007:
ooo another one...was good =D

Author's Response: Thankx!

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