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Review #1, by hermione granger reunion on the train

18th June 2013:
amazing I loved it you could be a professional writer someday

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Review #2, by Fanfiction back at hogwarts

21st June 2012:
This was good. I do hope that another chapter is coming out soon though

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Review #3, by Fanfiction reunion on the train

21st June 2012:
Good work. This was pretty good.

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Review #4, by Kaykay back at hogwarts

4th August 2006:
Oh this story could have been awsome why did you abondon it!!!!
I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Review #5, by Iman. back at hogwarts

11th December 2004:
hey nice work. but where is it? ( u know wht i mean):) (iman meanz faith in urdu so no fuss of my name:P)

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Review #6, by XXXpinkkitty5467 back at hogwarts

3rd October 2004:
come on keep on going

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Review #7, by SiRiUsLuVa back at hogwarts

13th June 2004:
pretty good so far, cant wait for u to add more! in the meantime.. i finsiehd "dou really love me?" !!!! lol

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Review #8, by Draconian lover back at hogwarts

10th June 2004:
i really like it so far. the chapters are so short, i need more.

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Review #9, by Chrissy back at hogwarts

8th June 2004:
“Well it hasn’t been helping you for the last 17 years, I doubt it’s gonna start now" LMAO that was funny i like these chapters..add more soon

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Review #10, by anonymous back at hogwarts

8th June 2004:
I like it so far~ can't wait to read more

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Review #11, by valerie back at hogwarts

4th June 2004:
it is good so far so keep writing one minor suggestion make the chapters longer but it is still goodf

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Review #12, by baby nat back at hogwarts

1st June 2004:
da best!!!!

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Review #13, by julia back at hogwarts

1st June 2004:
ha ha ha beauty sleep. that darn draco...

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Review #14, by knowme back at hogwarts

29th April 2004:
hurry up and finish it!!!

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Review #15, by Eruda back at hogwarts

28th February 2004:
Wow! Really interesting! I LUV Hermione/Draco pairings and this story is great! Please Update soon. ^_^

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Review #16, by Bonnie back at hogwarts

27th February 2004:
Great, uptate soon, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #17, by DragonGoddess back at hogwarts

17th February 2004:
Its cool write more.

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Review #18, by ChocolateHorses back at hogwarts

19th January 2004:
Hey, great story it has good potential! Just make sure it doesn't start out all mushy at the beginning like some do! All I can say for improvement is to go back and edit your chapters once, some of the sentences seemed like they were missing a few words! I'll be looking for an update, ~The ChocolateHorse

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Review #19, by Andie back at hogwarts

12th January 2004:
This story is great. You have to update soon!

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Review #20, by silversidesweetie back at hogwarts

7th January 2004:

Author's Response: thanks i really appreciate the good reviews!!! i'll try to update as soon as possible but i have exams soon so i'm kinda busy with that!! thanks!

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Review #21, by ms black back at hogwarts

4th January 2004:
tis gud! But they need 2 b longer

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Review #22, by me back at hogwarts

3rd January 2004:
this is really good and i really think you should write more and soon....hmm...anything else?.....o yea!!!! yea is spelled y-e-a. you've been spelling it y-a

Author's Response: well thanks. YEA, i know spelling isn't great!! lol!!

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