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Review #1, by Jaco Explosion Of Power

30th August 2009:
Great chapter! Like you, I'm a huge Dragonball Z fan, so I immediately recognized the strange glow as the power-up to Super Saiyan. By the way, wasn't it Goku (instead of Gohan) who powered up after Krilin was killed? I think you based this chapter after that episode in the Frieza Saga. Thanks for this awesome story!

Author's Response: No, it was based off when Gohan goes super saiyan 2. right after cell crushes android 16's head he snaps. I wanted to do it like Gohan because when he powered up it was so much cooler than when goku does for the first time. both were good, but gohan in my opinion was far more awesome.

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Review #2, by stuart Explosion Of Power

13th December 2008:
good job once again! i like it!

and because i just have to say it.

"Whats his power level?"
"It's over 9000!"

Author's Response: Lmao, never really thought about what his power level would be. Glad you liked it though.

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Review #3, by Jeeva1216 Secrets Revealed

20th March 2008:
the story is great... hope you would update the next chapter sooner... when does harry gets the chance to kill nagini? can harry use his extraordinary power when voldemort tortures ginny? is harry a horcrux too? all these questions keep running in my mind... so hope you update soon.

Author's Response: I'm sorry to say that it might be a while until I can update again thanks to my job. I can check for reviews and respond to them, but getting more of the story posted is a different thing I just don't have time for right now while I'm away on the ocean. So I'm sorry for the wait but there's not really much I can do. I will try but I can't do much else.

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Review #4, by CommanderMatt Secrets Revealed

19th March 2008:
The Ginny part was absolutly the best part

Good plot, everything ties together

About Betrix, I kind of guessed that you would have her as his mother in the second chapter. Everyone uses her!

Anyways, good chapter. That is all I have to say,

See ya,


Author's Response: I assume when you talk about Ginny you're refering to where I have her smash Romilda's head in. I've been wanting to do something like that to her for a while because I hate those girls that lust after Harry with a passion and love FFs that put them in their place. Glad you still like the story but it's going to be a while until I can update thanks to my current position.

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Review #5, by CommanderMatt Back To Hogwarts

17th March 2008:
Hey, good chapter. I would love to read the next one. Sorry it took so long to review, school has me caught up.

Anyways, I like where your are going with this. It will be intresting to see how the next chapter plays out. You have so many options to choose from. I really have a feeling that Ron and Hermione will have something to do with it.

Keep it up!

Your faithful reviewer/critic(I love how that sounds, critic),

Author's Response: I'm glad to have a faithful reviewer, seems your the only one i really have the reviews every time i update the story. and i know what u mean about being held up, while school is holding u up, my job is holding me up, i'm currently somewhere on the pacific ocean and will be out here until Oct. so it could be a while until i can update.

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Review #6, by CommanderMatt Only Three Fighters Left

16th February 2008:
I'm the first reviewer, and I am VERY proud to do so. I have never been first! : )

Anyways, great chapter. I can see how you can build off of Dumbledoor, I think that the idea was really great.

Im happy how this chapter turned out. It is a great transition from dispair to determination, the whole chapter is like a yin-yang type thing. +1 on your rating for including Dumbledoor!

I can't wait for your final battle, I think that it will do really well. Have some fun with it.

BTW, my favorite part, "As they both sat there replaying the previous NIGH in there head they tried to think of something they could do to make the situation better" I just had to point that out, it cracked me up!

Still my vote for most origional!


PS Sorry for the jumbled review, I just can't put what I think of the chapter into words. Overall, if you only take one word from the review, Great, and possiply Nigh, are the ones to take. Love your story!

Author's Response: Whoops, thanks for pointing out my spelling error. I'll get that fixed right away. And thanks for reviewing once again, always appreciate it.

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Review #7, by CommanderMatt More Teachings And Losses

18th December 2007:
It's allright : ). I can't expect 100% hardcore fighting can I? Everyone needs a tranistion, and borrowing ideas is a good way to do it. You got yourself a storyline to build off of, USE IT! Make the next chapter to die for! I will still read, IM HOOKED!

Author's Response: Don't worry, about one or two more chapters and my favorite part comes. My favorite scene in the story I wrote before I even started writing the first chapter, so I'm gonna be so happy when I finally get it up. As soon as I can validate again on the 22nd I'll be updating.

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Review #8, by Sully11 More Teachings And Losses

11th December 2007:
this chapter ws really good. it would be better if you weren't so vaugue on the last 6 or 7 months in the story. overall though good story. 9/10

Author's Response: Yea I wanted to make it longer and include everything that happens in those months in my own version, but with the schedule I have I never would have gotten the story done so I had to do it this way, as much as I didn't want to. But the rest of the story really was my own. Look for the next chapter soon.

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Review #9, by ollivander Chaos At King's Cross

10th December 2007:
I have to say this is such a cool story. That Bellio is a cool Charracter. I can't wait to read another fight scece with him in it. They are so fast paced keep up the good woork. 10/10

Author's Response: Well it's going to be a few chapters before there's another big fight like this one. But the best fight of all is still ahead, plus, well let's just say there'll be an "explosion of power"

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Review #10, by CommanderMatt Chaos At King's Cross

7th December 2007:
WONDERFUL! I love it! Still one of the most origional stories I have read so far. I think that this chapter really shows how good you can do, and it was a pleasure to read! Great action scene with a little fluff on the side. LOVE IT!

Author's Response: Glad you loved it and think it's really original. that was my intension when i first started writing it. and i'm glad that i can get such great feedback on this chapter cuz it was my favorite on up to this point. but my favorite in the whole story isn't until towards the end. so keep tuning in and i'll get the next ch up as soon as i can.

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Review #11, by Sully11 Chaos At King's Cross

6th December 2007:
Great job with this chapter and thank you for reading my story. please make sure to review! 100/10

Author's Response: I will try to review on yours if i can ever find the time, which is hard to do considering my job and everything else i have to do. but i will try. next chapter for mine will be up as soon as possible.

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Review #12, by GDragon Chaos At King's Cross

6th December 2007:
Love the chapter!!!

Author's Response: Glad you loved it. Next one will be in validation soon.

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Review #13, by Sully11 Harry's New Partner

30th November 2007:
Great Job!!! Update Soon. Check out my new story if you want "Harry Potter and the Power to Live"

Author's Response: thanks for the update, glad u like the story. and i will definitely check out ur story, always do enjoy reading new ones.

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Review #14, by CommanderMatt Harry's New Partner

28th November 2007:
I'm glad that u incorperated Ginny, good choice. If I could complain, because that is my job, try to make ur sentinces flow a little better. Great plot thus far though. Don't slip on the next one.


Author's Response: i'll look at what u say about my sentances and see if i can find out what u mean exactly. and glad u still like the story, i'm putting ch. 13 into val. tonight

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Review #15, by ginny4eva Kiss And Make Up

25th November 2007:

Author's Response: glad u do, so do i.

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Review #16, by ginny4eva Harry's New Partner

25th November 2007:
I like this chappie, so don't worry that it's not good. I have reviewed before, but under a different name. I like how she revealed herself and you were right. If you had done it to fast, it wouldn't have gone well with the story. I think that this version that you wrote is VERY well written. Better than the other ones that you described.

Author's Response: i'm glad u liked it, but i still don't think it was that good. definitelly my least favorite of all of them so far. but i'm glad u like the way i did write it, at least that lets me know one person thinks it was good. the next chapter is by far my favorite so far. look for it to be up soon.

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Review #17, by CommanderMatt Let The Training Begin

25th October 2007:
Absolutly perfect! Great plot twist, of all the things that I thought of, that wasn't one of them. She gets into his personal life, huh. Well, I hope your next chapter is as good as this one!

Happy writing and Happy Halloween(I guess)

Author's Response: Yup, this was one of the few cliff hangers i've put up so far, i want to do more but i can hardly ever come up with any. and yes she will be getting even more into his personal life now and it'll be explained in the next chapter.

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Review #18, by ROBERT__1958 Let The Training Begin

17th October 2007:
Good story.

Stupod Harry.

If one is not totaly sure about something then they eather say, they do not know, or no.

Author's Response: Not really sure about what part ur refering to about Harry being unsure about something but I'm glad you liked the chapter and story. I won't be able to update until late next month so please try to be patient.

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Review #19, by Johnny Let The Training Begin

15th October 2007:
As soon as you said another hand was on Harry, I knew it was Ginny for sure, only she would do that with Harry's invisibility cloak.

Interesting twist though, I'd have assumed that she'd show herself right away.

Does this mean chapter 12 is already done or you've written it partially?

Author's Response: I've written it, the whole story is written, although I'm thinking about changing a few minor things, but the problem is that I can only update when I'm inport, and I just got underway today and I'm not gonna be back until Nov. 20th. so it's gonna be a while until i can send the next chapter in. So i'm gonna have to ask all my readers to be patient. glad to see u still like the story though.

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Review #20, by Johnny Another Change Of Plans

13th October 2007:
Would it be possible to post this story on another website as well? Since validation seems to be taking forever.

Author's Response: I guess, but I really like this website, the others don't have anywhere near as good stories, so it's doubtful that I'll be posting it anywhere else right now.

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Review #21, by Johnny Another Change Of Plans

12th October 2007:
Out of curiosity why is validation taking so long? Is it possible to put this story on another site as well where validation doesn't take that long?


Author's Response: couldn't tell ya man. I put it in a couple days ago so it should be up soon, hopefully before I go underway again on monday morning (the 16th). cuz once i go again i'm not coming back until nov. 20th. so keep a lookout and it should be up within the next few days.

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Review #22, by dracosdetour Discovered

8th October 2007:
love it, 10/10.

Author's Response: Glad u loved it, wish others would review more though.

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Review #23, by CommanderMatt Another Change Of Plans

12th September 2007:
Well, this chapter was worth the LLLOOONNNGGG wait : ). Keep it up, just don't take so long next time. I'm sorry for the lappy, I lost my camera and my mother cell phone once and that took a long time to get over : (. I somehow got a cell phone when they resigned there contract, so it all worked out : ). Anyways, good chapter and update soon not LLLOOONNNGGG (R.N(Reviewrs Note) I just had to do that one more time, I'm wierd like that : ))


Author's Response: The only reason it took this long was because I was away for so long without a computer, so I'm sorry about that. I'm on vacation right now but I'm going home tomorrow so I can put ch. 11 in then, it's already written.

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Review #24, by Johnny Another Change Of Plans

12th September 2007:
Hey cool chapter. I thought this story was abandoned, since there was no updates for a long time. Any idea when the next chapter will be up?


Author's Response: No, never thought of abandoning it, just been gone for a while, but now i'm back so i can update again. i'll put chapter 11 in soon as soon as i get back to my own computer, i'm on vacation in hawaii and i'll be going home friday the 14th, then i'll put up chapter 11, it's already written.

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Review #25, by CommanderMatt Cornered And Powerless

18th August 2007:
I love the story! Update soon, you really have something comeing along here!

PS Don't be ashaimed to be a Ginny/Harry and Ron/Hermione fan, BE PROUD!!!

Author's Response: chapter 10 is currently in validation and shouldn't take long to be posted. and i've never been ashamed to be a harry/ginny and ron/hermione fan, i've always been proud of that. did i show that i wasn't somewhere? if i did tell me about that. and thanks for the review.

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