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Reading Reviews for Heaven In Your Knee
52 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Voldy_needs_a_hug Rights and Wrongs

8th July 2009:
ahahaha! Heaven...in your knee!! Your title is wins!
hah! I love it!
10/10 ;D


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Review #2, by lunafan3997 Rights and Wrongs

19th December 2008:
it was so awsome

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Review #3, by dobbysgirl Secretarse

6th April 2008:
God, this is good. I love the boyish interaction. Its wonderful. All the goofing and harassing and slapping and name-calling is just boy heaven. Great!!

Author's Response: haha, thanks. it's always so much fun writing adolescent boys. x3 especially the marauders, they're awesome.

thanks again for your kind words!

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Review #4, by black_as_night One

26th July 2007:
I like it.. I don't normally read this era... but I like it :)

Author's Response: Ooh, thanks for reading out of your comfort zone! =D And reviewing, too. Thanks so much! ;3

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Review #5, by Cecelia Rights and Wrongs

8th July 2007:
This is absolutly one of my favorite stories ever! I loved it! Your voice in it was so, relate-able? I think that's the word I'm looking for. But, anyway, I loved it!
10/10! Most definitly

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much! =D I love it when people can relate to my stories, and of course, I love it when people enjoy them.

I'm very glad to hear that you liked it so much! =) Thanks a million for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by DA'sPhoenix One

20th June 2007:
Woa, you totally had me into your story until you threw in the curse words. Ya know.the one in all caps.yeah.not good, dude. That's a good way to keep readers away from you. I'm very disappointed.

Author's Response: Well, we all have our tastes, eh? For me, I did it because of the character, and to show that he was acting erratically.

I did put a warning, by the way, about language--if you aren't into reading that sort of thing, perhaps you should seek out a story without that warning?

If that disappoints you, then I'm afraid disappointed you shall be.

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Review #7, by blond_llama Rights and Wrongs

19th June 2007:
awesome ending. there was a lot of switching back and forth. i saw it coming and yet i didnt. i loved it. ^_^

Author's Response: Well, thanks so much! Haha, I enjoy being told I'm not entirely predictable. xD

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Review #8, by PrefectMassy Rights and Wrongs

4th June 2007:
Aw!!! That was SO cute! I loved it! I have a hard time finding stories I like, so you just made my day!

Author's Response: Thanks a million! I'm so glad to be of service to you. C=

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Review #9, by asian Rights and Wrongs

13th May 2007:
Aw this story is so cute! It's adorable!

Author's Response: Thanks! =D

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Review #10, by SabinaBoo Rights and Wrongs

6th May 2007:
Aww. This was such a cute fic! I really really love the title. Heaven in your knee. Its just so brilliantly written, and so simply romantic. :) Superb! Ten for you!

Author's Response: Thanks a million! Yeah, it was inspired by my good buddy Leslie, who had Sirius say something along those lines in a roleplay of ours (although the context was quite different at the time).

OH-EMM-GEE thank you!! xD I'm very, very, very happy that you liked it so much. =}

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Review #11, by SabinaBoo The Trouble With Mushrooms

6th May 2007:
Hm, this was rather entertaining. I really like Jo alot. She's silly and cute! :)

Author's Response: Hehehe, thanks! I'm quite fond of her, too.

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Review #12, by SabinaBoo One

6th May 2007:
Hah, this is sweet. I like it. Sort of simple and light. Fluffy. :)

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! The style does tend to differ from my writing now, since I wrote chapters 1 and 2 and half of chapter 3 about a year ago, but I'm happy you enjoy it.

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Review #13, by elle_silver Rights and Wrongs

1st May 2007:
So is there a sequel? It's amazing and funny, I've enjoyed it a lot and didn't actually see that it was completed, lol. Ah well, I got so many good laughs out of, a congratulations on how well you've put this all together. 10/10 for the whole thing, Elle xx

Author's Response: Well, there might be. I'm still not sure. Hehe..thanks so, so, soooo much for reading and rating and reviewing! =3

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Review #14, by elle_silver Secretarse

1st May 2007:
“What? Oh, c’mon. Free verse!” And then Frank was seen, and his nickname, it's all very inspired and highly original. I wonder who's thoughts always come in though. Very intriguing and delightful to read. 10/10 for fantastic work, Elle xx

Author's Response: x3 Yeah, I had a lot of fun with this. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #15, by elle_silver Peter the Poem Carrier

1st May 2007:
“No!” James readily replied, “No, you lost it much earlier on.” far too funny! This is fantstic and going straight on the favourites list. I love the main character, how you involve Pettigrew (a lot of people tend to ignore the character) and how you skip from one party to the other. 10/10 Elle xx

Author's Response: =D Thanks so much!!! I love when people are specific about what they liked. ^^ Thanks a million, glad you liked it!

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Review #16, by elle_silver One

1st May 2007:
I love this already, the use of 'One' is very clever and it's artfully used. I like how you have the friendship of Sirius and James flowing back and forth. Funny and clever, 10/10 Elle xx

Author's Response: Ooh, thanks so much! I'm happy you enjoyed it.

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Review #17, by LifeAndTimesOfABrokenSoul Rights and Wrongs

28th April 2007:
Cheesy but absolutely hilarious and all round fantabulous!!! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks a billion!! xD

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Review #18, by irish_dorcas Rights and Wrongs

28th April 2007:
aww its over.it was such a great story!10/10!i loved the end of it and the heaven on your knee thing was great!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really really happy you liked it. =D

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Review #19, by Varda Rights and Wrongs

28th April 2007:
I figured Janette would be the one to narrate after everyone else was unavailable!

I loved it! It was absolutely wonderful! Is it over? If it is, it makes a good ending. If not. . . well, I'll review the next! Marvelous job, take care!

~ Varda ~

Author's Response: Well thanks so much! I'm so glad people liked it. ^^

Indeed it is, but if I feel up to it, (and that's a big if) there might (and that's a big might) be a sequel starring Jo.

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Review #20, by Varda The Trouble With Mushrooms

26th April 2007:
I really like how this story is going! I love Jo--- she acts like my friends and I do.

“Not enough nonsense,” This statement is perfect! :D

Best wishes,
~ Varda ~

Author's Response: Haha, thanks so much!
Only one chapter left! Ahh! x3

Ehehe yeah. That's how I feel about most non-Marauders-era stories. xDDD

Thanks again, Varda!

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Review #21, by SabinaBoo The Seat Next to Sirius

25th April 2007:
This was fun, write more soon?

Author's Response: Hopefully chapter six will be validated soon.

And there might be a sequel as well, starring Jo...possibly.

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Review #22, by Varda The Seat Next to Sirius

23rd April 2007:
Okay, I've read your entire story up to now, and I. Love. It.! It is so in character, and the whole no-bag-rubber-band-imaginary-friend thing is the most in character of all! This is going on my favourites! Take care!

Author's Response: Thank you so, so, so much!!

Oh my gosh. It's things like this that make me very joyful. =D

Thank youuu!!!!

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Review #23, by EvilSmurfa The Seat Next to Sirius

22nd April 2007:

Author's Response: YAY! to you too.

I'm YAY!-ing right now because I've already validated all the way up to chapter five!!


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Review #24, by pads_grl2 The Seat Next to Sirius

22nd April 2007:
Aww, I love James! and Jo! She sounds like a really interesting character, I hope you write about her more.

Author's Response: Yeah, those two are both fun to write about. ^^

Jo was created mostly by my dear friend Leslie, who reviewed earlier, but she's a character we sort of share and both contribute to.

And she does come up in later chapters....so...yay! xD

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Review #25, by pads_grl2 A Growing Disappointment

22nd April 2007:
Wtf?! Frank you are an evil, evil man! poor sirius :(

Author's Response: Ehe.
It would seem I almost enjoy torturing my characters...

But don't tell them that.

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