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Review #1, by Blonde Gigi Chapter 6: Pheonixes and Friendships

17th November 2007:
OMG! love this so much! please update soon! ~Gigi~

Author's Response: [squee] Thank you sooo much!! I'm glad you like it! I'm off to update it right now, actually. :P


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Review #2, by keladry_leigh Chapter4: Under the Willow Tree

13th September 2007:
yes that is four and i love this story

Author's Response: Awesome. Glad you like it. Stay tuned for the next update :D

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Review #3, by TheGreenFairy Chapter1:Visions

30th August 2007:
Hey honey! So, this looks like it's going to be a good story! Anyway, it might take me a while to get through it, but I will! (I've got three honors classes, ballet rehersals three times a week, and choir so... yeah. But I will finish it!)

Anyway, the beginning looks good, but somewhere you put 'reoccuring'. I think the word you're searching for is 'recurring'.

When she's ordering coffee, you might not want to put venti, because they didn't have starbucks in the 1970's. I don't think they had skater shoes either. And a chocolate croissant?! How did you know my favorite pastry. ;]

You've captured the spirit of Sirius Black perfectly. XD I LOVE IT! -squee-

Lovely job so far, I'll be reading the 2nd chapter... eventually. =]

-- Abbey

Author's Response: I think this is one of the longest reviews I've ever gotten.

And I love it.

Oo. They didn't have Starbucks in the 1970's? How did they LIVE? :P And no skater shoes? Well maybe I'll change that to converse [because I know they had those, my mum says they were really cheap and look almost like they do now.]

Chocolate croissants are my favourite pastry too. They're so flaky and... chocolatey.

I'm really glad you like it!! And thanks so very very much for reviewing [and reading]


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Review #4, by marieluz Chapter3: First Saturday Back

17th July 2007:
great chapter! i cant believe she actually said yes to him! i cant wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: :P I couldn't believe she said yes either, even if it IS my story. I'll post the next chapter ASAP, but the queue is like... on hold or w/e so yeah. Thanks for reading AND reviewing!

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Review #5, by lost anyway Chapter1:Visions

9th March 2007:
not bad. its intersting, please continue quickly!

Author's Response: Thanks. Like I said, I'm writing it on Quizilla, and I've published 5 chapters of it on there, so I can just copy-paste it onto this site. But I think I'm going to update the other story first. Although, that might take a while. been having writers block AND it's march break for me, so i'm gunna take a bit of a break. Thanks!

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