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Review #1, by Ydnas Odell speeches from friends

21st March 2007:
This is really good. Deep and very moving. I haven't decided yet who the Dark Phoenix is. It's probably Ginny. But I also think it could be Pansy or even Lavender. I was actually hoping initially that it was Luna, but sigh it is not.

I like this a lot, however before posting the next chapter (if there is a next chapter) please do a careful edit. The writing itself is excellent, but the editing is horrible. You might need a good beta or just spend more time proofing before posting. There are typos, misspellings and the wrong tenses of verbs all over the place.

That being said. This is still marvelous. I found the grammer quite an obstacle, but I kept on reading because it is a very engaging and well written tale, otherwise.

But editing is as important as writing. I esp liked this line though: She hated it when philosophical animals made sense.

That is unique. LOL! Good job and normally a 9 or 10, but at this stage I can't give it more then a 6 because of the grammer. Great story though!

Author's Response: what is a beta? i have no idea what it is!!!!! i know my grammar is crap and i have a strange way of writing things lol but i enjoy it. i like thsi one best out of my other stories so far, i ariting one for my friend. its a tonks remus one but its not posted yet. i mite finish in word first lol. thankyou for the review! pleasr r and r my other stories! thankies!

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Review #2, by ILoveLost1888 speeches from friends

21st March 2007:
Hi! "I like it!" How is dead? It is Hermione or Ginny or Luna?? How many chapters are in this? 10-10! UPDATE

Author's Response: i am hoping its obvious that it is not hermionie or luna as they are talking to other characters in this chapter. i am leaving as much mystery as possible. i don't want the reader to know who it is untill the very last moment lol. i hope that it wasnt too confusing. why did you think it was hermionie or luna? please indunge me. please also r and r my other stories!

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