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Review #1, by mayluna Hogsmeade

27th July 2010:
intersting story. but i think draco should get revenge for hermione against ron. maybe in front of everyone at the dance.

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Review #2, by Chrissy Hogsmeade

18th January 2010:
aw what Draco engraved in the ring is so sweet, adorable, etc. i can't wait until the next chapter, plus the girls are diffenitly knocking there boyfriends socks off with their dresses!!!

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Review #3, by Lola Hogsmeade

14th July 2009:
you should have the dance, then afterwards, everyone foes out near the forbidden forest because it's beautiful out. there they get attacked be death eaters trying to capture mia!

Author's Response: lol, that's a great idea thanks so much, but like i wrote to Laughing in the dark, i am not sure where this story is going to go.
Thanks for reviewing
Cassie XD

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Review #4, by Laughing in the Dark Hogsmeade

12th May 2009:
So what's going to happen at the dance? Is Ron going to make another scene? Or is Pansy going to splash some drink on Mia's dress that will stain? Or are Ron and Pansy going to join together to get revenge? I need to know. Great story so far.

Author's Response: i wasnt sure if i should continue this story because i have a major writers block and i'm not sure where i am going with the story but i can try a few different ideas and see what works best.
Thanks for the review

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Review #5, by sparkypony Hogsmeade

20th January 2009:
I hope you don't mind constructive critisism.
Ok, First you made Hermione MAJORLY a mary sue (overly perfect) all people/characters have some falt so all your characters. once you have an overly perfect character the story stops being that good. in the original books Hermione's majorly good traits are she's loyal and smart (you may think of others but that's what imedetely comes to mind for me) In your story you have her former BFFS being mean to her (which i think would never happen, but its totally for you to decide) In your story you have her Beautiful, Smart, Classy, has the perfect bf, etc... this would never happen in real life! people are NEVER completely perfect. When you make a your story a perfect little fairy tale it gets boring. When you were four maybe you liked that kind of thing but unless I'm mistaken there are NO four year olds on this site. Your conflict seems to be Hermiones struggle to be friends with Harry, Ginny, and Ron. (again i could be wrong) The character can't be all perfect and happy skipping through the conflect where she finds a brillant resolution- or even worse they find an error in their ways and apologize. And please cut the major discripitons they get annoying! (one per chapter is ok- but an even better idea is just to cut out some of the discription in the first place. ex-last paragraph) Another thing i would recomend is cutting some of the diologe (I know it's WICKED easy to get carried away- but nobody enjoys a story of just diologe and you can develop your characters SO much more through their actions.) This is probaly really annoying to you so i'll stop if you want any more advice I'm happy to help.

Author's Response: It is actually really good to hear critisism. everyone who reviews always say they like my story and frankly while trying to write part 8 i am having major writers block even though i have the chapter planed out. it is so hard to put it in words. I know no one is perfect but it is so much easier to write about someone who is perfect then someone who isnt. I read a lot of paranormal romance novels and the relationships in them are things that could only happen in books. i will keep everything you wrote in mind and go back and re-re-write somethings in here. i am actually thinking about stopping this story i just dont know where to take it anymore. where as my other one Dangers in the Night i know exactly what i want to write about, and what i am going to write about later on in the story. So i really would like to thank you with the review.

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Review #6, by maria Hogsmeade

29th December 2008:
the poem in one of ur chapters was really nice
i loved the little sayings they were really funny
really good job but i would like to see more dramione in action
if u could please do that? anyway please write more i am addicted to this story now

Author's Response: Thanks my friend helped my finish that poem when i got writers block on it.we tend to finish each others poems a lot. I'm glad to know your addicted to it, i will be submitting a chapter as soon as the holidays are over.

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Review #7, by Steph Hogsmeade

22nd December 2008:
Aw That is so sweet I love draco dramione stories r the best

Author's Response: I know, they are all that I read.

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Review #8, by Christy86 Hogsmeade

21st December 2008:
update soon can't wait for more chapters good work

Author's Response: That means so much to me thanks!

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Review #9, by VEWHogwarts Hogsmeade

8th November 2008:
aw ok so that is adorable and uh i cant waiit to read the rest

Author's Response: Thanks! I will be updating soon

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Review #10, by prynsesshp I'm What?!?!

5th June 2008:
Ouch, Hermione burned Blaise. I like it so far
but, is it going to be like a walk to remember? because the title is from the song Only Hope that Mandy Moore sings during the play
Anyway I like it so far and I'm off to read ch.2

Author's Response: not really taking it in the direction of A Walk To Remember.....i really love the song Only Hope....i might put the song in here somewhere. ;)

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Review #11, by stepnhunguyen Hogsmeade

30th January 2008:
I love this story plz update more!
Rating 10/10

Author's Response: will do....^O^

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Review #12, by Fanfair Hogsmeade

29th January 2008:
LOL I love your comebacks in these stories your stories are also awsome please do continue

Author's Response: of course i will

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Review #13, by hanoverpretz01 Hogsmeade

29th January 2008:
i love how every1 always makes these peoples rich as hell
update soon

Author's Response: ^o^

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Review #14, by Slytherin Girl 01 Hogsmeade

29th January 2008:
So sweet!And Omg on her comebacks!Have you ever used anything like this on someone?If you have I feel sorry for their asses for pissing you off and making them burt into tears!10/10

Author's Response: yeah actually i have.

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Review #15, by dracoismyhottie55 Hogsmeade

29th January 2008:
awww...thats so cute!! update soon!

Author's Response: will do

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Review #16, by brooklynsam3_ Hogsmeade

29th January 2008:
AWW! I love it! Ron needs some serious @$$ kicking, but hey it is what it is. :) Can't wait til the next chapter. Keep up the good work and update ASAP. Thankz.

PS 10/10

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #17, by Dru Dreams Hogsmeade

29th January 2008:
Okay, I have read a story somewhat similar to this but I like this take as well. Can't wait to see what happens next. Post soon!

Author's Response: thanks.

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Review #18, by Tigermusic The apology

23rd October 2007:
hehehe awsome...keep th great job up

Author's Response: i will

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Review #19, by Christy86 The apology

23rd October 2007:
update soon

Author's Response: will do

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Review #20, by stepnhunguyen The apology

22nd October 2007:

Author's Response: THANK YOU

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Review #21, by dracoismyhottie55 The apology

22nd October 2007:
hha ha so now theyre all friends??? wtf thats 2 fast!! slow down!! and its rlllyyy cheesy...also cud u please say whos speaking cuz it gets confusing after a while...but its a gr8 plot line over all!! update soon!!!

Author's Response: thank you

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Review #22, by hanoverpretz01 fights, poems, bands

15th September 2007:
super cute.
update soon!
love it

Author's Response: thank you so much! i will....with school and everything things are kinda hectic.

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Review #23, by cashew fights, poems, bands

30th August 2007:
i love your stories stan see u at school

Author's Response: thank you cashew!

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Review #24, by TwlightDreamz13 fights, poems, bands

16th August 2007:
Nice poem!!! Can't wait for the next chapter though!!!1

Author's Response: thanks...

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Review #25, by dracoismyhottie55 fights, poems, bands

5th August 2007:
hahaha.funny...oh btw... i rly like that poem...but dont worry i wont copy it..update soon!!!

Author's Response: thank you....LostInTheDarkAndLikesIt wrote that together awhile ago

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