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Review #1, by Harrylover A Girl Worth Fighting For

17th April 2007:
Amazing story!!! Keep up the great work!!!

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Review #2, by acciowand A Girl Worth Fighting For

10th March 2007:
THIS is the story you should've made an actual story, not just a one-shot. I think this is the best of the three, and I really really really hope you do continue, with a terrific sequel. And I've read a literally hundreds of terrific fics, by the way. :-)

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Review #3, by saberwolf A Girl Worth Fighting For

6th March 2007:
Awesome, loved it. If I were Harry I'd just agree with her from the beginning because your never going to win an argument with her.

Author's Response: True, very true. ;)

Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by wicKeDwitch1316 A Girl Worth Fighting For

6th March 2007:
Wow, so that was a summary of everything I wanted to yell at Harry when he broke up with Ginny during HBP!!! However, I'm not so sure that Ginny would. It says in the book that she understood that it had to happen, so I always thought she would be a bit more sympathetic. That's just my thoughts, though. Overall, this was very interesting and rather cathartic, good job!

Author's Response: Yes, Ginny is very sympathetic in HPB, and maybe she'll stay that way. But maybe she was just agreeing with him, since he was all torn up about Dumbledore...and hey, AU is what fanfic is all about! Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by Timechild A Girl Worth Fighting For

6th March 2007:
Very Well Written!!

I just knew Ginny was stronger than that, and she was NOT gonna let Harry get away from her that easily. Wrote mine the same way...

I loved it.

Author's Response: Thanks so much!! I had so much fun writing this, Ginny yelling is just great, isn't it?

I'm so happy you loved it!

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Review #6, by ILoveLost1888 A Girl Worth Fighting For

6th March 2007:
Hi! I love it. "But you must promise me, Ginny, that you will not perposley put yourself into danger , not to save me even. You Ginny are a gilr worth fighting for. You are my everything, and so you must promise . Promise me Ginny!" Ginny nodded, " I prosmies as long as you promise to never again try to ditch me" she said daring him with her eyes joined her. "And now,I think we have some catching up to do." Ginny stated, talking Harry by the hand leading him into her room. Harry smiled and replied innocently "do we?" Ginny grinned as she shut the door. Harry grinned back. A girl worth fighting for indeed. I hoped that u keep going u! 100-100

Author's Response: Thanks so much!! I just saw that they had finally validated this, I'm so glad you liked!!

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