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Review #1, by Mrs George Weasley This is love

5th October 2007:
okay weird story! but it is okay i guess

mrs. weasley

Author's Response: it was supposed to be wierd,,,, LOL it was the first story I ever wrote but the sequel is much better I can assure you of that :)

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Review #2, by love23 This is love

9th September 2007:
yes a sequel would be lovely,its should be great

Author's Response: thankx and the seqeul will be up in approx 10 days ...ok! So keep an eye out for it :)and thankx for reviewing

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Review #3, by harrymylover1 This is love

23rd April 2007:
I want a sequal. plz?

Author's Response: I would love to make a sequel....thankx for your review

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Review #4, by blue_rose This is love

22nd April 2007:
hey shiks, its a good chappy, lovey ya.

Author's Response: Thankx Love ya too!

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Review #5, by Tinkerbell Love is in the air.

1st April 2007:
I really love your story... I just read it today you know with all the changes from hary to larry and stuff but it's still good try to remove unneccesary things in your stories

Author's Response: Thankx for your review I really enjoy reading ones that actually make sense and I will keep your comments in mind.

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Review #6, by josh Love is in the air.

29th March 2007:
Hey you!! U soo love Josh Parker!!!

Author's Response: who are you again???? you make no sence to me.... and yea i cant spell, cause im not really the author. k?

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Review #7, by Boomshakalaka Love is in the air.

29th March 2007:
.Zac Efron is sooo hott...Oh ya your story is pretty good too.


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Review #8, by blue_rose Love is in the air.

26th March 2007:
hi. i cant wait for the next one... and D this is me K. u get me

Author's Response: I can't wait either waiting for validation

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Review #9, by Blue.rose Love is in the air.

21st March 2007:
yo, its your home dog here. lol. yea you know who i am. i think? if you dont then im sorry for leaving this comment.
so um. i like the story, but u know that cause you made me read it a thousand timmes before... so yea.
peace out...

Author's Response: hey Blue.rose ya i know who you are OF COURSE!!!!! But could you lay of the gangster taalk next time and be a bit more critical even if I did make you read the story a million times LOL
see ya next time and stay tuned...

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Review #10, by Gryffindors_heir Love is in the air.

13th March 2007:
It's good...but you might want to slow it down a little...and also, don't come out and say things like "He thought it would be a great day for telling Hermione how he felt about her since year 1 in Hogwarts. And he
had always imagined his first kiss to be in the reflection of the moon." It would make your story, which is already good, great! I hope you don't mind my constructive criticism! It really is good, just very to the point!

Author's Response: Thanks but see my story is already finished and it's only going to be about 4 chapters long because it's only my first but I will kepp you criticism in mind when adding or changing things in the next chapter... I was also wondering if you could make a banner for me Thankx

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