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Review #1, by laney Prologue

23rd May 2010:
did you abandon this!?all of the other reviews are like from 2007 and 2008!if this is abandoned i will be mad and you will be on my bad side witch is not a good place to be.

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Review #2, by laney Prologue

23rd May 2010:
OK,prolauge is good.I hope your chapters ae longer than the prolauge was because that was short.also i am aweare of my terrible spelling so no need to remind me.sorry that the review is a bit long.

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Review #3, by Ellaoptimistic Prologue

30th March 2008:
Awww... poor Sirius! I can't wait to read what happens!

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Review #4, by emerald_nellie Prologue

9th January 2008:
that was a really short chapter but it has REALLY left me wanting more!! update soon, im sure that this is something i could really get into. great first chapter, by the way.

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Review #5, by k Prologue

22nd November 2007:
I love it can't wait for next chapter!

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #6, by laughhard91 Prologue

18th August 2007:
This is really good. It's really sad, but it's got some great potential. I'm excited to read more, hopefully soon. I like the whole dream thing, it's cool.

Author's Response: Hah, thanks so much!

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Review #7, by xDorkishlyAmazingx Prologue

27th June 2007:
This Story sounds really good! I hope You update soon, and cliche is not bad.. as long as its not Overly cliche.

Author's Response: Oh thank you! I will.

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Review #8, by Haunted_Lyra22 Prologue

16th May 2007:
actually pretty awesome!!!
ive written something like this before...i only got to the second chapter, it sorta sucked but urs is pretty amaizing ir u ask me!!

Author's Response: Haha, thanks.
And your was probably good too.

But, I'm a bit stuck on this one, not sure where I want to start it-- and go with it,.

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Review #9, by Nevermore_Rose Prologue

11th May 2007:
For once, I can completely relate to this story. Unrequitted love is a beautiful, yet horrible thing. It rips you in two. Thanks for showing me that there are others out their who feel the same way.

Author's Response: :]]]
No problem.

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Review #10, by blue_rose Prologue

18th April 2007:
YAY! DREAm... its so cute... who cares if you think its cliche? i love,... i actually really like the idea that he likes her and she doesnt even know. ur in a play??? what play??? oh yea, story. ya i really enjoyed the story, and i really cant wait for the next one. so yea, please update soon?
lots of love, candy, and big bearhugs

Author's Response: Haha, im glad you liked it.
oh yess.
I play 16 show.
thats besides the point, yeah I'm not all sure what to do with this kinda stuck.

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Review #11, by Radcliffe_PotterFan319 Prologue

18th April 2007:
Aw, Sirius loves someone.
He's a fun character, isn't he?
Anyways, nice start.

Author's Response: He is. Hahaha--thanks!

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Review #12, by a lost sheep Prologue

14th April 2007:
I lke how it is told from Sirius's point of veiw. Unlike most of the sirius/oc storys that are told from the chicks point of view. Its good, so far. I like how she is sorty of his secret.

But at first I thought it was a gril that was narrarating. and I was thinking 'is it a slash?' but I the figured it out with the almost as good as good friends as James and I thing.

Author's Response: Hahaha.
Thats funny.
But, I'm glad you like it.

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Review #13, by Lady Marauders Prologue

10th April 2007:
Well, coming from a seriously heavy Sirius/OC fan, and seeing a lot of them, this was really good. It's hard to cover romance in one-shots, sometimes it can be overdosed with cliches and other times it isn't detailed enough. But this was really lovely.

You are also immaculate at banners. =]]

Author's Response: Thanks for the compliment on the banners.
But this wasn't a one-shot.
Its, a novella, but I'm sturggling with it and havent update.
But, thanks anyways--and I hope you keep reading.

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Review #14, by LovelyMioneWeasley Prologue

27th March 2007:
Oh wow. Sounds good and this chapter sent chills of pleasure down my spine. It was just that god .

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #15, by magicwand Prologue

24th March 2007:
update soon its really good:-)

Author's Response: Thanks a lot!
Will do!

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Review #16, by spaghettiemandolino Prologue

19th March 2007:
Hello! As promised I checked your new story and now I'm leaving a review (hey you didn't promise ice creams to the reviewers this time...!)
It's a bit early to judge the story but the prologue is good and well written, I can see heartaches and trubles coming...
Is Sirius' last year at Hogwarts? I guess it is,but I'm not so sure...
Ah, love between friends is always a difficult thing...I'm curious to know how it will continue!!
PS The day after tomorrow I'm leaving with my class for Naples!!! I'm so happy!! It's going to be a wonderful trip, even if it's lasting only four days!!!*smiles of happiness*

Author's Response: OOOOOOO I WANNA GO.

I didn't promise reviewers anything.
Anywho, thanks for reviewing.
Last year? Uhhh I think its his sixth.
Wow, its my story and i dont know.
Anywho--thanks again!

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Review #17, by DarkeningDawn Prologue

16th March 2007:
Wow, that was awesome! I loved it. And what made the story so unique, I think, is because it's written from Sirius' point of view. Almost all of the Sirius/OC stories I've read are from a girl's point of view. I really like it. :) Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thatnks a lot!
I'm really glad you liked it.

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Review #18, by KCchizzie_chiznit Prologue

16th March 2007:
Psh... What romance isn't cliche? but I love cliche and I love new so do both... not that I'm being bossy =D

Good good chappie! I'm totally going to keep reading this.

This is going to bug me if i don't at least tell you. 2nd to last paragraph, last line. I, Sirius Black (comma!), am in love . yeah... sorry. pet peeve= bad grammar. though you did well on the rest of the prologue (this is the worst word in the world. cuz i can't spell it for the life of me. i had to scroll up. *rolls eyes and shrugs*)

Great great idea for a story. I LOVE SIRIUS BLACK! best character ever!

so excited for you're next chappie! can't wait!

TTFN - ta ta for now! =D

Author's Response: Yes I know.
But we had that talk about beta-ing right?
So I may be sending some chapters to you!

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Review #19, by Elwing Seregon Prologue

16th March 2007:
Ooohhh. This one isn' t cliche. It's hard to find one where Sirius is in love with the girl, and she isn't in love with him. It was kind of short, but most prologue's are. I hope you update soon. =]


Author's Response: Thanks!
Yeah, I'm excited about this one.
And I promise, The next on will be long and good.

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Review #20, by Vatina Prologue

16th March 2007:
This is really different from most Sirius/OC's, it's a pleasant change to see that Sirius has a heart. Keep up the good work! :)

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #21, by anni Prologue

16th March 2007:
aww this sounds so sweet.. i love sirius and i love how u've portrayed him.. i really want to read more of this fic and see moe of rose and sutff so update asap ! !

Author's Response: I will.
Thanks a lot!

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