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Review #1, by Esaul Going home

13th March 2007:
First off again it is too fast. Second you did use a good amount of detail this time than last.

There are three times where you did not capitalize I, once you didn't capitalize or spell I'm right.

I thank Merlin will never have to see you.

That is random and shouldn't be in it.

1 should be one.

Knowling should be knowing.

Dursleys should be Dursley's.

"I am going to return to Hogwarts professor,"

should be

"I am going to return to Hogwarts, Professor,"

This is honestly far worse than your first chapter due to grammar. You didn't grab my attention.

Author's Response: I thank you for reading my story and these two chapters were meant to be short, just as an introduction. I did write both chapters while i was sick however and might explain my mistakes. I've had the flu for about a week now. I'm glad you picked up on all that I did wrong, but if I wanted it brought to my attention, I would've had a beta. There are 37,000 other stories for you to read if mine does not grab your attention and im sorry you feel that way.

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Review #2, by Esaul Return to Hogwarts?

13th March 2007:
First of all you kinda make this interestingly weird. Why would Aunt Petunia bother to slide his foot underneath the door if he is able to get out to begin with? That kinda defeats the purpose of Petunia doing that. Second this is going a tad too fast for my liking. You really should tone the speed down a bit. There isn't anything really that is grabbing my attention to continue reading. There isn't enough going on for me to want to continue to read. I am curious though to what Dumbledore has left Harry and I am willing to give you another chance to try and impress me in the next chapter.


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Review #3, by ILoveLost1888 Going home

13th March 2007:
Hi! I love it again. So Dumbledore is aliv?? So how are together in this?? "Hello Harry, im glad to see you made it ok. I can tell you iwas quite distressed when I heared you life the Dursleys, but I had a feeling you would come here." 20-20

Author's Response: No Dumbledore is not alive, but he is a man of great insight. He knew his death would be imminent and left these things for Harry as a "just in case". Thank you for sticking with me and chapter is currently being written and will be longer and hopefully better. This is my first shot at a story and I have some good ideas, its just tough trying to pen them down. Thanks for being a loyal reviewer.

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Review #4, by irish_dorcas Return to Hogwarts?

6th March 2007:
i liked it.i cant wait to read looks as if it will be good.will you please review my new story?please!

Author's Response: well thank you for the kind comments. I plan on taking this story all the way through. Chapter 2 is currently awaiting Validation and im working on chapter 3. The first two are going to be short to set the story up, then im going to really get into it. I'd love to read your story and i'll review as soon as i get a minute.

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Review #5, by ILoveLost1888 Return to Hogwarts?

5th March 2007:
Hi! I like it. So how many chapters are in this? 10-10

Author's Response: Wow thank you very much, i plan on taking this story novel like, so somewhere between 35-40 i think will do it justice. I've read so many good stories that authors have abandoned and i know its time consuming, but i don't plan on abandoning this. thanks for the review

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