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Review #1, by LuvlieGurlie Inner Eye

11th April 2007:
this is a really good story so please post more soon xx

Author's Response: Thanks!! ; )

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Review #2, by Love_4_Draco_always Inner Eye

11th April 2007:
I really liked this chapter with the divination and the vision great touch poor draco his feelings are really hurt arent they? They need to talk and i think they both know that please update soon great so far xx

Author's Response: im glad you liked this! Yes they do need to talk, hopefully kindly. ; )

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Review #3, by Love_4_Draco_always Come On Over

10th April 2007:
Aww i really really love this i have officaly added it to my favourite list i cant wait to read more of this its going to be a great fic i like how ginny and dracos relationship is starting to form they will more in common now with them both having fairys and singing i can just imagin dracos voice now haha :) please update soon i really really want to read on and find out more keep up the amazing work xxx

Author's Response: Aww youre so kind! Im really glad you like my story!! Im having problems with my computer and it isnt allowing me to upload any new chapters but Im trying to get that fixed and as soon as I do I will update, I promise swear!

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Review #4, by Magnolia_Black_Rose Come On Over

4th April 2007:
You have a good writing style, which I think is the strong point of this fic. Although, there are a few small grammar mistakes; the main one being the title. "Fairies Dust" suggests that fairies are dusting (like a maid), I believe you meant "Fairies' Dust" or "Fairy's Dust".

I agree with Choco_late in that Draco and Ginny's relationship seems to be proceeding at a rapid rate. I know that you, as the writer, are eager to get to the actual relationship, however one of the best parts for the reader is seeing how the relationship develops and grows (especially for D/G ships). I think it is also confusing to have Ginny encouraging Draco at one point, then have her snapping at him, then the next thing you know she's inviting him up to the astronomy tower. (In the previous chapter, you also said Ginny was in her fourth year, instead of fifth, just so you know)

As for Mercurypointblank, I believe that she honestly did like your story, however I also have the sneaky suspicion that she was the one who actually wrote her first post. On April Fool's Day the site temporarily changed all the character's names throughout the whole site to funky similar names (i.e. Draco became Maco and Harry Potter became Larry Trotter). I'm guessing Mercury saw your fan fic without catching on to the prank, made the review, and later realized her mistake, blaming her brother on the flame as to cover up her momentary stupidity. Notice how both reviews utilize the wretched word "cos" in place of "because," capitalize words for emphasis, and repeat exclamation points. Once again, I believe they honestly do like your story, they just got a bit frustrated with the April fool's joke.

My goodness, this is getting a bit long (I'm sorry!). I just wanted to say that I did enjoy reading your fan fic and I believe it has good potential. (And point out my thoughts on Mercury's bipolar reviews)

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for the review. I appreciate everything you said. Im glad you like the story, but like I said before, I wanted this D/G fic to be a bit more civil. I started this up a long time ago as well, but never followed up on it. After a friend of mine found it and read it a few weeks ago, she recommended that I have it posted. I am currently working on other types of fanfictions and experimenting with pairings. I think my writing has substantial time to improve. My friend wants me to post all of them up here and I really am considering it. Well, anyways, thanks again so much for your review and I hope you enjoy the rest of what I have to contribute to this site! : )

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Review #5, by Mercurypointblank That Little Feeling

3rd April 2007:
I just saw that message I "supposedly" left and I`ve got to say I`M SO SORRY!! My annoying older brother must have got into my account! I WILL KILL HIM!!! Just ignore him cos I LOVED this story, but Elliot doesnt appreciate the chemistry between Ginny/Draco so take no notice of him, cos he knows nothing about Ginny/Draco. OH MY GOD! I`m so EMBARRASSED! I`LL KILL HIM WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON HIM! Please ignore what he said and write more!!!

Author's Response: Okay, I can understand that. Im really glad you love the story. Makes me feel a lot better about it. Thanks for letting me know too! : )

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Review #6, by HarryPotterGirl111237583 Come On Over

2nd April 2007:
It's very good but a little short

Author's Response: Yes and I apologize again for the shortness of the chapter. The next one is slightly longer but not by very much...Im really trying though. I just have been so busy. Bare with me please and thanks for the review! Means alot! : )

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Review #7, by Choco_late Come On Over

2nd April 2007:
OMG I WANT A FAIRY! too bad i cant sing... But i just don't understand how they can grow to like each so quickly. AWesome but, 9/10

Author's Response: The reason Im having them more civil to eachother in this one is because I got tired of reading about how they hate eachother so much in the start. I wanted to make this story in a way that shows Ginny is not biased as the rest of her family, and she has a crush or something and that Draco is not as bad as he has people believe and hes not all that afraid to show it. Thanks though! ^__^

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Review #8, by Mercurypointblank That Little Feeling

2nd April 2007:
This is a joke right? What is wrong with you all, it`s HARRY POTTER not LARRY TROTTER! And since when does "Draco" sound like "Maco"? He sounds like a bloody Maccas meal! Okay let`s get things straight! It`s Hermione-not Hermyknee-what is with that?! I dont have to tell you their proper names cos I think you already know! I think you should get the names straight because it ruins the whole bloody story!!!

Author's Response: uhm...I dont really appreciate you coming on here to rant about something that has nothing to do with my story because I do know how to spell their names and I know I didnt do anything like that so if youve got a problem with the way certain ppl write then I suggest you take it up with them.

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Review #9, by mayhem That Little Feeling

28th March 2007:
Very cute beginning I'm looking forward to reading some more. Btw, what was the name of the song Draco sang?

Author's Response: Oh well, the song that Draco sang is something I just made up. I couldnt pick a song I really like that would have depicted the message I wanted to portray, so I just made it up to fit with the story. Hope you liked it! ^__^"

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Review #10, by EchoLynn That Little Feeling

24th March 2007:
Not bad at all! I'm not really a Draco/Ginny fan...but look forward to the next chapter! ;)

Author's Response: Thanks! You dont know how much better that makes me feel.. : )

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