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Review #1, by 65ashben Sleepover

4th May 2008:
This was such a great and funny chapter!! Can't wait for more!!!

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Review #2, by 65ashben The Evervesent Luke and his Force

27th April 2008:
Oh this is such an awesome story. Really funny. Can't wait for more!! B)

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Review #3, by emocut/blackrox The Evervesent Luke and his Force

26th April 2008:
dude this is amazing
me thinks
not many people know about this story yet
that y u dont get reviews
but dude this story is like awesome
definitly in me top 10
an i read heaps of fan fic mind you like more than
100 is bookmarked and
i am still chasin most of them
dude you gotta keep writtin
update soon please
by the way i'm aussie as well as the australian horse person
update soon pleaz
a fan is waitin on ya

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Review #4, by australia_horse The Evervesent Luke and his Force

26th April 2008:
Thanks! Lovin it!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!

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Review #5, by australia_horse KIDNAPPED

21st February 2008:
I like it! ! ! !

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Review #6, by anni KIDNAPPED

16th August 2007:
this is a really good start.. i'm australian so its cool to read a story like this.. the only thing i picked up was that u wrote 'sayed' which i think is meant to be 'said'..? but other then that i really enjoyed the fic and i'll make sure to watch out for an update

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Review #7, by California KIDNAPPED

27th June 2007:
The letter at the very beiginning was pretty funny. I loved how you described Hogwarts as something gross lol. She seems a tad bit stuck up but then again I would be to if I found out I was moving all the way to a different hemisphere, as you said before. I think this fic is going to be AWESOME, no lie. But it makes it hard to read when you don't write out the words all the way, like are/r you/u two/2 cos/because.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review omg i got a review someone read my story!!!!!
i know what you mean about the hard to read thing though i just reread it and omg it has sooo many spelling mistakes ect. hopefully ill have another chappie up soon. thankyou so much for reviewing and plz keep reading!!!!!!! *excited*

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Review #8, by seeker4u KIDNAPPED

26th June 2007:
I like your story and all but its hard to read the story with you shortend as u and see as c. You need to write more carefully and clearly

Author's Response: Thankyou so much for reviewing i can see now how hard it is to read so it will be fixed! your my first reviewer and i promise i will respond to all my reviews even if they are from ages ago coz i hate it when people dont reply to my reviews!!! plz keep reading im going to edit my chapters from now on so you will always know what i am saying! hopefully ill have another chappie up soon ! thank again for reviewing

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