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Review #1, by lunarlovegood Potter returns

16th August 2007:
Very good, you need a little grammar and spelling help but I like what I see of the plot so far.

Author's Response: Thanks! Currently I'm concentrating on completing my story, even though I'm not completely ignoring the Spelling and grammar:)
I'm looking for a beta too:)

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Review #2, by lupa_mannera Basilisk?!!

1st May 2007:
Dobby is adorable. I am totally in love with him and with Hagrid! There are a few mild typos in the second to last sentence (sticky spacebar??), and I *think* it should be "Now how much do I pay YOU? " I can totally see your writing evolving, and the more that you write the better it will become!

Author's Response: Yeah I love Dobby and his cute ways:)
Thanks for the suggestion, i'll make the changes:)
THANX a LOT for the review:)

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Review #3, by krookshanks Potter returns

26th March 2007:
wow i really like this. your writing and formatting is much better in this story and its really quite good. this is very origional with Harry wanting to become professor. GOOD IDEA. it's very unexpected, but in a good way. great work :)

Author's Response: oohh Thank you so much.actually it was my sister's idea but the writing work was done by me without anyone's help. thanks i really like positive reviews though i don't hate the nagative ones. thanks for the review and for taking the pains to read my stories. it would have been better if you would have left a rating

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Review #4, by mumtu Potter returns

25th March 2007:
I would like to see more of it as its just a introduction

Author's Response: updating fast.thanks for the review

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Review #5, by lupa_mannera Potter returns

14th March 2007:
Woot! Harry is back! And LV is dead...but where does that leave us in terms of storyline/conflict? Ooh, I am SO curious now! I mean I think the title of the story is referring to more than just the '"dark" arts job...
Right on with Hermione getting him to apply. That's my girl, and I can so see her doing that. She would make a good teacher too I think. Anyhow, keep it coming. I am super interested to see where this will take us!

Author's Response: thank you for the review. I really appreciate it and i'll soon be posting another chapter for this story but at present another chapter of my story Me-in the wizarding world... is waiting to be validated and it will be by 18-3 after that i'm all prepared to write another chapter to this. oh and one request. will you read Me-in the wizarding world too and review? i just loved that you reviewed.

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Review #6, by sirius rocks Potter returns

5th March 2007:
Hey!! you are a very good writer... another j.k. rowling in the making!!!

Author's Response: Thanks Sirius rocks. your review really cencouraged me to write more stories on HPFF. Actually this was my first story and was really nervous. thatnks a lot.

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