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Review #1, by Ladybug371 Of Love and Wallpaper

21st December 2013:
I is Touching and Brilliant

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Review #2, by tanisha Of Love and Wallpaper

28th September 2007:
i liked her arrogant King and her darling little prince.10/10

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Review #3, by FlufferNutter Of Love and Wallpaper

31st August 2007:
That could quite possibly one of the sweetest stories I have EVER read. It was absolutley enthralling.

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Review #4, by TheDogStar12 Of Love and Wallpaper

27th May 2007:
Awww. That is so cute! =D

Author's Response: aww..thank you!

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Review #5, by AKALily Of Love and Wallpaper

27th May 2007:
I love this story! I love fluff and it's full of it!! I've never read a story like this and I thought it was really good so BRAVA! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad my fluffiness didn't turn you off, you can find a lot of that on my author again thanks!

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Review #6, by unknown Of Love and Wallpaper

4th April 2007:
that was fantastic i loved the way you mixed the facts of lily and james then added more of your own and then twisted it to fit your story . It was amazing,breath taking and your own I hope you write more stories.

Author's Response: oh, wow. Thank you very much. I will of course keep writing, who wouldn't with such wonderful feedback. I hope you can read some of my other stories.

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Review #7, by Aragorn2121 Of Love and Wallpaper

7th March 2007:
I saw this title and just had to read it!
It just so happens that I just bought my grandparents old house (where I spent much of my childhood) and am in the process of remodeling it. I think that after this I will be an expert in the subject of atrocious wallpaper. (How does orange and green, fuzzy fruit sound for a bedroom?) Anyway, Though I didn't leave any on the wall, I did save a small section from each room as a reminder of what it was like when I was growing up there. Maybe I'll take a hint from Lily and make up a story for my kids someday, that would be a good one huh.;) So now, to the point, fantastic job as always, love your style. I don't know, "sirius editing"?. Its already pretty close to perfect to me, can't wait to see the revised version. I've been waiting for your 'Muggle Magic' update, but it was well worth the wait to read this very unique one-shot.

Author's Response: Congrats on the new house! I know how fun remodeling can be so good luck with that. (orange and green fuzzy fruit..I'm laughing just thinking about it, sorry.) I'm glad you took the time between updates to check this out (and review it!) So glad you liked and even happier that it sort of it home. So thanks!

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Review #8, by dracoismyferretnotyours Of Love and Wallpaper

23rd February 2007:
Interesting, different, wasn't expecting to see that. Not much to say, waiting to see how the final product (in your mind) turns out, so I can comment more. YAY FOR CATCH-UP REVIEWS! lol ;D Waiting patiently (by being restrained lol) for new chapters for all stories, and waiting to see how this one turns out.

~Draco is MY Pet Ferret

Also, don't worry I will still write long reviews even though they aren't catch up ones. ^.^

Author's Response: I know, such a weird idea on my part, but it worked for Pregnancy Files so I went with it. I think it's going over quite well and I thank you for that!

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Review #9, by NicerDraco2025 Of Love and Wallpaper

23rd February 2007:
Sorry about the delay here. I actually read this two days ago. Had something planned, but delayed.

I don't think there's many other people who could've pulled this story off without making fools of themselves. When I first saw the title I did a double-take. This is definitely unique. starryDAZE may have an idea there with a next-gen chapter of this story. I could see Ginny doing something like this.

Can simply not wait for more (all the stories)

Apparently someone writing long catch-up reviews is claiming ownership of your fiance.
And I can't believe I just made that joke 0__-

Author's Response: roflol.....i do like starryDAZE's idea..I'm going to sleep on it and see what happens. I figured the title would attract, my work here is done.

I can totally believe you made that joke...I love it!


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Review #10, by ScarletLady666 Of Love and Wallpaper

22nd February 2007:
That was so beautiful! I particularily loved the last line ,breath takingly brilliant !!
10/10 for originality =)

Author's Response: Yes, originality! My goal has been fulfilled..thank you!

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Review #11, by starryDAZE Of Love and Wallpaper

21st February 2007:

i teared up. *=]

it says work in progress i'm not sure if it's supposed to, but either way.. i think you should keep it coming. you kno. . fast forward and have harry tell the same story to his daughter or something, you kno?

Author's Response: I actually didn't think of that..the fast forward idea, but I may do it...but for now it stays completed...we'll see what happens.


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