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Review #1, by weazleylover Friends, Advice and a Kiss

13th August 2011:
OMG Luna That is just crazzy I didn't think of that

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Review #2, by interested reader Independent

9th January 2011:
Is it already done. Where is the rest of the story. I guess we have to use our own imagination. Yet I enjoyed it. Thanks.

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Review #3, by norapotter Potions

8th October 2007:
Yay! I had time to read this! (I actually woke up extra early to read this).

This is quit good. I really can't wait till I have time to read more. You have us on a good track. Its not too suspensful (which is good. In the beginning you want a little suspense, which you have, but not too much. It tires the reader out and if the suspense starts in the second chapter it means you arn't giving enough room to introduce the characters.) but you are doing fanastically. We have already learned alot oboud Cassie's personality. And to know her character is very key to this story. Expecially with that perfect amount of suspense that you did mix in.

In fact people are in perfect character here. Hermione is her usual book loving, school loving, acedemic self but she also holds deeper emotions and there is more to here. Just like in the books. Good work! Ron is his usual comic relief, emotional, flustered self too! And Snape...good work on making him the Snape we know.

But the character I want to congratulate you most on is Harry. How difficult he must be. But you know what? You accomplished him. He is the Harry we know. With the aspect of not asking for fame, wanting people to like him as him, caring about his studies but not as much as Hermione and not as talented as her. Also, his bravery (we see that in his character even if he hasn't needed it yet) his politness especially when he understands something someone is going through. You have captured him perfectly! GREAT WORK!!

So far this story is flowing really smoothly. Nothing has happened to abrubtly and everything is believable. You are doing everything a good writer is supposed to in the first few chapters and I really want to read on but my schedule is really packed as I said before.

I will read on soon but know that you have mixed just the perfect amount of suspense in here and I really can't wait to read on. You will hold me to this story until it is finished, I know it. Keep up the brilliant writing! I'll be back with more feedback soon! I'm sure it will be mostly positive because of your brilliant writing.

Just as I did before in the previous chapter I am rating this 10/10 for outstanding structure and wonderful work in all areas of writing.

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Review #4, by norapotter First Impressions

8th October 2007:
This is fantastic. I just want you to know that I really would read on but its late at night and I've gotta wake up early tomorrow. But you make it so difficult not to read on.

This really is splendid. I loved the first paragraph. You opened this story up with a paragraph that creates suspense for the reader. We don't know why Cassie is nervous so we must keep reading. This draws us in. Then you explain it in very clear detail in the next paragraph and by then we are fully pulled into the plot and cannot look away from the page. Great job!!

You also weave in great humour to this writing. There were several points where you just threw in a joke or light comment that really made the whole piece feel cheery. For instance (this is my favorite one) where you put this in: "“We’re all turning into teachers here,” Ron pointed out. “What with you teaching Cassie and Harry with the DA…” Ron trailed off..." I LOVED that! I can easily see Ron saying that with his arms waving wildly about and his face red from lack of oxygen while he talks without stopping to breathe. I was smiling so big that when I finished reading I was slightly embarrased at how crazy I would look to anybody walking in the room. Imagine walking in through a doorway and seeing somebody staring at a computer with their teeth showing and a gigantic grin covering the whole lower half of their face!

Along with the homour, though, you mix just the right amount of darkness and suspense. Which makes the reader want to read on. For instance the fact that Cassie's last name is Riddle. And later when we find out about her not having any memory. If writing were the same as cooking you would be an exellent cook (not that you arn't, i actually don't know your real cooking skills but if they are as good as your writing i want to taste it). You measure everything out perfectly and mix it to just the perfect texture.

I really really love this and will read it as soon as possible. I really dislike having to wait so know that I will probobly be back within the next few days. If the rest of this story is as good as chapter 1 was then I've got something wonderful to look forward to. I rate this 10/10 for covering all areas of fantasticness (I know that isn't a word but oh well..hehehe) : )

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Review #5, by 33hesta333 Independent

29th August 2007:
luv it!!! Great story line, nd cant wait to read next 1 :D :D :D

Author's Response: Thanks :) The story was my first and from a long time ago now, but I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #6, by Mell The Weirdness of Women

23rd July 2007:
No! :( I love Harry/luna, not Harry/cassie. Meh, oh well. DARNIT!

Author's Response: lol, sorry :p . Had to go that way though, thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #7, by hp4eva786 Mind Games

17th July 2007:
that was great

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you're liking it :)

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Review #8, by hp4eva786 Potions

17th July 2007:
snape does know cassie dont he

Author's Response: Guess you'll see ;)

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Review #9, by hp4eva786 First Impressions

17th July 2007:
this is pretty interesting especially with cassie not remembering anything

Author's Response: Thanks, it was the first story I wrote on here, I'm not personally that fond of it, but I hope you enjoy reading all the same :) .

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Review #10, by hArRyFaN234 Independent

11th July 2007:
ok that was really really good...though i am kinda mad you killed Bill...but still a good story!

Author's Response: lol, someone had to die :p . I'm glad you enjoyed reading it and thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #11, by Tani Independent

2nd October 2006:
Oh this is good. Please leave a sequel.
Poor Bill. and ron.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it, but I'm afraid there won't be a sequel. I have other stories on my account that yu might enjoy, but I have left this one behind now, thanks for your review! :)

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Review #12, by Elena Legilimency

27th August 2006:
Well, I did not see that coming...lol..She's the Daughter of Bellatrix and Voldemort??...Very interesting indeed!!! :)

So now that she knows, what will she do?? Will she tell Hermione, Harry and Ron?? Hmmmm, very interesting. Oh and Dumbledore wants her to stay away from Harry?? Will she lead him straight to Voldemort??...Many questions still left unanswered...But I do like it :)

Author's Response: With a name like Riddle she wans't going to be anyone else's ;) .

Yeah, Dumbledore doesn't want her with Harry, but you'll see about all that. Glad you're enjoying it and thanks for your review! :)

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Review #13, by Elena Mind Games

27th August 2006:
Ooooo...So the plot thickens...He's looking for Cassie, right...Oh, was it Snape that obliviated her?? Is that how she knows him...Does Cassie know Snape from being a Death Eater?? I really like this story...I dunno why you think its so bad....

Author's Response: lol, it's so cliche and my main character is a Mary Sue, that's why it's so bad :p . But you will have to wait to see what happens ;) . It's weird, I hardly remember the finer points of this story, but you're reminding me of how it went :D .

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Review #14, by Elena Potions

27th August 2006:
Hmmmmm...Sothis makes me question if Snape knows her...Very interesting :) And I loved the fact that Cassie is quick with her wand, this tells me that she is indeed a powerful witch, even if she doesn't know it :)

Author's Response: Ah well, answers to these questions ye shall find onward :p . Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #15, by Elena First Impressions

27th August 2006:
Y'know, this first chapter wasn't so bad :) I like the idea of Voldemort's daughter and her not knowing who she is. It gives her a real chance to be someone other than the 'evil' child :)

Author's Response: Well there are a ton of Voldemort's daughter fics out there, but at the time i wasn't aware of the cliche. I'm glad you think it's ok though :)

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Review #16, by loony86 Independent

29th May 2006:
"maratilla" is a spell very much to my liking... ;) Great invention!

This was what you call a furious ending, yet it was a happy one (in ways), and I think Cassie and Harry are a really cute couple.

So that's the secret of Tom... I admit I didn't guess it, but it makes sense.

I like the way you play with "Cassie" and "Cassandra" (only her father calls her Cassandra, and that really fits, somehow). The passages when Cassie and Voldemort talk inside Cassie's head are a tad confusing, because the direct speech (well, thought) is not marked in any way; you could have used italics or something... Anyway, I got it, so it can't be too confusing.

The story as a whole was very good; I find it hard to say much more about it, because you've already got 14 chapter reviews by me, and pretty much everything I wanted to say is in those review. I'll just say good-bye to a great story, but I think we'll meet again eventually in some other story's review section... =))


Author's Response: ah, i did have fun making up new spells and stuff, frustrating as it sometimes can be to think them up *rolls eyes*

Glad you commented ont he pace, I wanted it to be quite fast, though I think originally I wanted it to go on a bit longer but I was bsick of this fic by this time and just decided to wrap it up as best I could :D .

Tom was my favourite character to write, I had fun dropping hints and stuff :D .

Yeah, I have a hting about demonstrating differences between characters by the way they address others, I do tend to do that quite a bit. And that's a good point about the thoughts, I should probably italicalise them or something. thanks for the suggestion :) .

lol, well if you could think of anything more to say I would be surprised ;) . Thanks so much for reading this and revieiwng every chapter, it's been fun getting a new perspective on it and I am happy you enjoyed it overall. Thanks for all your input! :)

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Review #17, by loony86 The Right Thing

29th May 2006:
I'm glad Cassie and Harry got it sorted out with Albus' help. Dumbledore really directed each plot line in a new direction in this chapter, didn't he? Don't get me wrong, it all fits perfectly. The end is really scary, and I think I will jump on to the next chapter without further ado.

Author's Response: lol, yes Dumbledore is great for pushing things in various directions, I've used him many a time like that (which I probably shouldn't, but oh well). I am happy the end made you want to read on so fast, and without further ado i go to read your opinion of the final chapter :D .

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Review #18, by loony86 Refuge

29th May 2006:
Awww, poor Cassie...

Snape and Harry are acting precisely the way they should! I could really picture that scene! And beheading slugs... you've got some kind of a nasty imagination... ;)

It took me long again, I know... *feels guilty*

Author's Response: lol, doesn't matter, you stuck with this fic which is probably more than I would do ;) .

haha, yes beheading slugs, i thought it was appropriate. I did enjoy writing the scenes with Snape, I do remember that much, glad you liked that and thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #19, by loony86 The Logic of Luna's Lunacy

15th May 2006:
Another good chapter! I wonder if it's gonna work... Harry and Cassie...

The Ancients are getting quite interesting, too. Is Tom an Ancient? Or at least a human who had something to do with the Ancients? (No, don't tell me. ;))

Oh, and you've got a few run-on sentences, but as far as I know you're not working on this story any more, so I probably don't have to tell you.

Author's Response: lol, well I guess you'll have to see about that ;) .

I liked writing abotu them, and Tom was also such a great character to write. We'll see what you think by the end, and don't worry, I'm not saying any more :D .

I've no doubt this is full to the brim with mistakes and bad grammar, but you're right that I'm no longer working on it. Thank you for pointing it out all the same; if I ever find the time and inclination to re-visit this fic, I'll carefully revise it :) .

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Review #20, by loony86 The Weirdness of Women

15th May 2006:
Hi, it's me once more!

This was a good chapter, even though it was almost entirely about Harry's love affairs. It's amazing how all the girls know how the others feel, and the boys just don't notice. A bit like two different worlds, actually...

What Cassie saw in Malfoy's mind is almost a bit clichéd, but I guess there'll be more to it.

You portrayed Luna very well, especially this way of splitting up is so much like her.

Author's Response: hey!!

lol, well that's how it's seemingly written in the hp books. I don't think it's all necessarily true but it's the way it came out when I was wriitng this I guess :) .

It is cliche, it's very very very cliche in fact, but written long time ago, I promise I've learned from my mistakes ;) .

I loved writing Luna in this, though I'm not sure I really got her as well as she can be written. It was fun to write her though, she's a great character. Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #21, by loony86 Training and Riddles

23rd April 2006:
As to your Author's note: I won't kill you, I kinda like Luna/Harry... Tom is getting ever more interesting. I wonder what he's up to. You make your readers feel very uneasy about Cassie's gift, about whether it's right to use it. Good! Anything else would have been hard to believe. And concerning your answer to my last review: Of course I do not want you to comment on my speculations! On the contrary! I just hope that the whole "Tom-thing" resolves in a logical way, without any plotholes, that is. But I trust you. And no, you won't lose me yet! I'm just reading about four or five things at the same time, and that's without school stuff, so it takes me some time to read your fic.

Author's Response: lol, I think I remember that author's note. Luna/Harry made sense at the time and it sort of worked for my story :D . Tom is meant to be interesting :p . And naturally I would not have commented on your speculations ;) . Hmm, logical, well we'll see what you have to say when everything is revealed then :D . I hope there aren't any plotholes, of course. I wanted Cassie's gift to have some consequence, it couldn't be too easy or something to be used frivilously, I'm glad you thought it was right of me to do that. And that's fine, it takes me an age to read chaptered fics and review as well, take as much time as you like and thanks for the review! :)

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Review #22, by loony86 Power and Responsibility

18th April 2006:
Long time no see, but you won't get rid of me, Phoenix! So here I am again!

In this chapter I noticed again how very similar Harry and Cassie are sometimes. Tom still has me thinking; I had a theory he was something like a shadow of Voldemort from the past - or even Voldemort right now; maybe even his dad - but no, he was a Muggle... Well, I guess I'll have to keep reading... Interesting idea about the Ancients - are you a Stargate fan?

Author's Response: loony!!! hey!!! ah, I thought I'd lost you forever :D . I am very happy you're back :) .

Yes, it was necessary to make them similar, I knew they would be when i created Cassie. Tom had everyone thinking, right up until the last chapter, and I hope you're not looking to me to answer any of those guesses, I like your theories though :p . I used to watch Stargate SG-1 a little, not a lot though and I don't remember much about it. Not where I got the idea, I didn't know it could be related to stargate until you just said in your review :D . Thanks for sticking with me here! :)

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Review #23, by loony86 Friends, Advice and a Kiss

15th March 2006:
That was a truly marvelous chapter! A great description of the different kinds of friendships in story (well, more than friendships, see Luna - that was cool). And also a good description of how a potions lesson can get you talking privately, yet have everyone listen. I know what chemistry lessons are like when you have to work with someone you are trying to avoid...

Author's Response: thank you yet again loony! Yes, I do remember liking writing this chapter :D. I had a lot of fun writing Luna, though if I wrote her again I would write her slightly differently, I don't think i got her quite right. Potions seemed a natural lesson to set it in, I set a lot of things that happened in this story there :D. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story and thanks again for your review :).

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Review #24, by loony86 Willondill Whirlwind

12th March 2006:
Good chapter! I think I could do with a Willondill for "air conditioning"... ;-) I like Cassie, although I still don't like Quidditch. The phoenix was a great idea; it certainly helped Cassie, I guess. Hagrid's lesson was good - will he ever manage an interesting lesson without an accident? ;-)

Author's Response: hello again loony! lol, yes, I remember writing this chapter, it ended up quite long for what I wrote back then! :D. you don't like quidditch :o, well I didn't write too much into this fic, but I wanted to have a match from a different player's perspective though :). lol, who knows, perhaps one day :D. Thanks, as always, for your review :).

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Review #25, by loony86 Choices and Consequences

9th March 2006:
You really know how to write Hermione, even though there's not so much of her in the story yet. Do you like her? (I don't, but never mind, I like your descriptions all the better) The part about Tom is good, too. And definitely not what we'd expect from the Tom we know.

Author's Response: :D, I used to like Hermione, but I haven't written her for a very long time. Characters I like I tend to find easier to write, but I am more interested in other characters now; I am glad you like my description in spite of not liking her :). You'll have to see where the Tom thing leads :D. Thanks for your review!

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