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Review #1, by TheHeirOfSlytherin My last big mistake

16th March 2013:
Whoa, whoa, whoa!

I was so convinced, the whole time, that it was Harry running, that he hadn't killed Voldemort yet. Then BAM! No! Not Harry! Ron! Ron killed Harry and ran... What the heck? ;( How could Ron do that? I'm so sad now. No one can kill Harry, it's just wrong!

But, ah, I loved this. The surprise, the mystery, just had me hooked (I'm a sucker for a good mystery :P). This was really great.


P.S. Was it Aurors after Ron? The Order? Since they called him a murderer, I assume it was one of them, not Death Eaters. Could be wrong, though.

Author's Response: Ahh I can't believe you reviewed this story, it was one of the first me and my friend put onto this site, I'm too scared to even go back and sort out the grammar haha.

Ah yes that was a sneaky little plot twist :D I wanted you to think that it was Harry that was running. As bad as it sounds I can't even remember why he would have killed Harry? Possibly he would have been under a spell in order to do it I think?
I'm so glad that the story hooked you in :D
I'm going to go for Aurors being the ones after Ron haha :D
Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by Svenni My last big mistake

5th June 2007:
Sorry, i don't get the meaning,
why he killed Harry, who cathces him?
maybe it's just me

Author's Response: well, like many one shots it gives you the opportunity to use your imagination and make it up yourself, perhaps he needed to, perhaps if he didn't his family would get killed, perhaps he finally snapped and just killed harry out of pure frustration, even i'm not sure. the people who catch him, in my mind are fellow witches and wizards, the people who's side he'd supposed to be on, not neccessarily the order etc, but people who trusted him.

i hope that's cleared it up for you :) xxx

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Review #3, by harrylilyjames(not signed in) My last big mistake

13th March 2007:
I was trying to think of who it was and why he was running while i read it, but WOW! i never expected that!
BACKSTABBER!! = meant for Ron. hehe.
I loved it, i had to read the last line a second time just to make sure i read it correctly.
I dont know what to say!! Just that ill give it 100/100!! *well done!*

Author's Response: well that has made my day! thank you very much i'm very glad you enjoyed it and it sounds as though it had the effect i intended thank you again! :D xx

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