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Review #1, by apAidan Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

6th February 2008:
very nice reversal of the sacrifice motif, on many levels. well written

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :)

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Review #2, by noraxslytherin Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

23rd November 2007:
ohmygod! AH! that was awesome! your writing is flawless! the begining (i think i spelled that wrong for some reason) hooked me straight on! you even had Tonks be super clumsy! awesome! this is obviously deserving of a gazillion/10. and going into my favorites. pretty soon, my whole favorites is gonna be full of your stories- yay! get writing! awesome job! xx nora

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It means a lot to me that you like my writing!!! XD Thanks again, you're such a sweetie!!! I LOVE getting reviews from you!


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Review #3, by aolovesrw Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

1st August 2007:
Aw! How sweet! I totally loved this story. I cried so hard when Harry killed himself : ( This was AMAZING! : )

Author's Response: THANK YOU!!! :) :) :)

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Review #4, by alternativerocker Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

31st July 2007:
Shea nice work one million buzzillion out of 10 lol
i didn't realize till i was in the middle of the story that i was listening to Helena lol and i fit so well with the story. well i thought it did lol
anyway it so good great awesome amazing dramatic and everything lol

nice job -danielle- :] me enchanta su nombre (i think thats right i'm a little rusty on my spanish lol) it means i love you story!! :]

Author's Response: oh! THANK YOU! :) :) :)

Helena definitely works!!! :) :) :) While I was writing this the only songs I listened to were Helena and Build God, Then We'll Talk by P!@TD :) :) :)

Thanks again for the wonderful review! YOU MADE MY DAY! :) :P :)


LOL! I'm glad you liked my story enough to use espanol! :) :) :) LOL! I'm a wee bit rusty too, though. LOL! But hey, that's what summer is for, letting your mind waste away and forget stuff. LOL!

THANK YOU FOR THE REVIEW!!! you're such a sweetheart!

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Review #5, by brunettesrule Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

4th July 2007:

*stares at the screen in shock*

I loved it! Such an amazing fic to read... so enjoyable! Hermione/Harry kind of icks me to be honest, that's the only thing I don't like.

But for a Harry/Hermione fic (for me, cos i don't normally read them) it was really good! Very... emotional? for want of such a better word. It's like you've channelled all of her feelings and you're just writing down what she actually thinks, instead of it seeming like a written piece of work...

Oh, I particularly liked the bit about the rain and the weather brooding with her... I always feel like that as well if it rains and there's a funeral!

Why did Harry marry Ginny if he loved Hermione?? From the way it was laid out, I kinda got the impression he was already married to her before he started a relationship of sorts with Hermione? Am I right or wrong?

Anyway, really enjoyed reading this!

Author's Response: WOW!!! Thank you so much!!! I don't like Harry/'Mione at all myself... I just kinda got in the writing mood one day and this was the result! LOL!

Thank you so much for the awesome review!!!

You are 100% right!

Hermione loved Harry. Harry loved Ginny. But then he had an affair on Ginny with Hermione the night before the final battle. He was already married to Ginny and Hermione was engaged to Ron.

I hope that clears things up!!!

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! :) :) :) :) :) :)

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Review #6, by GRAWP_WANT_STORY Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

30th May 2007:
that was AWESOME! I don't really like the pairing, but you're a great writer and made it work.

Author's Response: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You're review is just... wow... Thank you so much! That is such a compliment! THANX SO MUCH!!!


*hands you greatest reviewer reward!*

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Review #7, by daughterofthemoon Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

29th May 2007:
i loved it!

Author's Response: OOOOOH! Thanx so much for the review!!!


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Review #8, by hpef1006 Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

29th May 2007:
Was it Hermione? It seems too obvious, though, so maybe Luna but I never imagined her being so passionate... will you tell us? I think it was great, by the way!

Author's Response: WOW! Thanx for the tray kool review! Yeah it was meant to be Mione. I know it was obvious, but I never said her name throughout the entire story and I just wanted to make peeps think! Thanx for the awesome review!!!


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Review #9, by Dedikated Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

29th May 2007:
Well, I beleive that we were led to think this was Hermione. And it was very beleiveable, so I think it's Hermione.

Author's Response: Kool! It was believable! Your review has def put me in a good mood! And yeah, it was meant to be Mione

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Review #10, by maurdersdaughter Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

29th May 2007:
hermione duh!

Author's Response: LOL! Yeah, it's pretty obvious! LOL! THANX 4 THE REVIEW!!!

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Review #11, by CrimsonEmeralds Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

28th May 2007:
Wow that's definitely something i haven't read before so yeah ^_^ two thumbs up ;)

Author's Response: Thanx

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Review #12, by Tres Amigas de Harry Potter *doesn't feel like logging in* Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

22nd May 2007:
Hey Shea,
Wow. That. was. amazing! I cannot believe how romantic that was-I LOVED IT! Gotta go work on my project for computers-but just want you to know that I like how you didn't actually directly state Hermione's name until the end. Thanks for the awesome read! 10/10.
Your Amiga

Author's Response: First of all, let me thank you for taking time away from your computer project to read my story. :) How awesomely sweet are you?

Secondly, THANK YOU FOR FINALLY GETTING THAT!!! No one ever catches that I don't directly state her name till the end! They all just assume it's her from the beginning, I almost changed the character to someone like Pansy... I still might eventually do that. Just to throw people off.

THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL REVIEWS!!! You are such a sweet person!



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Review #13, by Tres Amigas de Harry Potter Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

15th May 2007:
Hi again! It's Reese. I got a lot farther in the story in computers today-here I go again to English:( It's very moving and beautiful-I love it! Too bad I had to stop RIGHT when they entered the room with Voldemort! Bummer.
Harriet says hi!

Author's Response: LOL!!! I love reading these reviews of yours... Thank you for them...


Tell Harriet that I said hi back! LOL!



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Review #14, by Tres Amigas de Harry Potter Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

8th May 2007:
hi, this is Harriet T Cauldron under the penname I'm sharing with my buds Reese and Ash! Reese is reading this now, so this is her review, I was just adding this because I'm next to her! Here's Reese:

HOLA! Sorry, but I can't actually leave a REAL review right now, because Computers is over and I have to go to English-EW! But, the 1st three sentences were AWESOME!


And Harriet

she's sooo crazy!!!not yes! u r reese

Author's Response: HE HE HE!!! You 2 are 2 funny!!! :)

And you're both crazy!!! :) But in a good way! :P

Reese, I'm glad that the first three sentences were awesome!!! LMAO!

English class definitely sucks!!! ;(


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Review #15, by FallingApart Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

29th April 2007:
i feel like people pick on Ron too much, like how you descriped hermione envy of ginny, whore,bitchy ect

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!!! Yeah, people do pick on poor Ron too much! :( I love Ron too, it's just that it went along with the plot. Thanks again for the review!

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Review #16, by RuffledPuff Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

28th April 2007:
Very good, I liked the idea of Harr being a Hocrux, I couldn't stop reading. And it was easy to read because you'd spaced it out and stuff. Very nice=).

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the nice review. :) You made my day and I'm glad you couldn't stop reading! LOL!!! Seriously, it's reviews like yours that make all the hard work and writing worth it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :)


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Review #17, by Harriet T Cauldron Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

5th April 2007:
You didn't tell me you put up a new story! *GASP* Why the nerve of you! Okay, just kidding. But seriously, why didn't you tell me? Fine. I suppose I'll just have to get on with it now. Ugh.

Alright, my house is kind of cold at the moment, but that first part gave me chills. And who has coffee without sugar? Have you ever had coffee without sugar? It's terrible! I don't know anyone who has it without sugar, but if you're trying desperately to stay awake, or you're seriously depressed (which would make sense) it would be kind of understandable.

Big switch up. I thouhgt Hermione would be the voice of reason with the whole 'instinct' thing. but, she's a cheater! Never trust a cheater! Lol. All THREE words he used would do well. Poor Ron! If you by some chance haven't noticed yet, I ADORE Ron and James!

That thing about Harry being the horcrux was pretty good! I wouldn't have thouhgt that up. The last chapter of Don't YouKnow You're an Idiot has a strange last horcrux too, but I'm not telling you what it is!

One question, why would he want to kill his own horcrux?

Hermione should stop calling Ginny all those names because that's exactly what she is! I never quite liked Hermione as much. Ah, well.

Great story. Made me emotional! Lol.

10/10 for your lovely talent and great story!

Author's Response: I love your reviews!!! Sorry 'bout not telling you... I guess I kind of just pay more attention to My Hero and I forgot about this... OH WELL!!!

Yeah, I think I wanted to say "no whipped cream and extra sugar." OOOPS!!! I know coffee is terrible w/o sugar!!! *Bleh* can't stand thinking 'bout it!!! But I LOVE coffee! Almost as much as I love chocolate! (but not quite!)

When Harry killed himself, he was still in control of his thoughts, actions, feelings etc. If he waited any longer, Voldie's horcrux would've kicked into gear and Voldie would've been in control. At least, that's what I think I was thinking while I was writing. *thinks* Yeah. Hope that answers the question!

I know, I hate cheaters too and Hermione should be talking. I don't think she'd actually do it (though I don't really care for her that much anyway), but it goes along with the song Build God, Then We'll Talk. I was kind of on this kick where I just wanted to write about Hermione having a totally demented love life. I actually almost wrote one about her with: Draco, Ron, Harry, Voldie and Snape. But I ended up not writing it. WHATEVER!!!

You're an awesome reviewer! LOVE YA!!!


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Review #18, by jmg Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

25th March 2007:
I'm sorry but hermione will never be or want to be with harry. lets face it she want ron. and I gave it a 1 because thats the lowest rating you can give.

Author's Response: I agree that Hermione should be with Ron and shouldn't be with anyone else, but I would appreciate more constructive criticism and the story lists a Harry/Hermione pairing so you could have just avoided reading the fic all together.

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Review #19, by Mathias Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

18th March 2007:
Right and she'd just Marry Ron.mm hmm

Author's Response: Ummmm... Okay... I'm kind of lost here, sorry. Is that good or bad? I had her marrying Ron because Harry was already married to Ginny and she didn't really want to be alone,so her friend Ron was the next best thing to Harry. I hope that explains my train of thought. Thanks for taking the time review.

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Review #20, by RebeccaPotter Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

18th March 2007:
This really brought tears to my eyes. The ending was sooo good. I'm a 100% Hermione/Ron shipper, but you did do this very well, and you deserve a lot of credit. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm a Hermione/Ron shipper too, but I've been on this kick where I have to write about her love life with demented little twists. Thanks again for the great review!

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Review #21, by hermionexoxo Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

7th March 2007:
Very nicely written BUT, (forgive me if I sound snobby. Im really not trying to!) the actual name for that song is 'Build God, then We'll Talk'

once again, so sorry!

Author's Response: As I am reading this I am seriously banging my head up against the desk! I can't believe that I did that, and I konw the title of the song!!! GRRRRR!!! I am so mad at myself. Don't ever worry about sounding snobby and don't be sorry, I'm glad you told me! Grrrr! I'm going to change it right now! I think I just get confused with all of their lengthy titles! *Bangs Head Again* THANKS FOR THE REVIEW!

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Review #22, by savhp Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

1st March 2007:
OMFG I love Panic! At THe Disco i am like a p!ATD freak. my room is covered with posters of them I love Ryan Ross and I went to their concert and nearly fainted when Ryan smiled right @ me =] Your story is really good 2.

Author's Response: He He He!!! Double review!!! ;)

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Review #23, by savhp Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

1st March 2007:
OMFG I love Panic! At THe Disco i am like a p!ATD freak. my room is covered with posters of them I love Ryan Ross and I went to their concert and nearly fainted when Ryan smiled right @ me =] Your story is really good 2.

Author's Response: He He He!!! I love Panic! At The Disco too!!! Their music is really original and I really love it. Ryan smiled at you? WOW!!! I would've like died if I were you!!! SO JEALOUS!!! LOL! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review!!!

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Review #24, by Raymond Spruance Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

1st March 2007:
very-very-very god!!!

well-spoken, well-writen. wonderful!

Author's Response: Thank you for the wonderful review!!! *blushing* *smiling* Thanks Again!

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Review #25, by lupa_mannera Of Sins, Tragedies, Lies, and Love

28th February 2007:
Whoa. This was 'knock me into next week' powerful! Hermione hates Ginny, eh? She was certainly pissed off, that's for sure. I love the part when LV looks into her mind and knows that she's been unfaithful. I'm sure he found that pretty entertaining, and the whole "oomph" when he says: "What's the right word for this?... Whore... Slut... Cheater..." And then the revelation of his plan when he tells her she will be Harry's queen of darkness. *shivers* Very well written there. I totally expected somone to be listening in on her rampage at the end, but thankfully not. Poor dead Harry. Poor dumb sidekick Ron. Poor slutty (lol) Ginny. I taste the bitter irony of this: "Only a friend."
Excellent job, great story idea!

Author's Response: Thank You So Much!!! This afternoon I came on and I was like, "I wonder if my story finally got validated?" So then I log on and see my first review and do the I'm-So-Happy jig!!! LMAO! That's my fave part too. At first I wrote in Tonks listening, but then it kind of started dragging on and on until I was up to about 5,000 words!! That's a few too many! LOL! I really don't think this could ever happen, but once I got the idea I just had to write it down. THANKS AGAIN FOR THE GREAT REVIEW!!!

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