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Review #1, by Akasha101 Trip to the Alley

25th March 2008:

you need some serious grammer and spelling help

Author's Response: well i do give you credit that i need help on grammer, i barely pass grammer in school. but i do use spell cheack on my computer. and for spell i eather look them up in the books or look them up on the internet. i'll keep u in mind for a bata.

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Review #2, by Flower123 Trip to the Alley

13th March 2008:
Their both pregnant!and harry will look 17 in 10 yrs but will really be 27?update soon thats kind of weired u know with the whole Elizabeth thing if thats the case.

Author's Response: yeah the both are pregnate. the spell descised harry is not permanent but hides him. there is alot of forshaddowing in this chapter and i will try to update soon but i have a few storys that i want to type out before they explodes in my head. and also liz doesn't know that magic is real all she sees is a rundown bilding... for now...

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Review #3, by Quidditchstar2291 Trip to the Alley

9th March 2008:
Honestly I really like the whole plot of this story and how it is coming along. The only thing that I believe that you could do to improve it is to check the spelling and grammar and maybe get a beta or someone to correct some mistakes. Otherwise, I really like this story.

Author's Response: well i did have a teacher read over it a few times with the earlier chapters, but then summer break came and will just say that i had no one to look over the chapters. but if I'll look into it.

thanks for the review!!!

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Review #4, by Flower123 Realization

6th March 2008:
it was good, but are you goign to skip a few years with harry or keep him in 1st grade?update soon

Author's Response: Sorry about the mistake i'm going to skip a few years if i remimber corectly three years up to the year 2000. do that when i did the outline for this story there is nothing going to happen other than harry just living his life. but a little more action is coming up in a chapter or two deppens how i write it!!

thanks for the review!!!

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Review #5, by ROBERT__1958 Foe and Friend

1st November 2007:
Nice story.

Way too short though.

Author's Response: well i know that this chapter was little short for myself do the all the action that was going to be in it but it didn't come. i am a little mad at myself but i need to get something up and well here it is the next chapter is about five or so pages long aready and i am not done yet. i'm even suprise at it even. thanks for the review i will try to make the chapters longer.

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Review #6, by Akasha101 Loss And New Way of Life

25th October 2007:
wondering if you would like help with posting or writing your story,
if you where to email it to some one they could post it on your account for you, because you said that you internet was blocked, send it from school.
that way you would also have a better and your story would be updated.

sorry if this is invation of your story.
but it is just a suggestion

Author's Response: acculey im in luck do that my parents computer took the dumps the internet is on my computer and im using it right now so i wil try to get the next chapter as soon as positbal. hopeful with less gramer mistakes as this response

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Review #7, by akasha101 Loss And New Way of Life

6th October 2007:
writing again
please update soon

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Review #8, by dont have one just wanted to comment Loss And New Way of Life

3rd October 2007:
hey wondering when you where going to update
i am really liking the gist of your story

Author's Response: well thanks for review, well the resone that i haven't been able to post up another chapter is that school had started a month ago and i want to have half way decent grades and my mom has block my from the internet at home and that is were the chapters are all at. right now i am on the schools computer during class! uhps! i will try to talk my mom into it so don't worry i try to get another chapter up as soon as possable!!!

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Review #9, by Flower123 Loss And New Way of Life

21st August 2007:
so hes now starting his life as a muggle. thats good for him, but its sad for the others. hope everything turns out ok for everyone.update soon

Author's Response: don't worry to much everything will work out fine. no one dies for a while. and they others will be sad for a while but grow past it. i while try to update soon as my parents allow it. thanks for the review.

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Review #10, by Pingo Loss And New Way of Life

19th August 2007:
I really like this story, but I'm wondering weather or not you have a beta, 'cause I've seen a lot of small mistakes, which undoubtly is just some tapping-errors, but also a couple of gramma. mistakes too, but it isn't a lot. If you don't have a beta, I would love to be it for you :D
I'm looking forward to read more, so please update soon and let me know if you need me as a beta. I hope you could use my reveiw.

Author's Response: Actually I have been looking for one for a while but I couldn’t find one so sure I will love that u an be my bata so I can get my chapters up fast. Right now I cant remember if I have the next chapter done or not do that I am not one my computer but my parents. Thanks for the review and email u soon!

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Review #11, by Flower123 Summer Night Experience of 1997

3rd August 2007:
oh wow so thats how he went away thats interesting update soon

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! yeah that is how he went. just what to see how he returns in 15 odd chapters from now. then you well see how strong he real is. most of the story is in my head so i will try to update as fast i can and the valerdater can read and post them.

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Review #12, by ValorOrgulloso April Fools Day or Not?

18th May 2007:
This story has the potential to be really great! Keep updating!

Author's Response: thanks, i do hope that the idias that are flowing though my head keep on coming out on paper like they are. and that i find a bata soon other than my teacher who is able to look at it here and there. i do hope that you come back to see the next of the chapters to come.

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Review #13, by harrylilyjames(not signed in) April Fools Day or Not?

15th April 2007:
you cant review your own story... its against the rules... but after reading the chapter, i really liked it..
just to point out a few things- after each speech, for example 'Hi,'

Author's Response: Well. first of they had the box down there, and I decide to see if they will allow me to do it. And thank you for leaving a review and hopefully when my teacher has time she can finish going over chp.2 and I can put it up!,!

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Review #14, by harrylilyjames(not signed in) April Fools Day or Not?

15th April 2007:
you cant review your own story... its against the rules... but after reading the chapter, i really liked it..
just to point out a few things- after each speech, for example 'Hi,'

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Review #15, by HPlife April Fools Day or Not?

6th April 2007:
well hope you like reading the first chap. of many.

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