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Review #1, by noraxslytherin ~~~~~

17th September 2007:
Tommy? lol! :P i like Tom better. howeverrr, this was great! i really liked the emotions in it. great job! :]


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Review #2, by NoveltyQuest ~~~~~

18th March 2007:
Warning: C/C ahead.

Given the orphanage setting, I knew as soon as I saw 'Tommy' that you were talking about Tom Marvolo Riddle. And that really threw me off for the rest of the story. There's no canon support for him ever calling himself Tommy, and we do know that he hated his muggle first name, so seeing him use an affectionate form of the name inside his head just didn't work for me. Also, you paint a picture of an innocent little boy who doesn't understand why certain people are so mean to him, and that sharply contrasts with my picture of Tom four years later as a sullen almost-teen who hurts people for fun.

So this story really didn't work for me, because of my pre-perception of the character. You do a good job creating emotions and developing the scene, but this just doesn't seem to slot nicely into canon.

Author's Response: What do you want a seven-year-old to call himself? I don't think he ever calls himself anything in his mind, most of the story is not in first person. I call him tommy because I have a feeling the matron would have called him that.

What seven-year-old understands why people are mean to him/her? What have they done? I was trying to challenge myself to write something different, which ended up as a turning point story for Tom. Four years later he will be much different.

Thanks for the review and the critisim

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Review #3, by acciowand ~~~~~

10th March 2007:
You're trying make us feel sorry for Voldemort?!?! O...k. However, you did do an excellent job, I must say. :-) A good explanation for little Tommy's future ways.

Author's Response: Excellent job! My life is complete! :)

Thanks muchly for the review!

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