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Review #1, by VEWHogwarts Hermione's Story

4th November 2008:
awww this was a sweet story not so fluffy which is good:) 11/10

Author's Response: Thanks I really like it too, my friend really went all out. There's a bot of fluff in like one chapter but nothing overly fluffy :)

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Review #2, by Tigermusic Hermione's Story

11th September 2007:
ABSOLUTLEY awsome..keep it up

Author's Response: thank you =]

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Review #3, by nads Hermione's Story

10th September 2007:
How could Her friend do that to her not much of a friend then is he?

Author's Response: no hes not really but things wll get better for hermione

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Review #4, by nads Confrontation

11th July 2007:
i wonder what Hermione's story is pretty interesting chapter Harry sure got a beating from Hermione lol update soon

Ps went and saw the HP film its awesome YAY

Author's Response: thanks and im so jealous it doesnt come out where i live until tomorrow and im going aay on holiday so boo =[

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Review #5, by nads talking

17th May 2007:
So who is Harry with? is it Ginny? and why was Hermione so nice to Draco how very strange update soon

Author's Response: all will be revealed and I suppose she wants to give him a chance i have the next two chapters written I just need to get them up =]

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Review #6, by nads Harry's decision

9th May 2007:
So Hermione is now stuck with Draco well that should be interesting now then shouldnt it lol

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Review #7, by nads The Wrong Start

9th May 2007:
Poor Draco it seems that Hermione didn't take that as well as he might of expected. Hopefully they will sort things out

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Review #8, by nads First Meeting

9th May 2007:
seems like they both need someone to talk to, hopefully they can talk to each other without to many problems but that is super unlikely

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Review #9, by ForeverLoveMe_Draco Harry's decision

21st April 2007:
awesome job.loved it.=]

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Review #10, by lightning The Wrong Start

20th March 2007:
he had to show her that didn't he? well at least she knows. plz don't make her tell harry or ron

Author's Response: Its alryt i wont let her tell harry or ron at least nt at the minute hehe

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Review #11, by ForeverLoveMe_Draco The Wrong Start

19th March 2007:
so far it is pretty good.it could be a bit longer.but its still brilliant.i give it a ten.

Author's Response: yeay thank yoo =]

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Review #12, by GoddessMoonstone First Meeting

3rd March 2007:
It seemed REALLY rushed.

I see potential in this though. do some editing and keep it up :)

Author's Response: yea it is my first fic tho so i will learn thanks =]

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Review #13, by the_slytherin_goddess1509 First Meeting

27th February 2007:
wow well i like it please add more and soon cant wait to read the next chapter

Author's Response: Thanks =] i will have to finish writin the second chapter ona bit of a block atm tho willw rite more soon tho

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