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Review #1, by lollipop_marauderette Transparent

23rd October 2007:
wowowowowowow that wuz differrentay..


Author's Response: Hehe! Thank you!

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Review #2, by chiQs09_II Transparent

15th August 2007:
This is wonderful. Is this written in Nearly-Headless Nick's POV? (Sorry, I forgot to read your summary, I just caught Luna on the banner, so I thought I should read the story.) ^_^

It made me a bit sad, I don't know why, especially this sentense was so moving: I can see you try to be kind to everyone, and you succeed, though they don’t succeed in the same. Most of them don’t even try.

When reading this, I found a new liking in Luna Lovegood.

Good job. chiQs09_II ^_^

Author's Response: Oh wow! What a lovely review! Thank you! Yes, it is from Nick's POV. It doesn't say that anywhere since I wanted the reader to guess that and I wanted to give small hints of it in the story.

I'm glad you like my Luna and that you found a new liking to her with that. That's a really wonderful comment.

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Zacharias_Smith Transparent

5th August 2007:
Wow this was very unique. I was thinking 'Dean Thomas? Neville? Who!? but I certainly wouldn't have guessed, and was rather shocked by the 'centuries apart'! But I think this was a really different and actually very beautiful idea for a story. Your writing had some mistakes in it, mostly grammar and just a few phrasings that sounded awkward (repeptition of 'somehow' near the beginning, for example) but overall I adored your style.
My favourite line, it was funny but also poignant in a way:
I will regret it the rest of my life (a figure of speech)
This fic just had a quality that's rare in fanfiction; totally unique and, fittingly, haunting. I loved the descriptions of Luna - it's actually, in a way, how I see her character.
Anyway, great story.

Author's Response: I have to say that I like all your reviews! They are so nice but useful. I have actually never had this betaed, but I have been thinking of letting someone do that so I can get to the grammar problems.

I'm happy you liked this! I liked to write it as well especially as I find both characters so interesting. It was also very fun to just put small hints as to whose point of view it is from ;)
Thanks again!

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Review #4, by Ravenclawchik6 Transparent

15th July 2007:
read it yesterday
loved it beyond belief
VERY original

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so amazed by your words!

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Review #5, by glorygirlXOX14 Transparent

21st June 2007:
Oh, I loved it, I'm not a fan on song fics myself, but I actually really liked this. You made it fit Luna really well. And I really like the song you picked from it, it's great. But hm.constructive critisism.I guess you can expand the story a bit, but more detail in it I guess, but I dont know, I really like the story the way it is.

Author's Response: Thanks you very much for your review and your nice words! I'm happy you liked the story!

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Review #6, by TheWorldISee Transparent

16th May 2007:
This is an amazing song fic! I came to read it cause I saw your post about the reviews that made your day. And I saw that people said they never liked any song fics before this one. I too am not a fan of song fics. Though I'm guilty of writing one. (the dang plot bunny just wouldn't go away!) But I love this one! First off, I love the song. Lifehouse is so good are they not? It's funny i always listen to that album, but I never thought of a good song fic for them. You wrote this peice beautifully. I've never written a first person so I admire you for that. And a ghost being in love with Luna is seems so fitting to me. I love it, this fic is wonderful. Great job!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you! It's lucky then that I did that post. And this review could really be added to those.

I have to admit that I barely know Lifehouse and I wrote this because Pipperstorms had made a challenge with the song and the lyrics gave me the plotbunny then. But I love the song and I should listen more to Lifehouse because I do like their music...

I'm happy you too liked this story even though it's a song fic!

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Review #7, by CJ_Black Transparent

3rd April 2007:
Well, this is definitely the frst songfic I actually liked. I used to hate them (and I still hate most of them), but I thought I'd just give it one more try. It was worth it, because this story is WONDERFUL. The entire concept is very original and amazing. I loved the fact that someone FINALLY took the time to write an appreciative fic about Luna. I love her character, and it's really sad that people can't really figure her out. The mystery admirer was wonderfully done as well. If I'd have to take a guess as to whom he is, I'd have to say probably Nick, because he's aghost, because he's not a Ravenclaw and because he used the expression with the axe. But then again, I might be wrong. Anyway, your descriptions of Luna were great, I loved the entire picture of this story. I liked the words you used and the way you expressed the guy's feelings. Very simple and natural, and therefore very nice. I'll read more of your stories (I'll go check if you have any) sometime very soon, and review of course. Much love, CJ [Black Kitty]

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much! I might get too proud of this story soon as the reviews I get are so amazing.

I also love Luna. She's so interesting. The inspiration really came from the song and especially the 'transparent' part. It just made me think of Luna.

A very good guess I should say ;) I had quite fun when I came up with the couple of hints there are (espesially the axe). And it was fun thinking about how he would express himself.

I'm so happy you liked it!


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Review #8, by Pipperstorms Transparent

2nd March 2007:
That was actually quite good. I appologize for how long it took me to read his. I caan copleatly understand how Luna might have a ghost with a crush on her. Very nicely done.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm glad you like it and think it is plausible!

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Review #9, by ArchAngel Transparent

1st March 2007:
cool.. a ghost loving a student..^_^ nice concept.. i like the way you are able to show all the good points of Luna.. and at the same time keep the admirer a mystery.. its hard to like someone you haven't been able to mingle with and talk to.. and yet the ghost seems to get it all right.. very nicely done.. you're choice of words and songs are really good..^_^ thanks for the honor..^_^

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! And for the lovely comments!
I wanted to just hint at who the admirer is and not say it directly. You should be able to guess it from some of the words he uses... Good you like it!

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