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Review #1, by Potterfreak4 Then You Stand

12th March 2008:

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Review #2, by hypercell Then You Stand

17th February 2008:
Wow. They both die! Very,very sad. But very good. I liked it.

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Review #3, by looneylovegood Then You Stand

24th September 2007:
oooh *tear*
soo incredibly amazingly good
all ur other stories r gr8 2
525600/10 (my damn computer wont let me do that so you willhave to settle for 10/10 *shakes fist at computer*


Author's Response: Haha stupid computer.

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Review #4, by hp_rocks Then You Stand

20th September 2007:
I loved it! 10/10 for a job well done.

Author's Response: Yeah a job well done!

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Review #5, by posers_sux Then You Stand

3rd August 2007:
Huh... well. That wasn't what I was expecting. The gnomes at the beginning were... well, irrelevant to the plot kind of. I don't see the point in having brought those up, even.

But... well I like the song Stand, and obviously you do too. Rascal Flatts is one of my favorites.

Interesting story, just very vague and short :P.


Author's Response: Well, it is is a song fic and those are usually out there and have some irrlevant points.

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Review #6, by Raina Moon Then You Stand

7th April 2007:
I loved it. It was very emotional. 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #7, by Ginny_108 Then You Stand

21st March 2007:
that was so sad...! but beautifully written..i luvvv that song 2! great job!

Author's Response: me love the song.

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Review #8, by aCCIOcOOLNESS Then You Stand

18th March 2007:
It was really sweet, but I was a little confused at the last part. So Ron's dead? It's a little bit confusing, so maybe you should clarify that a little bit.

Overall, good job!


Oh yeah, and gnome is mispelled.

Author's Response: Yes. Ronald is dead *sobs*

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Review #9, by Proud Hufflepuff Then You Stand

13th March 2007:
I don't love it, but I don't hate it either. I really didn't get it, to be honest...

Author's Response: Thanks for being honest.

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Review #10, by Ydnas Odell Then You Stand

1st March 2007:
This is ok. I like the twist at the end. I find it hard to believe that with Harry dead in a huge battle that Ron could smirk though.

And it is Gnome not Knome's.

Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks- I changed it for you.

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Review #11, by goldden_emotion Then You Stand

18th February 2007:
wow... that was deep. i really liked it. i got i teency confused at the last part but got it in th eed. love it!

Author's Response: Deep? Cool.

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Review #12, by ILoveLost1888 Then You Stand

18th February 2007:
Hi! I love it. Poper Ginny. Is Harry gone? 10-10

Author's Response: Hi back at cha

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