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Review #1, by Sweeter Dana and Her Army of Snivelling Ex-Death Eater Wimps

11th May 2008:
aaw update? please? pretty please? pleasepleaseplease with a cherry on top of two scoops of vinnila and chocolate sprinkled with those chunky candy sort of worms or whatever that are about as big as grains of rice and all the different colours of the rainbow? Honestly, if you can refuse that I would be shocked if you called yourself a preteen/teen. OR a human being. Take that mwahahaha! If you do not update, I will eat the ... icecream with a cherry on top of two scoops of vinnila and chocolate sprinkled with those chunky candy sort of worms or whatever that are about as big as grains of rice and all the different colours of the rainbow. AND I will not gain a pound because it is a magic icecream! And if you do not update you will NOT get the magic icecream! In fact, if you do not update I will MUSH it in YOUR FACE!!! Capisce?! *puts on mouldy-voldy evil glare* *mouldy-voldy evil glare turns puppy-eyes dobby stare*
(try to say this in dobby voice)Update. Please ... Sweeter only wants what's best for story and readers of story. Sweeter wants PreTeenWriter to be happy because PreTeenWriter is awesome PreTeenWriter and Sweeter is addicted.
(voice changes to yoda with jamacian accent) use da force!

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Review #2, by mj2004_3 Dana and Her Army of Snivelling Ex-Death Eater Wimps

4th May 2008:
Okay, #1, I

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Review #3, by Weirdism Sugar Low

12th November 2007:
Whoa, you made me laugh so hard I cried. I can relate to the 'O Canada' part, every morning we have to sing it and at assemblies and everything ... grumble grumble grumble. And yes, the character ... or you, is very disturbed. I'm clearly getting better to Legilemency because I chose in my last review (before I read this) 'weirdness is the first step to enlightment'. Or endarkment. Who cares? So what? Hahahahaha?

As Dick Cavette said, "Well, for the job interview I really messed it up and when I came to the part 'To overthrow the United States of America by force or violence' I chose violence."

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Review #4, by Weirdism Voldemort Has A Problem With Invading People's Privacy

12th November 2007:
You're really weird. You also have good contacts with other weird people. I am also weird. At sleepovers. Especially. With or without sugar. Most of my friends need sugar. Haha. I'M SO LUCKY I DON'T NEED SUGAR HAHAHAHAGHAHAHAHAHYAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I WORSHIIP THE GROUND YOU WALK ON! POWER TO THE WEIRDOS! REMEMBER, GREATNESS LEADS TO ... dunno. BUT WEIRDNESS IS THE FIRST STEP TO ENLIGHTENMENT! I think. Oh well. Continue!

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Review #5, by shootafallingstar Dana and Her Army of Snivelling Ex-Death Eater Wimps

26th October 2007:
Hokay, wow. Wowza wowza wowzers.
Akay wasn't raped by Draco?

No freaking way.

Hokay, so you left the most evil cliffhanger. I might have to shoot you?

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Review #6, by shootafallingstar The Cheeky, Prejudiced Death Eater Child

26th October 2007:
I'm so pissed.
How long does it take you to update?
Your lucky that your only getting away because there was 2 chapters.

But apart from that, Harry is a weirdo! And a bit immature... wait nevermind, Dana is. Harry can grasp his wand anytime he wants ;D

you better update quicker, or I might have to shank you.

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Review #7, by xxMugglePrincess Dana and Her Army of Snivelling Ex-Death Eater Wimps

22nd October 2007:
I loved it, it was fantastic. The end was slightly confusing though. :)

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Review #8, by xxMugglePrincess The Cheeky, Prejudiced Death Eater Child

22nd October 2007:
I adored it, fantastic chapter. :)

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Review #9, by Zazuli The Cheeky, Prejudiced Death Eater Child

22nd October 2007:
LMAO! I loved this chapter. Where do I start?

The tea. The evil tea of evilness. Ew. She didn't have to drink it riiight? At the end? :D I mean, OLIVES? Ick.

But I wish you weren't so mean to Crookshanks :( I personally think that cat is ADORABLE in the movie but maybe he's a tad uglier in the book. Hmm. How could Dana resist his orange fluffiness and squashed in face? :P

'If you just said be polite and not cheeky, stop reading now because you obviously don’t know the way I are.' I ADORE TIMBALAND. He rocks my socks. Baby you can strip, you can get a tip 'cause I like you just the way you are. -Cheesy grin- I like the beats and the technoey thing going down yo.

Vivachi. If I didn't know you any better (which I don't) I would say that was a designer company. xD I just added it to my dictionary cause I'm so cool like that xD

Dana certainly does know how to make a scene :P Go Dana! Why do i get the feeling Harry doesn't like her much? :( If Harry doesn't like Dana, I don't like Harry. -Sniffs-

Emma Watson with professionally curled hair. That IS funny. I was thinking about that when I watched the movie; did Hermione really have her hair so perfect? Methinks not. Her hair was better in the first few movies, then I guess she said - NO MORE BUSHINESS - I can be smart and have nice hair!

Can't wait till next chapter :D I wonder what will happen with Voldemort :P

Love Zahra

P.S. Did they change their Headquarter Location? I'm positive it used to be 12 Grimmauld place xD

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Review #10, by Zazuli Surreal Realities

22nd October 2007:
HAHA! I can just imagine that Jamaican accent :P I adore Jamaican accents. Bah. Why couldn't have Boulton invaded the dream? :( I like Boulton better. I'm sorry I'm gonna have to end this review sharpish, bu I MUST get onto the next chapter! :O Adios for a few minutes!

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Review #11, by mj2004_3 The Cheeky, Prejudiced Death Eater Child

21st October 2007:

Author's Response: YAY! I feel so so so so so so so sorry!!! I really am!! I promise to be more faithful, I PROMISE!

So glad you kept waiting, though!

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Review #12, by Vanessa/ dolphin Surreal Realities

25th August 2007:
yeah!!! i love this chapter. except i'm sad about the lack of chease but, the go die in a corner is pretty good...

Author's Response: Cheddar or mozarella, my darling? =P

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Review #13, by mj2004_3 Surreal Realities

5th August 2007:
I seriously need another chapter. HURRY UP AND WRITE!

Author's Response: Written :P

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Review #14, by Zazuli Surreal Realities

30th July 2007:
DAYAAM. They were understanding. 0-o

I'm in shock.



Excuse me, I need a bathroom break.

*1 min and 20 seconds later*

Uhm. I've run out of things to saaay. Aria is a nice name. Yep. How come Eastman came and not Boulton? :( And why no Johnny Depp? WAAH! Lmao.

Yeah. I'm gonna go now. -Sidles awaay-


Author's Response: LMAO

See how whacko I am? A dolphin, a lion with a strange accent, a blatant rip-off and an endless sea of sand? You see why I do not eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch???


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Review #15, by shootafallingstar Surreal Realities

29th July 2007:
Oh Dana, Dana, Dana.
You are in so, so much trouble for leaving us with another cliffhanger. Evil little wench...

But apart from that, a dolphin and a goddess? And Pirate's Three? Pure genius. That crosses the le horrible cliffhanger out. So lets keep the score right now:
Not updating for like a bajillion years on that horrible little update thing. -4 points.
Putting a friend as a dolphin and a goddess +5 points
Leaving another cliffhanger -2 points
Ripping off Pirate's Three +2 points.

Your 1 point in the good range, coz 0-4+5-2+2 = 1 positive point :D
Your lucky! If you remained at zero, or was lower, you'd be screwed, coz then you wouldn't get my signature,

Loser. :D

Author's Response: xD

Oh, yay, a scoreboard! My school blew all of their money on one that fell down as soon as gym class started >.< It wrecked the new gym floor, too.


See, if I was a reader, I'd hate me too for not updating. Lmao.

Woohoo! [forHP]

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Review #16, by xxMugglePrincess Surreal Realities

29th July 2007:
It was awesome, though rather confusing. I can't help but wonder where they took her...her dream-y thingy was awesome, a talking dolphin friend. :)

Author's Response: Heh, I always manage to confuse. My friend made me put her in; and we have this weird inside joke thing about dolphins. So I turned it into a half-outside joke.

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Review #17, by Zazuli Murder on the Street or a Sex on the Beach?

19th July 2007:
Damn. They are gonna FLIP.


I must say that was rather stupid of Dana. She never did have the most sense. Defying Voldemort outright? Hello, she could have done it when Harry saved the daaay!

xD Am I offending your work of fiction? If so, I humbly apologize, and send you a pixel cookie.

Come to think of it, Dana needs it more than you. -Hyuck- SHE IS SODEAD. This is gonna be amusing. -Grabs popcorn-

Can't wait for the next update!


Author's Response: Flip over and over and over til they're dizzy xD

Very stupid. But I accept your pixel cookie, and, er, OF COURSE, I will give it to Dana. -steals- Muhahaha.

Make sure it is not buttered! Buttering is bad. Gives you heart attacks. Now, where was I? Here, Voldiepoo! Yummy buttered popcorn for you -evillaugh-


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Review #18, by Zazuli Mission: Free Spirit

19th July 2007:
I'M SORREEE! I haven't been such a faithful reviewer lately, have I? -Cries- I'll try my hardest to review, I swear! We had a biig problem with immigration, 50 boxes, and this weirdo dude who thought my friend's dad was bringing me to england for child slavery. He was giving me these concerned looks and my poor dad's friend these really suspicious ones. LMAO.

Soo. IT WAS ALL A DREAM! THAT CANNOT BEEE! That sucks. Seriously.
Dana's gonna mass murder? Well that stinks. Seriously.

Hm. Maybe Dana can bribe Bellatrix or something! After the gum chapter, perhaps not.

I can totally envision Dana going shopping before killing everyone LMAO. I mean, how could she resist? :P

Onto the next chapter!


Author's Response: Aww, that's okay! LMAO child slavery, do they actually have tons of that in England? I thought they got all suspicious when you go into Mexico. Hahaha.

I know! I wish it wasn't a dream! And besides, do you really think she'll have the guts? xD

I know. You just NEED that new Chanel tote to keep the bloody vials in it.


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Review #19, by xxMugglePrincess Murder on the Street or a Sex on the Beach?

18th July 2007:
Let's hope they help her, not just get her tossed in Azkaban..though I'm sure they'll let her explain. I really want to know what happens next!!

Author's Response: Lets hope. xD I hope that while all of you guys are reading Deathly Hallows, after you finally get over whatever happens and praise the Lord for JK [even though I am not religious xD something big must have created her, not just the Big Bang lol] you'll be thinking, 'I wonder what happens to Dana?'

Nah, I'm just kidding.

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Review #20, by Nattypoo Murder on the Street or a Sex on the Beach?

18th July 2007:
Wow..That was a great ending..All u can do is wonder what will happen

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. :) Funny, I didn't even plan for a major cliffhanger - it just happened.

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Review #21, by shootafallingstar Murder on the Street or a Sex on the Beach?

18th July 2007:
Liar, liar pants on fire. I'm starting to think that this is a routine ;D

Damn you and a massive cliffhanger.

"Virgin Sex on the Beach (in defence, I liked to laugh about how paradoxical the name was)"


I take virgin Bloody Mary's ;D

Blah, not a lot of humor here, but I can forgive you for that, because we have a twist! Hmm... Blowing up muggles... or talking with Ginny Weasley... wonder which one Voldemort's gonna like ;)


EEK! I got myself a catch phrase :D

Author's Response: I am a big liar. -shame- and a procrastinator. My motto: 'why procrastinate now? do it later!' xD

Haha, I didn't even notice it was a major cliffhanger. That's how out of it I was. And now I'm happy!

I've always wanted to order that damn drink and - hey YOU STOLE MY xD DEAD GRINNING SMILING! Kidding.

That is an awesome catch phrase. Mine well, I really don't know.

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Review #22, by shootafallingstar Mission: Free Spirit

9th July 2007:
My god, I would pay good money for Dana's dream to be on one of Fred & George's Patented Daydreams... you know what, Dana should just quit the whole Death Eater schmang and work at Fred & George's. God, every conversation of theirs would be filled with sexual innuendo's. And then they can test out a Hermione Granger daydream on Ron... ;D

“A bit pink for you?” I said amusedly. “The colour’s called ‘Free Spirit’. A bit ironic, huh?”

“Very,” Voldemort said, expressionless as always."

I seriously fell on the floor, choking for breath at that line.
That's going in my arsenal of witty words to say in times of inappropiate situations :D

Dude, Voldemort should loosen up and go to the beach with Dana. But he'd scare away all the chicks and dudes, and then Orlando Bloom won't be flirting with Dana.

Seriously, that dream is going to be playing in my head every two seconds. I'll probably get fired from work because when my boss talks to me, I'll be imagining the fantasy and grinning like a depraved idiot.

Ooooh, Dana should give that daydream to Bellatrix ;D
Wonder how she'd react...


Author's Response: xD Thought you would.

Lol INAPPROPRIATE SITUATIONS! Tis so sweet. Omg, you have an arsenal. Lol you are so cool!

Ew. Voldie at the beach. I can just... UGH I just got disgusted there. And again. And again. And AGHH! speedo.

Lmfao. You have so many ideas! This is so awesome.


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Review #23, by xxMugglePrincess Mission: Free Spirit

9th July 2007:
It was an awesome chapter, the beach was like...well..lucky Dana. :)

Author's Response: Beach was totally awesome. The product of a hormonal teenager with too much time on her hands... lmao. ;)

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Review #24, by Zazuli Danser sur la Lune

8th July 2007:



Sorry I took so long to review.
I was movingg :O

So, Dana froze everyone? How rad is that? :O I personally hope she trips over a rubber duck. THE CHANEL DUCK LMAONESS. And stays with Voldemort that is. Is she bound to him by the Dark Mark?

Dumbledore died. :( I hoped he wouldn't. I shall tribute a line to his memory.


Anyway. Dana should bring one of those aliens with the zappy guns from war of the worlds, and kill Draco with it. :O Wait, that's too painless. How abooouuut. Uhm. The kraken from pirates of the caribbean! Orr. A bunch of snakes from snakes on a plane with NO antidote. :D

Yay. Fun. Can't wait till next chapter! :O xD

Love, Zahra-Who-Would-Like-An-Alien-With-A-Zappy-Gun

Author's Response: FERRET!

That's okay.

Rad, baby, very rad! Ohmygod, this is really funny. The Chanel Duck... I have to include this. And technically she's bound to him, as in he can 'call' her but she can work for the other side while avoiding him. Like Karkaroff or Snape. But not dead. Or doubleteaming.

He is honoured, I'm sure.

Snakes On A Plane! I've had it with these motherf***************. Yea, I could be bothered to write the rest of the line. Too much swearing and work and stuff.

Love, Dana-Who-Is-Too-Chicken-To-See-War-of-The-Worlds-But-Has-Seen-Scary-Movie-Four!

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Review #25, by shootafallingstar Danser sur la Lune

5th July 2007:
It's Thursday missy, and I am forgiving you ONLY because you got a super special chapter up, with time-stop in it. Woo!
Draco is a...rapist?
*faints* Oh well, that is more like him. You have no idea how annoying it is to see all the D/Hr girls picture him as this Casanova nice dude. But still...Akay's innocence? =(((
Ooooh, wonderful chapter about power and whatnot but we all now that that's a filler for an amazing chapter of Boulton+Dana raunchy raunchy time. ;D
"I tapped him on his shiny bald head. “Hey-llooo? Anyone home?"
HA. Kingsley Shacklebolt being tapped on the head... priceless. My god, JKR should have Harry do that in Deathly Hallows. I literally fell on the floor luaghing, from that line.
"...and his whole stance screamed ‘psychotic, sadistic murderer-rapist who hides in the bushes and attacks you’."
HA. For some reason, that makes me think of Voldie-Poo as a homeless man with a broken glass bottle. Lol.

Well, wonderful chapter, and as usual,

Author's Response: -ducks- I'm sorry! I know! I'm a horrible person! But I'm a horrible person who's glad you liked her chappie.
Oh, right, Draco's not a casanova... -coughsandpretendssheisnotthatkindoffangirl- anyways I had to soap-opera-up the story a bit, didn't I? Plenty for akay to talk about now.
LOL but homeless men are cool! Some of them wear Nike. lmao. Boulton+Dana raunchiness! Yes! That is so what I need.

Thank you. And again, I love that bloody word. Mehhehehhe!

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