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Review #1, by amy glover Shaken

23rd July 2009:
you made me cry it soo sad that lilly lost her only son

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Review #2, by Bright Green Eyes Comfort

2nd April 2009:
very nice :) can't wait for more

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Review #3, by Jessi_C Helpless

7th November 2007:
I'm back! I promise I didn't give up.just took a vacation.haha..
anyways it is still amazing. You are a great writer and I love how you write.

Author's Response: glad you enjoyed it & you didn't give up! thank you for the compliments! =] i really appreciate them!

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Review #4, by TomK Loyalty

29th September 2007:
Are you still doing this story ?

Author's Response: Nope, 'fraid not. real life has just got in the way. =[ ta for reviewing though!

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Review #5, by TomK Loyalty

29th September 2007:
Are you still doing this story ?

Author's Response: I think so! ^-^ I've had serious writers block lately and very little time to write. I'll try to come back to it though! ;)

Thanks for the review! :D

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Review #6, by Jessi_C Memories

24th August 2007:
Whoa! I wasn't expecting that, well I was, but I wasn't expecting him to ask Lily for help

Author's Response: Glad to know I can still surprise you! =P

Thank you m'dear! You sure know how to make my day!! =D

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Review #7, by Jessi_C Whispers

13th August 2007:
Well, you're right, this chapter isn't boring. And if you say the next chapter is more exciting then I can't wait to ifnd out what happens next at the hospital with Lily. Great job...still...

Author's Response: Aw, thank you :) You really make my day with your reviews!! Thanks again.

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Review #8, by Jessi_C Fear

10th August 2007:
This is still great, Sorry it's been so long. :D

Author's Response: Don't worry, I'm just glad you came back ;) Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #9, by Jessi_C Shaken

8th July 2007:
Well, I'm glad that there will be more of Tonks point of view. I can't wait to continue reading, but it will have to wait because I have been staring at the screen for so long my eyes are having trouble focusing. 10/10

Author's Response: Aw, you're so sweet! Tonks's point of view is incredibly fun to write so I hope you like the rest of the chapters! Aw, thank you though! You should definately take a rest! =] Thanks again! You just keep on making my day!


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Review #10, by Jessi_C Goodbye

8th July 2007:
So, the big question going on right now is will Harry die? I'm almost glad that you chose to have him die in the fight, it is more real that way, and less like a fairy tale. You've started this fic out with a strong chapter. :D 10/10!

Author's Response: Aw, thats what I thought to be honest, thats why I did that. But, the reasons and revelations behind his death are going to come out later =] This chapter took me practically forever to write so I'm glad you liked it *grins* Thanks hun *hugs*

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Review #11, by LunerEclpz Loyalty

3rd July 2007:
I loved it! i am hoping that this John person turns out to be a good person. I cant wait untill the next chapter somes. Oh my 3rd chapter is wating to be validated, FYI. LOVED THIS CHAPTER WHOLE HEARTEDLY! :~P TeeeHee i love smialy faces!

Author's Response: Yay! Glad you loved it! And John - well you'll have to wait and see. lol, I like smiley faces too =] =] I'll check it out when its up, I don't know when but I'll be there eventually!!

Thank you, as always, for your lovely review! You rock!!

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Review #12, by delta Loyalty

1st July 2007:
Oooo . . . wonderful chapter. :D I love how you've written all the elements here. The fact that Brendan is a muggle hater is interesting and peculiar and I'm betting that someone was watching her. I also like how you included Cassandra, although I'm thinking that she's John's sister or something of the like. I'm also very curious about Tonks's illness. Anyways, enough of my random thoughts. This was a very enjoyable chapter. Amazing job! :D

Author's Response: Yay! Glad you enjoyed it. The little hints in this chapter build up to something... and your bet might just be right ;] Tonks's illness will be revealed soon (to everybody but her :P)

Thanks for your lovely reviews! It means a lot to me. ^-^ You've put a big smile on my face! Thank you again!

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Review #13, by delta Chemistry

1st July 2007:
Aww, wonderful chapter. When I first saw the story was updated, I immediately started reading Chp. 8 before realizing that I had no idea what was going on and going back a chapter to refresh. Then, I realized I hadn't even read this chapter. -gasp- Anyways, I have no idea how I missed an update, but this was a brilliant chapter. I love the idea of Lily's wariness with this John character. I'm curious as to rather Lily remembers loving James as a husband. I kinda agree with Remus that this Order business seems to be progressing too fast, although perhaps Minerva has other information that makes this threat seem more dangerous than it appears (or perhaps, the lack of worry at the beginning with Voldemort has made her wary and cautious). Well, whatever the case, I really enjoyed reading this, and I'm glad that Remus and Tonks have arguments. It makes their relationship more realistic. :D

Author's Response: Aww, thank you for coming back to review! You've made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside *hugs*

I'm glad you enjoyed it! You're right on the mark with one of your theories, as to why Minerva is wary. =] And I tried to keep Lily's character as natural as possible - I don't think she's the kind of person to rush into anything. With Remus and Tonks, that's what I was trying to do - just make their relationship seem more real and less idyllic.

Thanks for your lovely review! Its made my day ^-^

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Review #14, by Trixiebell Loyalty

30th June 2007:
What? It's not a good chapter?! Did you hit your head? It could be horrible(which it isn't of course) and I'd still be happy it's here. I've been missing this story greatly and I'm so...well... *squees then hugs* Who cares of we're missing a tad bit of action (and characters like Remus and such)? The plot is still going somewhere, it's all climbing that lovely, er, climb, of the rollercoaster, leading up till- bam!- something! (like finding out- or Tonks finding out- what's wrong with her, *hint hint*)

Tonks is so in denial it's not even funny! ..Okay it's a little funny. But you know what I mean. And I love hormonal!Tonks, she's more hilarious than usual. And while I'm still feeling depressed for James because of John *scowls* I feel some drama coming on with Cassandra- and drama is so much fun to read.

I await the next chapter eagerly- as always. ^^ Fabulous job.


Author's Response: Aww, you're so sweet. It makes me feel all happy when people tell me they miss my story. *hugs* The lack of action in that chapter bugged although the hints were meant to be there. =] And characters like Remus will be back, it's just meant to show that Tonks is a bit isolated at the moment from her boyfriend.

I'm glad you think the plot is still going somewhere because it really, truly is even if it's going to take a while. =] The next chapter unveils more hints... and so does the next few chapters! You're waiting for chapter 12 =] But I promise you, there is a BAM! but whether its do with Tonks's denial is another matter *winks mysteriously*

She is in denial, I've admitted that before. The thing is though, it just doesn't occur to her that she might be seriously ill (which you'll find out why later) and she just brushes it off. Hormonal Tonks is great fun to write =]

Aw, don't feel depressed for James. Lily needs to move on and don't forget she doesn't remember everything about James. There will be some action though concering John though - I can tell you that now. =P

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You do, as always, rock my socks!! Next chapter will be much sooner than this one - I've got my motivation back. =]

Thank youuu!. =]

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Review #15, by cookiemonster Loyalty

30th June 2007:
Superfantadillyastic! Update soon!

Author's Response: Hehe, nice word!! =] I'll try to update soon, the next chapter is in the editing stage at the moment. Thank you!! =]

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Review #16, by LovelyMioneWeasley Loyalty

30th June 2007:
Aw it was no big deal, Steffy. It was a wonderful chapter and the ony thing I was sad about was no Remus :(. I love him now thanks to you ;]. haha. But I have to say my favorite part of the whole chapter was most definitely the girl talk between Lily and Tonks. They are a wonderful bunch of friends and I loved how they click so well when they are not so similiar in some ways. You've done fantasticly with this! And I can't wait to read the direction that the story goes in.
Lindsey xox

Author's Response: Hey Linds! Thanks for reassuring me though, it just gave me that bit of courage that I needed. :) Yay, I converted you! :] This story hasn't got enough Remus in for my liking but he's in the next chapter. :) And, I've started a one-shot with him in.

Aww, that's always so fun to write. Glad you liked it. You know if you want a sneak preview, all you have to do is say and the next chapter is yours to read =]

Thank you, as always, hun. You're truly amazing. Love you ~ Steff!

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Review #17, by Ms Fred Weasley Fear

30th June 2007:
Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!! Let's play a bit of jeopardy shall we?

$2000 Hint: In canon, real and bittersweet.

The Question: What are three things that Nicole Michele have in all of her reviews of Steffy?

LOL!! Okay, so this chapter lives up to the rest of your work!! Let's start at the beginning now, shall we. Lily's hair. I totally understand why you put that bit in. How many times when, in the real world, we are nervous, little things set us off. Now I bet Lily looked find but her fears about starting her job projected on to her looks. Why as woman do we do that? I don't know, but we do. So that whole bit was really, really real.

Remus is such a sweetheart! I have to tell you as I wrote that I couldn't help but think of 'Won-Won's' necklace, LOL!! As always,, right their to help his friend, even when he is down. I just want to huggle and cuddle him. If I didn't love Sirius so much, the way you write Remus, he would be my favorite Marauder.

Oh! Talking about my Sirius, I love that memory about him picking up Lily and senting her letter to become a healer the first time. That is so canon. I can imagine him doing just that. PERFECT!! Crys that Sirius is dead!

New characters... I don't like Richard or Brendan... they both rub me the wrong way. I don't know just they way they talk down to Lily. Kinda like they are the good old boys and she is just the little girl. I don't know. I am glad that Lily lied and said that she did remember everything from before. Something tells me that they would one hold it above her and two use it against her. Brendan's bedside matter sucks, by the way. And as for Mr. Green, I just had an idea about him, could Lily and Him trainered together before. Maybe they always completed against one another. Like she was number one and he was number two. Again, I don't know why they just rub me the wrong way... Which only you know the answer to that... I guess I need to read more. But I have to know, I'm I close?

As for Emily and the unidentified man... me likely... I don't know don't know what your background is for Emily (seeing as I have four more chapters to read to catch-up, plus what you have written but haven't updated) but as of now, it could be fun for her to be one of the two unknown Gryffindor girls from Harry's year. Or in someway be linked to Harry. Again,. but I don't know, though she seems like a doll. As for Mr. Bedart's son... Hmmm... Could Lily Potter become Lily Bedart? LOL!! You know me always the romantic plus Lily does love her dark haired men...

On to the memories... I know I touched abit on the one with Sirius, I couldn't help it, it was Sirius... They worked beautifullly within the story. Not only did they give us some nice background of Pre- Pet Black, Lily but also, that Lily is becoming the old Lily again. If there was any doubt that Pet was Lily, it is clear now that Lily really is Lily and she is once again finding her way in this magical world. (BTW, I never doubt that she was Lily... I am just saying... you know)

Okay... canon, check; real, check... what is left? Let's see... Let's see...Oh Yes! BITTERSWEET!! Let's start this from when Lily remembers leaving the hospital with Harry and James. Can I just say that no mother should have to bury her son. That is one of the reasons why I really don't want any of the Weasley kids to die in the Seventh Book, even Percy. I can't imagine what Molly would go through but there are so many of them, I know they can't all live. On, top of dealing with the fact that her Husband was gone before she really knew him, now she has to morn her son as well. I got a tear there.

And then to see him happy in their make-shift family picture. I think that I would have broke down right on the spot. Then bring in his two best friends. I totally get why she is happy for Ron and Hermione. I trilled for Ron and Hermione. They are an awesome couple. I think it was a good twist with Lily being only the second one they told. By telling Ginny and Lily first it is like they were telling Harry first. Which had I could see, them telling Ginny and Harry together first had he lived.. As for Ginny, I think that Romione's wedding we be something to help her through her pain. Yes it will be harder because Harry isn't there but it is something she can look forward to, the same with Lily.

Okay, I think my review is almost back to normal. I really liked this update! Great Job! 10/10!!

Nicole Michele

PS. 'Tell Ginny I Love Her' should be up by next weekend, this is the piece that you inspirted (sp?). I have it just about completely written. I just need to have someone else read it over because I am not sure how to credit something. I will message you when it is up. And Chapter Five of Forgiven should be up the following weekend. Okay, I'm really going now... *waves bye*

Author's Response: Wooooow. *sits staring in shock for hours because this review is sooooo long* Have I told you lately that I love you!! And you are just so very sweet!!

Before I begin, this chapter is and always will be one of my favourites! It was one where I really got to use my imagination and introduce some OC's. =]

Haha, that was a bit of me I put in Lily to be honest - when I'm nervous I just magnify the little things. I guess everyone does it in there own little ways. I'm glad it seemed real though - I just didn't want Lily to be so prepared and perfect.

I love Remus. 'Nuff said. He isn't in this story enough for my liking and I really miss writing him *starts daydreaming about possible one-shots to write with Remus in!* I miss Sirius too - there is actually more of him this story =] I knew you would like it!!

Aaah, Richard and Brendan - my mysterious OC's. Well - you're right on one thing - Lily does not like the way they talk down to her. All I will say is that they play a BIG part in the rest of the story. =] But yes, just for you, you are very close. Almost to close for my liking :P I always said you could read my mind. lol.

I like Emily (mainly because I know lots about her) and she's not linked to Harry in any kind of way actually, she went to Beauxbatons (why is explained later!) There's more to her than meets the eye though... As for Mr. Bedart's son - you never, ever know. Can I just say one thing at this point, I know I said it before but, you are going to LOVE where this story is going =]

Yep, Lily is more and more like Lily by the day although as the story goes on - you'll see there is so much more of Pet in her than anyone realises. She was another person for over ten years and I'm trying to make that seem real, if you know what I mean.

Your very favourite word :P I'm with you there, I really feel for Lily in this sometimes although I can only imagine what its like. I hope none of the Weasley's die in the seventh book - especially not Ron. =[

I didn't even think of it like that but that's a really sweet way of it. Lily is surprisngly close to Ron and Hermione as Tonks is to Ginny (that comes into it a bit more.)

Your review is more than back to normal, it's made me grin like a idiot. =] And I got the chance to have a good ol'ramble. Thank you as always! =] You have no idea how much your reviews mean to me!


PS. YAAY! *dances around the room* I seriously can't wait to read it. Let me know when it's up, okay!! Bye! *waves enthusiastically*

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Review #18, by Ms Fred Weasley Shaken

23rd June 2007:
Oh Steffy!!! It has been too long!! I've been crazy around here, I haven't had a change to read any of my favorites or work on my own story... *tear* But I wouldn't change anything because I love what I am doing... I hope everything is going good for you... Okay, I don't know if this will be as long as normal but I will give it that old college try... Anywho on with the review...

Tonks looking for a wand; so canon!! I love it and it was a great beginning. Can I say how much I like the fact that even though Remus is always calling her Nymphadora she still gets a bit mad at him for it. It shows that though they love each other, they are not over taking by their relationship, they are still themselves. That is great in a healthy relationship. That whole first bit shows she is Tonks even if she is part of "Wotcher Wolvie". I liked Lily's mug "World's Greatest Mum"... I got a small bittersweet tear you are famous for with that... Also, the whole good-bye with Remus and their talk about Harry. God I hope JK doesn't kill off Harry. I don't think I can take it!!

Next part, I like the fact that Tonks isn't happy, happy with her job at Hogwarts. I don't know, Tonks is to free to be stuck in one place like that. It seems limited. I don't know. I can't image Tonks being anything but an auror. I more than understand why she quit in the first place but now post-war I would love to see her go back to the job she loved.

As for Snape... hmm... I can see why Tonks and the others do trust him but I still don't like him... Especially with him being late... I don't know... You do though. LOL!! I have a few ideas where you are going with the story, at least on Tonks part, still I can't wait to read more! I am going to try to read and review a chapter a day or everyone other day untill I am caught up! Great Job so far!!


Lots of Love,
Nicole Michele

PS. I was hoping to have the next chapter of Forgiven up by Christmas (and that flew by) So now I am hoping for maybe for Christmas in July? LOL!! Also, I have a one-shot I am working on that is all because of you... That is all I am saying!!

Author's Response: Ohmigosh!!! Nicole Michele!!! I'm so happy that you're back reviewing again - I have missed your reviews so, so, so much. *jumps around the room excitedly* Aah, I know what you mean about busy; hence the reason I haven't been able to update in over a month. :[ I'm glad everything's going okay for you though. :D

I love writing the Remus/Tonks relationship, that's one of my favourite parts of the story! (the other you'll see when you get into it!) Hehe, there is hopefully *crosses fingers* lots more bittersweet moments especially for you.

Haha, I know - me too. I think she might but.... I hope she doesn't. But we have less than a month to wait now! *is excited*

See, that's one of my whole points with Tonks. For Remus, and maybe even Lily, Hogwarts would be an ideal job because they're like that. You've gotten my point exactly, but the problem is; Tonks isn't a quitter either so she's caught between a rock and a hard place.

Snape is growing on me, actually, I think. His friendship with Tonks plays a more important part especially as his part in the Second War is unraveled. Hehe, trust me when I say you are going to LOVE where I'm going with Tonks in this story. :D

Yay! Can't wait to hear from you, I've missed your reviews so much and you've totally made my Saturday with this review. :D Thank you, as always.

Oh wow! that's amazing!! I've really missed reading your work, hun. :P Ooo, sounds mysterious. :D Can't wait to read that either :]

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this awesome review. ^__^

Love, Steff.

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Review #19, by LunerEclpz Chemistry

18th June 2007:
Well i am sad that they are fighting. And of Tonks illness. is there more to it than just the flu? i mean it seems like morning sicnes with out the throwing up??? I hpoe im write!

Author's Response: Who knows ;] You'll have to read on to find out... ;] Updates will be coming soon, I promise, I'm just working out the kinks in chapter 8 =] Thank youuu so much.

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Review #20, by LunerEclpz Memories

18th June 2007:
YEAY! About time! Remus should have asked her along time ago! ! SMILES ALLL AROUND!

Author's Response: I agree :P Thank you for your reviews =]

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Review #21, by LunerEclpz Whispers

16th June 2007:

Author's Response: Yayy! Thank you for your review!

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Review #22, by Zill_Mangos Goodbye

2nd June 2007:
Hey, I came here to let you know that I've finally finished Love, Hate and Revenge, and to apologise for taking so long to update it and such, but I made the mistake of reading this first chapter.
Why did you have to make it so amazingly good? Now I'm going to have to read the rest of it but I have to practice my guitar and now I don't know what to do >: [

Ok, the story's more important.

But I'm blaming you if I forget how to play the guitar.

Author's Response: hey! thank you *so* much for letting me know. what with exams and everything, i've not been on HPFF lately and i haven't had much time to read stories :[ I've just finished it and if you check back to read my [very rambly response] it was amazing. I love it :]

Aw, you're so sweet. Hehe, i'd play the guitar if I could but if you want to read the story - go ahead :P Don't blame me though ;] lol. Glad you liked the first chapter though. It took ages to write.

Thanks for the lovely review m'dear. xxx

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Review #23, by Fleur Delacour Potter Goodbye

27th May 2007:
I think that your descriptions of Lily's pain are very accurate. Your readers will feel her pain just as much as she does.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you. Descriptions are always tough for me [whether i describe too much or too little] and that's so sweet of you to say so. :]

You've made my day! :D Thank you so much for your review!

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Review #24, by cookiemonster Chemistry

26th May 2007:
Tonks is pregnant! Woo Hoo! A baby! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Is she now?! You'll have to wait and see I'm afraid - you might have caught on but I don't think Tonks has ;]

Next chapter will be coming soon. I've got a bit of writers block at the moment
:[ :[

Thanks for the review!

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Review #25, by Queen_Of_Music Chemistry

13th May 2007:
Once again a beautiful chapter. It was're brilliant. You you are better than J.K Rowling. I mean, girl, you have major talent. :) Anyways, I love this story and how its going. Update soon please.


Rating: 10

Author's Response: Wow, thank you :] I can assure that I'm not anywhere near the standard of JK Rowling. But thank you, *blushes* Thats something that's lovely to hear because I would love to be a writer. :] I'm so happy that you love the story! Updates will be coming soon.

Thank you so, so, so, so, much. Do you have any stories? *clicks on your name* Aah, your author bio thingy tells me that you have one in validation - I'll have to check it out when its up. :D Thank you, thank you for your lovely review :D

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