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Review #1, by LunaLovegood7 His Name Is...

9th October 2011:
That was great. I think it would have been really interesting if Ginny and Draco got together!

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Review #2, by RonLover99 and Snapebabe His Name Is...

5th December 2008:
hi. u may b wondering y there r 2 reveiws, but it is me (ronlover99) and my friend (snapebabe). anyway... i loved it! i always love it when peoples pair draco with hermione or ginny. snapebabe does not. here's snapebabe... IT'S COOL.

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Review #3, by EPotterME His Name Is...

12th May 2008:
Draco Malfoy! My god I am just going to scream his name again... Draco Malfoy!

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Review #4, by blind_lover His Name Is...

11th February 2008:
I would love to see this story continued!! Great job!

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Review #5, by shimmy His Name Is...

25th December 2007:
babe i dont why the hell you made this a one shot. seriously it could be such a good short story. ah my first chapter is up!!! im tres excited. 2nd chapter is almost ready! wo
i love you. Merry Christmas.

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Review #6, by lilyandjamesfan His Name Is...

20th December 2007:
that was really good. i liked how you had her admit it at the end to lena. and the flashback was good, i liked how it was in the library, classy.

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Review #7, by is His Name Is...

19th December 2007:
i knew it!!! knew it knew it knew it!!!
in the library?

Author's Response: ahhh yes the library
i found it well suited the moment
thats all
thanks for the review

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Review #8, by g_malfoy His Name Is...

13th September 2007:
Aww, that was great! I can't wait to read the sequel now. =]

Author's Response: awe thanks! yes the sequel is still being written. but it'll make an appearance some time in the near future.

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Review #9, by Clowee_tee His Name Is...

18th August 2007:
very good. really enjoyed that.

Author's Response: thankyou! glad you did!

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Review #10, by Flower n Prongs His Name Is...

12th August 2007:
I thought that this was quite well written. You showed us the basics of what happened without going into too much detail, Lena found out about her father at the end, and we also got to see what happened to everybody else. Lena talked like she was a bit young for a four-year-old at some points, but overall I thought it was very well done.

Author's Response: thanks. yeah well it was kinda just supposed to be that way. but although she speaks young, she's quite clever for a four year old...and quite perceptive! glad you liked it though!

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Review #11, by multi-coloured peanutter His Name Is...

31st July 2007:
haha! brilliant!

Author's Response: thanks! the first chapter of the sequel shall posted soon as well!

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Review #12, by wackywarlock His Name Is...

27th July 2007:
wow! looks like this story ended on a sad note...nice on though...but seems like it stopped on a cliffhanger type.

Author's Response: it is kinda a cliffhanger as there is a sequal veyr much on the way....first chappie already completed. thanks for the review! :D

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Review #13, by mysticalshadows His Name Is...

13th July 2007:
wow... scary... first draco and ginny fic ive ever read. and its very good! 10/10 =]

Author's Response: glad u enjoyed it...:D i hope i've convince u that draco/ginny is an awesome ship! :D there will be a sequel to this btw if you're interested

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Review #14, by MizTMRiddle His Name Is...

10th July 2007:
Awww, I don't normally ship D/G but this was a really good story. keep up the good work!

Author's Response: thanks! glad u liked it despite it being D/G...though i must say i love them! :D

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Review #15, by pansy=worst person ever His Name Is...

3rd July 2007:
that was eggsellent. as the floor of the library isnt a top place to lose it though. for my first time i was thinking more along the lines of an old deck chair but then again i dont wanna get my hopes up.

Author's Response: true it isnt the best place to lose it is it. but an old deck chair my friend? questionable

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Review #16, by losermega His Name Is...

27th June 2007:
omg loved this story. although ron and hermonie having twins i laughed at that

Author's Response: i know ironic ay? thanks for the review! :D

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Review #17, by lveiswierd123 His Name Is...

26th June 2007:
i liked it. I saw it coming the second the flashback happend, but it was good. You should expand it! 8)


Author's Response: yeah it wasnt really supposed to be that much of a was more that ginny hadnt really let it sink in it till finally, when she sayys it at the end! thanks for the positive review though! :D

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Review #18, by AussieAnatomy627 His Name Is...

23rd June 2007:
That was adorable! You should make a sequel!

Author's Response: i am! dw! right now actually i'm writing the first chapter! :D

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Review #19, by hprwhggw_hogwarts His Name Is...

18th June 2007:
i knew just by reading the part How could she do this one intimate thing, with him of all people? I could tell it was going to by Draco.

I hope there is more chapters how will everyone react when the truth comes out and will they do.

i loved it.

Author's Response: there will be a follow-up just gonna take me some time. glad u loved it though. :D

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Review #20, by kyrandia His Name Is...

10th June 2007:
o this is so good please do a sequal

Author's Response: dw...its coming! thanks for the review glad you found it so good!

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Review #21, by dolphindreamer20225 His Name Is...

9th June 2007:
Aww, dang! I wanted him to come back in the end. like under a cloak or somehting. And everyone be all, "Who is that? Is that the father? What's his name?" And then Ginny just stare at him, and be all, "Yes. His name is..." *dun dun dun* Ok, now I'm done. But you should write a sequel. When he comes back, and she tells everyone else. Please??

Author's Response: yes i will write a sequel. but it must wait till the completion of Forbidden Lust. thanks for the review!

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Review #22, by Allie Wood His Name Is...

8th June 2007:
I love it, write a sequel please!!!

Author's Response: oh i am dw...itll take a while though to get validated!

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Review #23, by Erudessa94 His Name Is...

5th June 2007:
that was soo sweet! You should continue it! i LOVED it!

Author's Response: thanks for the review. as i said below somewhere, i will be writing a sequel, however will finish my other stories first. u should read them in the meantime! :D

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Review #24, by draco_ginny_angel His Name Is...

4th June 2007:
this is the most lovely chapter i have ever ready
plz update the next chapter

Author's Response: thanks. glad u found it lovely! :D

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Review #25, by beachbum His Name Is...

3rd June 2007:
A bit odd, but sure. If u write more hcapters i'll read.

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