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Review #1, by marauder_princess! THE CHARMS OF TWO LOVING MEN

17th October 2009:
aww! that was so cute! excellent! i loved the story and all the charms. hey you know what? this gave me an idea of what to give my friend for her birthday! thanks!
anyway, once again, great job!
write more!

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Review #2, by 7_Moony_Rox_7 THE CHARMS OF TWO LOVING MEN

27th February 2007:
Aw, how cute! lol neat idea, i wish you would have gone on a little bit more, added a little more detail. Very good story!!

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Review #3, by Kbugmc1229 THE CHARMS OF TWO LOVING MEN

26th February 2007:
Very cute.Just one question. except for the fact that there would be way too many charms why did you stop at third year?

Author's Response: So you cpuld decide what you felt would be important charms for the next few years.

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Review #4, by onepound13 THE CHARMS OF TWO LOVING MEN

23rd February 2007:
Aw such a cute story!

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22nd February 2007:
Ron helped Hermione put the bracelet on her wrist and for many years to come Hermione when asked what it was always replied.
Sorry ... I didn't understand that last sentence, but it was cute. =D

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Review #6, by Muggledog THE CHARMS OF TWO LOVING MEN

21st February 2007:
That's superb!

There are far too few stories that show not just Ron's love for Hermione, but Harry's as well. It's a different sort of love, yes, but it is no less powerful, and to have that so wonderfully captured here is...well, more excellent than words can tell.

Bravo, maestro!

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Review #7, by Dragontamer THE CHARMS OF TWO LOVING MEN

21st February 2007:
An enhanting short story.

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Review #8, by polymath THE CHARMS OF TWO LOVING MEN

21st February 2007:
Aw. I Love it! Update soon!

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Review #9, by Avanell 2 THE CHARMS OF TWO LOVING MEN

21st February 2007:
Very sweet and cute, even though time traveler was supposed to be a secret ;) Oh, well...what a great present!!!

Author's Response: Hermione doesn't actually tell everyone what each charm stands for, just the first one, so only Harry, Ron and Hermione know what the hour glass stands for

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Review #10, by ILoveLost1888 THE CHARMS OF TWO LOVING MEN

21st February 2007:
Hi! I like it. So this is Hermione's b-day? 10-10

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