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Review #1, by Katielynn Burning Desire

3rd August 2007:
Wow. This was absolutely, positively amazing! I found the link from the challenge you took and you got the quote better than I had. It seems like the story explained it to me. I just. . .mannn. This was utterly and completely perfect! : )

Author's Response: oh, wow. Thank you, it means so much. (this is one of my favorite stories of I think I'm going to try more challenges now.

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Review #2, by summerlove x3 Burning Desire

8th July 2007:
Really good, I shall read "complications" because this one was a bit confusing, so maybe that'll clear stuff up. good job though.

Author's Response: Thanks, I do hope you read "Complications" and leave a review when you do so. (I know this story can be a little confusing without it.)

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Review #3, by delta Burning Desire

26th March 2007:
Oooo, haha, now I know where Mercedes is moving. :D This was a beautifully done one-shot and I really enjoyed how you told the story through Sirius and made the scene come alive. You really have a knack for developing characters, and I loved your portrayal of Mercedes and Sirius here. Amazing.

Author's Response: Yeah, I sort of spoiled it, but well...I'm excited/flattered that you like it! Thank you so much, your critique/opinion is so wonderful to read.

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Review #4, by dracoismyferretnotyours Burning Desire

25th February 2007:
Sry, read this over a week ago, just never responded. Had something planned, that caused this to be delayed, but that got delayed too (sound familiar?). Great ending for a story that isn't finished, interesting concept don't you think? Don't worry, this is DEFINATELY one of your better stories, which is saying something because they are all very good. I am waiting for Complications to finish so I can see how this all connects. Keep up the good work

~Draco is MY Pet Ferret

Also, do you like bad boys? Because it looks like there's a Nicer Draco out there.

Author's Response: Delays are pretty sweet (2 hr. school delays anyone?), so don't worry about it. Thanks, I really do love this story too...and Bad Boys=love, but I always need a Nicer boy in my life too, lol

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Review #5, by fallenstarr Burning Desire

17th February 2007:
This was amazing! You took the quote so literally but you pulled it off. You did your research on Mexico I can see. Just the few hints in there made things seem so canon. Everything made sense and fit together like a jigsaw puzzle or something. Am I right in assuming that the note at the end of the story was the same he found in Grimmauld Place after Azkaban? The one about going West and East and stuff? You might want to clear that up but overall everything was great. I liked your interprettation of the quote.

Author's Response: Yes! You liked it. I've been waiting for this review! I'm so excited, thanks for this.

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Review #6, by NicerDraco2025 Burning Desire

14th February 2007:
.wow. This is.exquisite.

It feels strange to see an epilouge type story and not know how the main one will go. Now I really want to see how Complications goes.
Travelling really is amazing, although I'm not sure about the coming home part.
Snowday eh? Everyone down here panics if we get a quarter-inch of rain.

Author's Response: I know, it was strange of me to do this story before I finished Complications but the quote was sooo perfect.

Traveling is the only reason I want to grow I the coming home part isn't really my cup of tea either.

I love snowdays.

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Review #7, by soccerhottiee06 Burning Desire

13th February 2007:
OHMYGAWD! awesome story=] reallly touching and good, but it was a little confusing. check out myy story if you get a chance.

Author's Response: I know, this story needs some serious editing, but I'm glad you liked it anyway.

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