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Review #1, by Ariana_Moonfleet Chapter Five

6th September 2007:
intriguing! love it! can't wait for more!

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Review #2, by seraphis Chapter Five

23rd April 2007:
very stupid of draco to just fly into the air like that without thinking, after all that tyler has done for him.
the innocence having faded from tyler's eyes made me really sad Y_Y but that's to be expected i suppose.
was tyler depressed because he agreed with draco's way of reasoning about having to become a death eater, or because he was annoyed that "becoming an outcast" among the criminal is such a terrible thing for draco or why??
i really wonder what's up with tyler (his history etc) XD the innocence he lost and the fact that the chair didn't bind him speaks against my worst assumptions, but why then does staying together mean more danger to draco? is it the way of thinking that "two are easier caught than one", or is tyler in some danger by himself? especially since he remains secretive... i suppose no one saw that it was tyler who saved draco from prison, so he might go back to his old life?

well, great chapter, i hope you update soon ^__^

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Review #3, by hellsangel_xx Chapter Four

5th April 2007:
im sorry..i really dont get this story but i enjoyed it all the same -.-

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Review #4, by hellsangel_xx Chapter Two

5th April 2007:
tyler sounds more like a little brother to draco..i still dont really get the story though =/

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Review #5, by hellsangel_xx Chapter One

5th April 2007:
WHAT?! is draco gay? omg..

Author's Response: I wouldn't say gay. More like open-minded.

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Review #6, by dracosfavorite87 Chapter Four

29th March 2007:
yay you updated!! good chapter!!

Author's Response: Thanks! More to come! :)

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Review #7, by seraphis Chapter Four

26th March 2007:
i thought it was going to be a nice, light hearted story XD btw, draco & tyler on the broomstick remotely remind me of ian & suien on a broomstick in my chapter 9 which is dedicated to you, what a coincidence ;) (i hope it doesn't count as slash or it won't be validated...)

soo ~ omg!!! how are they going to ever make it?!!?!?!? *angst* i suppose tyler will turn out to be more than meets the eye? how does pansy feel now that she got draco into azkaban? Ó.ò she can't bee too happy about that if she convinced herself that she's 'in love' with him - or did she realize what her own true motivations?

update soonish, puhleaze!

Author's Response: Pansy pretty much hates them both now o.O

Yeah, this is getting very angsty but it just had to happen..! Draco will continue to learn things about Tyler of course, but his secrets are getting more serious... It'll lead to more pain for Draco unfortunately (as if he hasnt been through enough!)

-Thanks for reading and reviewing-

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Review #8, by Nocturnal007 Chapter Four

26th March 2007:

Interesting, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot :)

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Review #9, by dracosfavorite87 Chapter Three

15th March 2007:
This is so good update soon!!

Author's Response: Thanks, I will..!

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Review #10, by seraphis Chapter Three

14th March 2007:
that's bad Y___Y obviously pansy doesn't love draco, or she would never do such a thing - it's some sort of wretched possessiveness, like "if i can't have it i'll make sure noone will!" *kicks pansy* sorry XD draco deserves a kick as well, although his confession is commendable. i like little tyler more and more, although he should prevent an act he knows is dangerous instead of just talking about it ;P oh well, slytherins ;) *deserves a kick as well for the statement*

Author's Response: Pansy is actually quite a complex and important character in this story. Her initial intentions were selfish: She only went out with draco to boost her own social status. Then as soon as she saw draco was no longer wanted her, she became convinced she was 'in love' with him. In other words, she only wants him now he isnt interested and - like you said - doesnt want anyone else to either.

Anyway, I think they all deserve a kicking! - But not so much tyler because he was the only one who didnt let his emotions control him... You'll find out (eventually) why tyler takes the backseat in these situations. Ok, i better stop before i say too much.

Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #11, by seraphis Chapter Two

9th March 2007:
O.O O.M.G. you so rock. that love potion thing was in ingenious idea after all :D can't wait to hear tyler's plan concerning pansy. awww, tyler is so much cooler than my characters XD *looks between the four of them* shape up you lot! XD

Author's Response: There's not much I can say without giving away the rest of my plans! Hm...

I didn't know Tyler would come across as that cool. Well, he can be bad at times XD.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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Review #12, by seraphis Chapter One

24th February 2007:
oh noez, poor taylor XD did he in fact like drako, and after this forced night he will have to fight his way back into the other boys affections? *making random guesses*
atm i'm trying hard to keep my own story free of slash, i made the mistake of making one of my main characters a cute little boy like taylor (although not so slytherin) XD

Author's Response: All will be discovered in chapter 2. Iv planned a bit of a twist so i hope youre not too good at guessing, lol.

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