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Review #1, by ClearAsCrystalrEyes Message

11th December 2011:
This was a quite, short little one shot. I quite it liked it. There were a few parts however where I was a bit confused- I guess with just your wording. But I really liked it. I like Harry/Hermione fics, at times they just seem more believable than Ron/Hermione. But so cute(:

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Review #2, by MoonyandProngs Message

27th May 2008:
That was great! I love it!

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Review #3, by LadyOfErised Message

21st December 2004:
You're such a great writer, and I love your stories, they're just what I've been wanting to read for along time.

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Review #4, by bree Message

30th July 2004:
i loved it!!!! oh my gosh!!! you definately have a way with words. it was sooo sweet!!!!

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Review #5, by Thoraq Message

26th June 2004:
Wow, that was`so touching. I loved every single word of it. ~Thoraq

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Review #6, by fishyfan Message

19th May 2004:
Loved it. there are no other words. Bye;)

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Review #7, by Brigitte Message

17th April 2004:
you are truly a great writer and I suggest you keep writing

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Review #8, by crookshanks Message

28th March 2004:
I really liked that! I usually don't really like Harry/Hermione, but that was very good.

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Review #9, by AnnaPotter Message

31st December 2003:
That was amazing, please update it soon! ~Anna~

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Review #10, by ladyspirit Message

29th December 2003:
this rox so much write more soon! u are amazing! peri-jay x0x0

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Review #11, by mellowyellow36 Message

29th December 2003:
I really loved the discretive words and point of veiws. I loved both of your stories even thought I do not like to read harry/hermione, I usually only like harry/oc and harry/ginny. but you story may have changed my point of veiw. thank you for your time. I loved this, ~ makayla

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